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Operation American Spring (OAS) is the legitimate offspring of our American culture—born of circumstance and God-given right. OAS is an equal-opportunity effort to participate in the uniquely American experience—one that may not come along more than once in several generations. To participate in OAS is the quintessential American experience, a peaceful transition back to our Constitutional constraints.

The vision behind OAS is founded in our Declaration of Independence:

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security”,

simple, easy to understand, though not quite as easy to execute—but absolutely necessary to maintain a viable working relationship between government and the governed.

How we got into our current predicament is not as important as determining how we can best return to our rightful path. There have been many efforts and measures taken to right our ship of state, yet our downward spiral continues, without abatement. Our unresponsive bureaucracy stays focused on their own self-interests, feathering their beds—and those of their friends and family—at our expense. Many of those same bureaucrats have sold their allegiance to divergent governing philosophies, and use distractions and obfuscations to cover their treasonous acts.

But America is waking up. The Emperor’s clothes are becoming increasingly transparent as our so-called leaders’ feet of clay stumble and turn. Deep within the bosom of America is that burning spirit of rugged individualism, struggling to recover from decades of somnolence and diversion. The light from that fire is regaining its former brilliance, giving true hope to all and shining brightly on the path to our rebirth.

OAS is step one on that path and it beckons for all with the born-again vision of what America was, is, and will once again become. Just as history makes note of every significant step in the right direction, OAS has the potential to join them all as the start of the First American counter-revolution, fighting back against the invasion of totalitarian socialism—communism—an insidious perversion of governance that leaves every nation it touches, a heap of ash and despair.

And in this fight, America will prevail. We will succeed because we have strong men and brave women who understand the value of our Liberty. We will triumph over our enemy, as we always have, because our enemy will underestimate our commitment, and the power God grants us to overcome all odds.

It is said, ‘One man with conviction, is a majority.’ If that is true, a few million American men and women, washed in the blood of their heroes and champions, fueled by their passion for liberty, and willing to make the sacrifice today for all of us to live free tomorrow. This is the definitive opportunity for every American to participate in correcting the course of history. For those who can—must be there, May 16, in DC. For who can’t go, help those who can with money, accommodations, transportation, and meals. For those who can’t go and haven’t the means to help—talk about OAS to friends, neighbors, even complete strangers. And lastly, for those who can’t go, help, or speak—your prayers are always needed and welcome.

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Written by : Terry Trussel

Graphics courtesy of : OAS Graphics Team

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Dear Folks,

I am much worried about our numbers/people who are responding to our cause. I see a few more than 6,000 on the member count.  Do I have that WRONG?

I'm afraid that if we are not much stronger in commited numbers, we will be taken over.

I hope WE don't end up like the truckers and bikers that "toured" D.C.-................

God HELP U.S.!

Don Veeser



Relax, There were how many at Lexington and concord ? Valley Forge? Trenton ? Bunker Hill ? San Juan Hill ?  Battle of the Bulge ? We are way beyond that number.

Sic Semper Tyrannis !

PCS,  Huuah!   Regardless of the numbers,  we will have God on our side as long as we deserve his benevolence and the memories of our past heroes and their sacrifice!!!


Regardless of what we hear between now and May 16, our task is to invite as many as possible then trust in God.  Remember how George Washington fared in the initial stages of the War for Independence.  He struggled with insufficiency of virtually every asset a military needs to prevail, yet despite all the problems, he beat the most powerful army in the world.  So let us walk forward in faith in God and in our fellow Patriots.  I would rather die in battle defending my country than dying in some cesspool of a FEMA camp.

I have read several good  points; where are the numbers? I don't know, but they need to start showing up in some form...soon. The nation is fed up, but individuals don't know what to do next, or when, or how. Got to have the "leaders" show up first. Otherwise it will take something from Obama to inflame the nation a lot more. Maybe if he does try to confiscate guns or board up churches or do an E.O. to make Christianity illegal or Islam/Sharis legal or the law of the land. Otherwise the enemy will just keep marching forward and taking bits of freedom every day until America is DONE.

Yes, Hannity, O'Reilly, Beck, and all the others are making a handsome living making conservatism, patriotism, Christianity a cash cow. They P.O. me sooooooo bad. They are like the GOP. I say you are with me or against me. Most of the GOP and the "conservative" talking heads are pure bull scat. I am overinformed. I need ideas that lead to action and success. Damn all of them.

Where the hell are Colonel Riley, Paul Vallely, the hundreds of fired conservative military leaders? For all I know they are myths. Gotta see them, hear them, just know they are there, are real, OR is this is all more talk that I have heard for years now. I may stand alone (and will not last), but when attacked I will stand for God, country, Christian falth, family. Even the mainstream churches are cooperating and promoting Islam. I am not ashamed to call these denominations evil, satanic, hateful and disobedient to God!!!!!!!!!!!

Check "interreligious tolerance programs" within the Presbyterian USA, United Methodist, and Episcopal. Then research what they are publishing to promote Islam. Research "muslim beheadings", watch a few. These are NOT tolerant people. They kill all that does not agree with them. Damn, I just guess Americans are for the most part stupid, lazy, and fools. When it is too late and the muslims raid your house and rape your children and wife, kill them, and kill you and then live in your home, don't say, "why didn't I believe what fellow Americans told me?"


Rest assured Pete, The leaders are right here. We are on these forum boards every day, and we try to read every word that folks like you post here. As for the numbers of patriots who will show up, no one can predict that with any certainty. But I can tell you the numbers are far greater than these forum memberships would indicate. We are hearing everyday from people who say they will come, but they have no interest in joining a forum discussion network. They follow us on the social media sites. They visit here to read what is available and open to the public. But their numbers do not show up as part of our membership. Maintain your faith Pete, and all the others here. Maintain your faith in all mighty GOD, and pray that we are on his side, and therefore he is on ours. As Abraham Lincoln said: "that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

Col. Riley is here. He is working long hard days in order to make the OAS work. He is the one that started this organisation and the OAS. There is a link on the OAS site for media that is moderated by Texas Rose that has announcements when we have people on radio shows doing interviews, including the Col. I have communicated with him on several occasions recently and can tell you that he is focused on our success and will not waiver. As for the Gen., he is not involved with OAS, he and the Col. know each other and the Gen. refers people that come to him interested in OAS over to this site and the Col. but he is not part of OAS. The numbers that you speak of are not going to show up on the web sites for several reasons. Many may fear publicly stating their intention to participate, others just want to participate and not try to organize, still others are affiliated with other groups that are planning as a group to jump in. I have seen many and received emails from some that stated that they were coming and bringing dozens with them, yet they are not on the web sites. Everyone knows that by now these sites are most likely being monitored heavily and many don't want to be known, YET. Have faith that many more will be in DC than any of us will know about. I personally am not a leader but I am on every day doing what I can and helping where I can and I see the growth happening even on the sites. More active members, more state leaders stepping up, and more general membership all the time. There are many leaders on the sites all the time, just that some times it is hard to recognize them because most would tell you that they are not.

Copy that JS.  This thing is growing exponentially on a daily basis.  I just had a close rancher friend donate $3500 to help others to be able to go.    And this is not a tax write off for him but it is this kind of patriotism that is working and building this movement.  America has finally started to wake up, thanks to patriots like the Col. and millions of others who are donating time, energy and resources in order to take back our country.  

Tell your rancher friend, Thank You ! and to load up a few hundred head to bring to DC, as they are better than what we have in Congress by far. Take it from an old cattle rancher.  MOOOOOOOOOO

Whoooo Rah!!! 


 I do recommend people get soft armor plates for protection.  I wouldn't hesitate getting some spray pepper and a tactical pen for self defense.  I hope and pray to God this will end peacefully.  God help us. 

forget the pepper spray, wasp killer works better, and has longer reach, 20' and deadly accurate.



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