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Operation American Spring (OAS) is the legitimate offspring of our American culture—born of circumstance and God-given right. OAS is an equal-opportunity effort to participate in the uniquely American experience—one that may not come along more than once in several generations. To participate in OAS is the quintessential American experience, a peaceful transition back to our Constitutional constraints.

The vision behind OAS is founded in our Declaration of Independence:

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security”,

simple, easy to understand, though not quite as easy to execute—but absolutely necessary to maintain a viable working relationship between government and the governed.

How we got into our current predicament is not as important as determining how we can best return to our rightful path. There have been many efforts and measures taken to right our ship of state, yet our downward spiral continues, without abatement. Our unresponsive bureaucracy stays focused on their own self-interests, feathering their beds—and those of their friends and family—at our expense. Many of those same bureaucrats have sold their allegiance to divergent governing philosophies, and use distractions and obfuscations to cover their treasonous acts.

But America is waking up. The Emperor’s clothes are becoming increasingly transparent as our so-called leaders’ feet of clay stumble and turn. Deep within the bosom of America is that burning spirit of rugged individualism, struggling to recover from decades of somnolence and diversion. The light from that fire is regaining its former brilliance, giving true hope to all and shining brightly on the path to our rebirth.

OAS is step one on that path and it beckons for all with the born-again vision of what America was, is, and will once again become. Just as history makes note of every significant step in the right direction, OAS has the potential to join them all as the start of the First American counter-revolution, fighting back against the invasion of totalitarian socialism—communism—an insidious perversion of governance that leaves every nation it touches, a heap of ash and despair.

And in this fight, America will prevail. We will succeed because we have strong men and brave women who understand the value of our Liberty. We will triumph over our enemy, as we always have, because our enemy will underestimate our commitment, and the power God grants us to overcome all odds.

It is said, ‘One man with conviction, is a majority.’ If that is true, a few million American men and women, washed in the blood of their heroes and champions, fueled by their passion for liberty, and willing to make the sacrifice today for all of us to live free tomorrow. This is the definitive opportunity for every American to participate in correcting the course of history. For those who can—must be there, May 16, in DC. For who can’t go, help those who can with money, accommodations, transportation, and meals. For those who can’t go and haven’t the means to help—talk about OAS to friends, neighbors, even complete strangers. And lastly, for those who can’t go, help, or speak—your prayers are always needed and welcome.

For more information visit :

Written by : Terry Trussel

Graphics courtesy of : OAS Graphics Team

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You couldn't of said it better my brother 2014 veterans constitutionalists you and I and thousands of the forgotten ones you suffer in the getto and projects will rise once more back to DC but this won't be an MMM it will be a cry....not just any cry but a battle cry of the start of the second revolution!

If I never see my truck again my brother I will still find a way hell I will walk if I have to! One love my brother. Always remember Ken state & 9/11 when the government turn on the American people! Always remember the camps they want to put us in. Remember the constitution they destroyed. Never forget the revolution.

-1 class Deets (voice of freedom)

No More Talk!   It's time for Americans to show what they're made of!  We've been asleep far too long now.  Put down your remotes, your smart phones and whatever else you've been distracted with and get busy!!!

RESOLUTE, READY & COMMITTED to THE Outcome that MUST BE! A 'Focused Occupation' that WILL regain our Constitutional Republic...SO HELP US GOD!

Excellent!! Well said Terry.  Well presented OAS Graphics team.  Pray for 10 million.


I will be speaking as often as I can at the Washington Monument, my 2 minute speech called. "A Patriots Fusillade"
I wrote it in 2010 and gave it at Ft. Hunt Armed Rally on April 19. I have a booming voice.
It Follows:

"Patriots ! Here Ye ! Remember this as you leave here today ! And forever More !
We, The Patriots of this Great Land, are the Last Line Of Defense Against the Darkness !
We hold the Beacon Of Freedom, the Rest of the World Looks to, in Our Hands !
Patriots, We have, but two choices.
We restore our Constitution as the Rule of Law, or, We have government by Decree !
We have the light of Freedom or, We Have the Darkness of Slavery !
We Have Liberty, or, We Have Tyranny !
We have individual Rights, or, We have Mob Rule !
We have Government, By the People, For the People, and responsible to, We the People, or, We have Government by Anarchy !
We Hold these Truths to be Self Evident !
Our Constitution Can Not Defend Itself !
We The People, Must Do So !
It is Our Constitution to Keep or To Lose !
Can You Hear Me, Patriots ?
I Stand here by this Great River, Our Leader Crossed so
many Years ago, and raise my eyes,
  I say this !
General Washington, Sir !
President Washington, Sir !
We Have Come !
We are Here !
We, the Patriots Stand with You, Sir !
For Our Constitution !
For The Republic !
For Our Freedom !
For Our Sacred Honor !
God Bless America !

The End of Corrupt Totalitarian Government Begins
May 16, 2014, Washington, DC
Sic Semper Tyrannis !

Ft Hunt
Virginia 4/19/10

This should have happened years ago since we slept & allowed this mess to happen. I pray we succeed. Let's drive them out.

Pray constantly for our nation. Join the Prayer Warriors to state you will pray daily. It does help to know many warriors are praying. Just like tellin someone you love them, they know you love them & they still like to hear it. God needs our love.


Question: I saw the new URL in the picture above, '' . What I do not understand is why my Internet security software could noot determine the site was safe. The & both show as safe sites.


Very nice.

Here is one Pastor who is telling us the truth!

The true test of OAS will be how broad a spectrum of the population arrive in Washington, DC, on 05/16/2014. First of all this showing must be American Citizens. Second it must include every race, every ethnicity, and both men, and woman. The USA is not now, nor has it ever been a Christian Nation, but the biblical foundation of our country must be seen in evidence. Abortion must again become murder, and same sex marriage also determined to be illegal. Sodomy, and promiscuity laws must be put back on the books. Under God must again be affirmed on our currency. A childs school day must begin with a prayer to the one true God of the Bible. The US Constitution, and Bill of Rights must be followed, without the consulting of other countries. The phrase all men are created equal must apply to all races. Our founding fathers affirmed all of the colonists, and we must in kind affirm all of our citizenry.


Bob Francis

A Wakefield, Massachusetts Patriot

I pray that every patriot will stand up for America by attending this event. It is so far beyond the two parties it is not worth trying to blame one side or the other. simply put, we must demonstrate that We the People are prepared to do whatever is required, be that protests, demonstrations, or force of arms, as a last resort, in order to restore our Constitutional Republic.

See you on May 16th!

INDEED, Sir, INDEED............




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