Constitutional Emergency

The ABCs of OAS

Operation American Spring (OAS) is the legitimate offspring of our American culture—born of circumstance and God-given right. OAS is an equal-opportunity effort to participate in the uniquely American experience—one that may not come along more than once in several generations. To participate in OAS is the quintessential American experience, a peaceful transition back to our Constitutional constraints.

The vision behind OAS is founded in our Declaration of Independence:

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security”,

simple, easy to understand, though not quite as easy to execute—but absolutely necessary to maintain a viable working relationship between government and the governed.

How we got into our current predicament is not as important as determining how we can best return to our rightful path. There have been many efforts and measures taken to right our ship of state, yet our downward spiral continues, without abatement. Our unresponsive bureaucracy stays focused on their own self-interests, feathering their beds—and those of their friends and family—at our expense. Many of those same bureaucrats have sold their allegiance to divergent governing philosophies, and use distractions and obfuscations to cover their treasonous acts.

But America is waking up. The Emperor’s clothes are becoming increasingly transparent as our so-called leaders’ feet of clay stumble and turn. Deep within the bosom of America is that burning spirit of rugged individualism, struggling to recover from decades of somnolence and diversion. The light from that fire is regaining its former brilliance, giving true hope to all and shining brightly on the path to our rebirth.

OAS is step one on that path and it beckons for all with the born-again vision of what America was, is, and will once again become. Just as history makes note of every significant step in the right direction, OAS has the potential to join them all as the start of the First American counter-revolution, fighting back against the invasion of totalitarian socialism—communism—an insidious perversion of governance that leaves every nation it touches, a heap of ash and despair.

And in this fight, America will prevail. We will succeed because we have strong men and brave women who understand the value of our Liberty. We will triumph over our enemy, as we always have, because our enemy will underestimate our commitment, and the power God grants us to overcome all odds.

It is said, ‘One man with conviction, is a majority.’ If that is true, a few million American men and women, washed in the blood of their heroes and champions, fueled by their passion for liberty, and willing to make the sacrifice today for all of us to live free tomorrow. This is the definitive opportunity for every American to participate in correcting the course of history. For those who can—must be there, May 16, in DC. For who can’t go, help those who can with money, accommodations, transportation, and meals. For those who can’t go and haven’t the means to help—talk about OAS to friends, neighbors, even complete strangers. And lastly, for those who can’t go, help, or speak—your prayers are always needed and welcome.

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Written by : Terry Trussel

Graphics courtesy of : OAS Graphics Team

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Old Rooster, are you are telling us to use lethal CHEMICAL insect spray on people? Why would you try and hurt/kill a fellow citizen trying to do their job? What happens if you spray a patriot who is next to this person. You need to think about what you are saying and realize there people who would do this because you say so. We are not there to make people sick, or to hurt or kill them. We are there to retake our republic back not to hurt the oppressors if at all possible.

I believe pepper spray to be very effective non lethal weapon to use and does not have long acting effects in case of a misfire on our people. Stand your ground and defend yourself but use common sense.

This needed to be said Vito. Thank You !

I personally am not planning on any defense other than my 76 y/o Heart Bypass and Defibulator body. My mind is my defense and offense. They want to do more to me than a peaceful protest calls for, they will in the end rue the day.

sorry Vito, but you draw some very doubtful scenarios. Anything can happen, but when you tell others that they should not defend their home, family, survival you are literally out of this world. God will not view us as wrong, sinful, evil if we do so. If America follows your lead we will surely be eliminated. There will be no churches, no worship except in secret, Bibles will be burned, citizens will be killed by obamaites, communists, and muslims. Even the churches have become enemies by using propaganda to teach tolerance of Islam. I guess we should just not answer the door when criminals try to kick it in. Then offer them coffee and donuts after they rape your family. OLD ROOSTER, YOU ARE RIGHT 100%. The Bible does not teach turn the other cheek to violence, criminality, rape, murder! Didn't Joshua, our founders, millions in all our wars fight to be free, have liberty, survive in peace. Saul disobeyed God; did not destroy the enemy and God punished him. God rewarded David and he did not negotiate with the Giant. Vito, I guess you don't approve of carry permits either. You may kill someone with a weapon? I hope any person (even Christians) would shoot to kill an enemy or attacker; especially if the victim is minding their business FREELY AND PEACEFULLY. Ooops, can't use the death penalty even if the criminal rapes, murders, and kidnaps or turns against our Constitution and country. It is "talk" like this that has allowed and enabled America to become a cesspool unpleasant to God. We did not ASK the British to be free; we made America free using a Godly inspired Constitution. BUT we fought to establish this.

And Peter, we have to re-establish freedom and the Constitution for the future, not just ourselves today. Is not Christianity and the Constitution worth fighting for?

Pete, I don't understand your reply about using insecticide in D.C. during Operation American Spring this May 16, 2014 as advocated by Old Rooster. Judging by your ranting you have misunderstood that this is not about my or your home. I will defend my family and home from any threat by any means at my disposal. I an a retired peace officer and believe in the 2nd amendment and ALL of the other amendments. I will shoot to stop the threat not to kill unless it is needed.  You are looking for an excuse to provoke someone so you can hurt or kill them to get your point across. If you and I were standing next to each other in D.C. and you shoot the opposition because you feared for your life then that's legally alright, but if you attempted to kill him or her after stopping the threat you are guilty of murder and I would stop you from doing so even if I have to shoot you dead. Your attitude is not needed nor welcomed at this peaceful gathering to remove the current Federal government. All of this ranting that you have done is inexcusable and must stop or you sir will give this organization a black eye.  Your preaching is not wanted nor needed.  

Based on much of what you have posted, Pete, I suggest you stay home and work on getting others to support the Peaceful effort in DC. Your anger is way overboard, if you are planning to be armed in other than the most minimal sense. Like a camera, pen and paper or cell phone. You put others and the effort as a whole, in jeopardy. If you come, don't come with a chip on your shoulder. Come with a smile on your face and love in your heart for Our Constitution and your fellow Americans.

It is one thing to defend your home and family from invaders. It is another entirely to go to the Nations Capital, with anything other than a peaceful course. Shutting down the government means you have to be willing to be completely sublimated to the forces of evil with one exception, Unwillingness to take no for an answer, peacefully.

Have you ever seen the Chinese man stand down the Tank in Tiananmen Square?

He did not do it with a can of bug spray or a rocket launcher. He did it with will power.

This is a prime example for We the People to use, at this time !

How many times have you been to a DC Rally or called on Your Congressman or Senator in the last 5 years?

I have been in both my Senators and Congressman's offices in DC and in the Districts more than a half dozen times. I have been to 3 rallies including the first one, where we had more then a million. I make sense and they listen to me. I have an Ivy League Education and I am as strident as anyone, but I use it carefully.

I am not against force of arms and self defense. I have 2 CCWs and am always armed. But force of arms is a last resort.

I hope you will consider this and calm down.

Be well.

Sic Semper Tyrannis !

Wisdom will always trump being impetuous.  

Peter thank you for talking sense in a nice calm matter, I am a retired California peace officer  and I can understand some of the concerns displayed here but found it very concerning that I would be around people with an attitude that was demeaning, angry and threatening. It felt like  people were wanting to fight for for their own personnel agenda in D.C., not for the good of the country.   My spirit has been lifted because of you. Hope to met you in D.C. 

Nick Giotta

Visalia, California   

Vito, you really need to look at some youtube videos showing how the scumbags who are just trying to do their jobs brutalize American citizens. Look up the one showing an elderly  woman punched in the face and tackled to the ground by these cowards because she is holding an old revolver at her side after they break into her home in NO after Katrina. Maybe the one where Fullerton police beat a homeless man (Kelly Thomas) to death as people just watch and do nothing. Then they are found not guilty. If you watch the video, you will be shocked that that alone was not enough to convict them. Here's another one I've seen several times in various videos and films. A group of protestors sitting on the curb handcuffed and being pepper sprayed relentlessly by those who are supposed to serve and protect. Oh I guess they were just trying to do their job.

Any decent LEO will not take part in such brutality and will walk away, those that do, deserve to die by the sword and if wasp spray is the best we have to defend ourselves well they deserve it. I only hope that after spraying it Patriots will pick up their abandoned weapon and finish them off.

Police brutality is rampant all across the nation and they are getting away with murder, witnesses are being arrested and their recording devices are being confiscated even though it is completely legal to film police on the streets. They are raiding the wrong homes and killing people, shooting peoples pets whenever they come across one and nothing is being done. It will only get worse unless we fight fire with fire.

I will not sit on the ground and be pepper sprayed, I will not break any laws and will not allow myself  and other innocent citizens to be treated by some egotistical asshole like we are criminals just because he has a badge and knows he will get away with it.

I do have a few other recommendations for Patriots.  Make sure you have ear protection because they will certainly use the L Rad crowd control device. Small cans of quick drying spray paint may come in handy. Police can't attack what they cant see, use on vehicle windows and helmet face shields. Some  medicated wipes in case you get pepper sprayed, also a solution of No More Tears Baby Shampoo 70% and water 30% in a spray bottle will help get it out of you eyes. Water alone will not help much since the pepper spray is oil based. God Bless us all>

Based on this post, I would suggest you ignore my previous post and resign from this group, as you are not mentally stable, or are just plain immature, and are projecting violence. This group does not need people who are just itching for a fight, which you are.

Sic Semper Tyrannis !

It is because of people like you that we are in the situation we are in. Yes I have seen the lone guy standing down the Chinese tank, So they didn't run him over big deal, they killed millions of others who protested just like you suggest. I have not decided if I am going to DC, but if I do I will not break any laws and I don't need some pussy ass like you telling me what to do. If you can read correctly I used the words "defend ourselves" "I will not break any laws". I simply advocate defending ourselves as best we can. Not sitting down and becoming victims of their brutality. It will accomplish nothing being a victim, as the people you are begging for your freedom do not have any concern for human life, they have proven it over and over again. Wake up. Maybe Dr. Manning can help you, or do you ignore any facts that do not support your point of view as you did with my suggestions above.

Yo'  P&P.  Settle down guys!  Everybody has their own ideas about what and how to handle this event.  Just follow the Col's mandates.  No one has had the cojones to do something like this and we need to honor his agenda.  And we need everybody to get involved.  Stuff like this happened back in the first Rev. but they got thru it.  We need to learn from our forefathers.  America is much to important to allow a little feuding to derail it.

Hey you left out a P lol, there are 3 of us. Anyway you are correct, I will certainly abide by the Col.'s orders, but I don't think he wants us to just stand there and be brutalized. We have the right to defend ourselves and each other. I do wish he would consider allowing LEO's to carry arms into DC, I do believe they are legally allowed to do so, someone correct me if I am wrong. It would be great to have some of the Constitutional Sheriffs in the crowd with side arms.



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