Constitutional Emergency

Welcome back to the real world by Former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith

“Welcome back to the real world” Is the comment that keeps ringing through my ears when I see Boston. “Welcome back to the real world” was the comment that I heard most when I came back from spending most of two years in Baghdad Iraq. ’05-’06 it was a battle for the citizens and this type of terror was our fight not the perceived mechanized infantry of armies. “Welcome back to the real world” made me look at the psychology behind that statement. I couldn’t get that phrase out of my head!…. “Welcome back to the real world”. The ignorance and virginity of experience that makes that statement is very telling of our society. It says that we are not willing to accept the “actual reality” at best when the worst and easiest to accept is that it doesn’t exist and “it just can’t” happen here.

Well, America, ……. THIS is only a mere glimpse into the reality that most of the rest of the world lives day to day. This is where we are heading and fast. We won’t stop it because we lack the Respect for the Reality of it. A Jewish prisoner of war from WW2 said “….and then they came for me….. and there was no one left to hear my calls” (look that quote and story up, I’ll see if I can find it)

The veterans are screaming “WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD” This is what we killed and died for to prevent from coming to our shores and what we saw coming. We warn and will still protect our fellow citizens to the death and we are labeled with PTSD? They attempt to take our guns but who will you go to when this becomes common? Who will defend you when your government wont?. Will still be called PTSD when the society has it and realizes that “REALITY” is a better name for it? They have to disarm us before the citizenry wakes up to the fact of stressful situations that are normal outside the US . THIS is what can happen every day in the rest of the world.

This war has been on our shores but only now will most admit it exists because you can see it and touch it. Camelot has fallen and “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” is a re-run that should be getting old. Not much left but “the real world” if this HARBINGER OF THINGS TO COME is not heeded and acted upon. Get yourself “right” first by admitting that we have a problem….. ourselves in denial. Hopefully this event might wake us gently before the REAL stuff starts happening because it is openly stated around the world “DEATH TO AMERICA!”. Admit it.

This is Dawah moving into active jihad, this is communism, this is socialism, this is UTOPIANISM (to coin a phrase)….. look to your history as a humans…. This is DEVOLUTION. This is what is easy not what is right. This is what people and mindsets become when communication ceases either by choice, miscommunication, inability to consider opposing thought, immaturity or flat evil.

War is politics with bloodshed and politics is war without bloodshed. War is mostly a byproduct of failed communications (that’s why the 1st amendment is so important). Once Forcing or Warring is known as the expedient and easy way it will become the way of life (look at the middle east).

In GRAND COLLECTIVIST THEORY “If we cant convince or cull you into it, we might have to maim or kill you (on your behalf) to do it because we know better than you”. This statement can be gleaned over our joined histories under different names, here Socialism and Islamic Sharia.

I must ask this semi-rhetorical question. Do you still think we won the Cold War AND the Crusades? Fact is, they never ended, They are still being fought by everyone but us. “All evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing”

This was a nudge to wake up…. This was nothing compared to what is coming. I fear the “I told you so”. Wake up America! Its getting late in the day and we haven’t even acknowledged the blaring alarm clock. Its going to be a long hard night in order to make it to the morning light.


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Benjamin,Yes it will be a long dark night!!!  I will not go quietly into the night!!  Benjamin, thank you for all that you and your team mates gave to America!!  Your article is spot on!!  Semper Fi!!! 

On the money, I hate to say. This truly IS only a harbinger of things to come, and we are being played like Nero's fiddle. Rome IS burning, and our feet are about to be thrust into the burning coals before enough people wake up.

Lord help us JESUS! it's gonna get real ugly and it's gonna be happening real soon!



Until the time that we rid this country of the government that we have allowed to take us into Hell, we will never be safe again.  The link I have shown below has the ability to show us all what has been done.  Obama will never admit that the government was bamboozled by the older brother who then learned the craft of Jihadist warfare when in Russia last year and who then taught his brother all he had learned there.  The fact that our school systems, especially the universityCommunistic professors did not help teach American values, but rather the open propaganda of Communism to either of the brothers was a contributing factor.  The open fact that Obama will not admirt that Jihady warfare has come to America and will be with us is shown in the article from Brian Smith above.  The people MUST wake up and smell the stench of where the U.S. is headed, or we will, in fact, be there just as the Germans did in the late 1930s.  What a shame! 

My guess is, we'll all sit on our thumbs until it hits in the face. Then we'll run around like scared rabbits until they take us all out, The ones willing to fight anyway. Where is the plan? Who has a plan? How do we get our hands on the plan?

We all saw the amass of Agents and dozens of armored vehicles running through the streets of Boston, well welcome to our homes.

Just a preview of things to come. Obama has been working on his private army for several years now. Recruiting thousands of Muslims he has brought into this country with a green card and the black panthers just love the whites (dead).

Truer words never spoken. I fear that it (our country) is too far gone, all we can do is align with like minded souls, prepare, fight and educate locally, and stand our ground.  Unless millions are willing to march on DC with an "empty holster" very soon: and commit America back to our Creator at that meeting, we are doomed.   Too many think we can win this secularly. We were not founded as secular yet  united states, there is no separation of church and state, ( there should be a separation of SCHOOL and state), we are not a democracy. Tired of the left wing dribble, the lies and deciet perpertrated ad nauseum. 

As Beck once stated the slow boiling frog.  Too many of our neighbors do not see the threat.  Happening slowly and the MSM is in the bag.  Too many think the next election will fix it all: unaware of the moral decline, the magnitude of moral depravity let loose upon America.  They wanty to compromise yet more: on "amnesty, on the gay agenda, on gov. funded abortion: blind to the obsenity of a full term/fully developed life being destroyed as the euphimism of "choice".

Evil is and has taken over.  When so called "normal" neighbors can roll over and say "ho-hum" over the depravidity of our so called modern culture, demonize anyone who is oppossed to capitol punishment of the innocent, all while making victims out of the morally depraved we are in deep deep trouble my friends.

Totally agree!  Many people do not want to accept the fact there IS evil...they don't believe there is God...and they don't want to be bothered by anything that moves them out of their self centered lives.  I believe the future will either hold those who have gone to sleep and their evil rulers....or those of us who's Faith calls us to prepare to survive and those who do survive rebuild.

Very well said Benjamin.  For far far too long the American people have had no concept of what the real world is like.  This is especially true of the ivory tower academic types and the large city populations who see no need for firearms.  And, unfortunately it is the large population centers (cities) which now control the government.  Putting aside the tragedy of the Boston bombing one of the best quotes recently was the politician who asked how many Boston liberals wished they had an AR15 to protect themselves and their families while the police searched for the second bomber.  We could very well turn our long dark night in to a bright shining day.  However, that would take more courage than all of the politicians in Washington combined could muster.  Run out every muslime in the country.  They never have and never will contribute anything positive.  Our nation was founded by Christians and Jews.  As long as we stuck to our roots we were doing well.  Ever since the Second World War when we began allowing in all the rest of the ash and trash we have been going down hill.  And that includes not protecting our borders.

Welcome Home, Sir.  Many of us have been preaching/teaching this for many years but our messages fell on the dead ears of the Satanic pleebs and the Satanically oppressed.



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