Welcome to La La Land .. Is this a true Republic or is our Republic merely an illusion?

“But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”  John Adams[1]

I’m not talking about the terrorist attacks. Those are simply part of the final phase. The overthrow of America has been going on for decades. If someone tried to collapse the United States overnight, of course the American people would revolt. That’s why it had to be done slowly, quietly. It has been aided from both the outside and the inside. All the massive problems besetting your nation, all of the economic, political and social turmoil, hasn’t suddenly picked up speed by accident. It is all by design and it all has a singular, overriding purpose.[2]
… You don’t have to look for anything … [i]t’s already here. It’s all around you. You’ve been looking right at it for years without knowing. You still have your name. You still have your flag. You still believe you have your freedoms, though in reality they have been slowly siphoned away. You still believe you have a Republic when, day-by-day, what you are being left with is merely the illusion of a Republic. Your entire house, as it were, has been rebuilt one brick at a time and no one has even noticed. No one has done a single thing about it.[3]

When does fiction mimic reality? Or when does fiction speak the truth? I finished reading this “travel” book the night before SCOTUS rendered its decision, and I had an epiphany. HELLARE WOULD BE UPHELD. When I heard the actual news alert the next day, that knot in my stomach that started the night before, got bigger.

59 of 92 laws in hellcare have already been enacted. And even if the newly elected representatives have the balls to repeal this heinous law, will they repeal the insidious taxes contained therein and the laws that impact taxpaying citizens right now and then in the future? Again, methinks not. This is a parasitic relationship, and we the people are the host. Parasitism is defined by:

A ... relationship ... in which one organism, the parasite, lives off of another organism, the host, harming it and possibly causing death. The parasite lives on or in the body of the host.
... Usually, although parasites harm their hosts, it is in the parasite's best interest not to kill the host, because it relies on the host's body and body functions, such as digestion or blood circulation, to live.[4]

This government will bleed us dry and watch as we crawl and then wither. For what? For its survival and for CONTROL AND POWER.

I am here watching a socialist medical program up close and personal. A doctor refused to diagnose a child with a highly contagious disease. Why? Because of the paperwork associated with the correct diagnosis. “Come back in 5 days if the child is not better!” Of course they will be better in 5 days; that or he will be dead!

So quietly we continue to work within the system. Realistically, can we succeed? Is our Republic real? Or is it simply and illusion of a Republic we once knew?



[1] http://www.quotationspage.com/quotes/John_Adams

[2] Brad Thor, Full Black (Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, July 2011), 362


[4] http://necsi.edu/projects/evolution/..._parasite.html

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http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=61949789963775076#editor/ta... Please feel free to open and share. It is just a repost of something I wrote this AM.

I am out of the US, so blog link is linked elsewhere.  It will return to normal by mid-July,  What I posted is exactly what the blog says.  

We are all frogs in the pot and the heat has been increasing for a long time.  Soon, very soon it will, if not already, be too hot to jump out and save ourselves.

3 cents.

That link sent me to a google blog register site, but I would have to agree with all that she has said. Taking the massive amount of power away from our "representatives" would be as easy as making them pass a law that requires them to come under the same laws that we have to abide by. They will not do this, ever. Replacing a few here and there is like putting new apples in a barrel of spoiled apples, they eventually turn also. Do you really think we will ever see a term limits law? Never going to happen because those in power will not let it. It will not be long, maybe even in my lifetime, and I am 72,  when the letters USA will be changed to USSA, the Union of Socialist States of America.

I am also 72 and I agree with you.  Even the new representatives who were helped to get into office by the Tea Party are voting in such a way that makes me feel ashamed for voting for them in the first place.  Terms limits will never happen.  I spent 13 years behind the old Iron Curtain and now feel perfectly at home again. Very little difference now.  Our freedoms are lost, we have a nation of apathetic people who are more involved in reality shows than politics.  French Revolution anyone?


>         ▶
>     "Congress shall make no law respecting an
> establishment of religion, [or prohibiting the free exercise
> thereof]; or abridging the  freedom of (speech), or of
> the {press}; or the right of the people to peacefully
> assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of
> grievances."  Article I Bill Of Rights: Constitution Of
> These United States Of America.
>     American Patriots:                  
>     General George Washington "Let  only
> Americans stand guard" issued an order placing a
> "{chaplain}" in each regiment. Washington advises Indians
> "You do well to wish to learn our arts and our ways of and
> above all the religion of  Jesus
> Christ....................."
>     Patrick Henry of give me Liberty of give me
> Death fame: "It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too
> often that this great nation was founded not by
> religionists, but by Christians, not on religions but on the
> gospel of Jesus Christ."
>     "The founders of the American Republic were
> men who possessed a great faith in God and the
> Bible..................."  Hart Armstrong
>     "Men must be governed by God or they will be
> ruled by tyrants."  Wm. Penn
>     NEWSWEEK in December 27, 1983 wrote: "Perhaps
> even more than the Constitution, the Bible is our founding
> document Bible study was the core of public education and
> nearly every literate family not only owned a a Bible but
> read it regularly and reverently." Robert Viches
>     We must always obey God, and never men: Acts 5
> : 29b
>     Your Chaplain
>         ▶
>         ▶
>  Reply by Chaplain Thomas Gilbert Cole
>     This chaplain of Christ  places the "LORD
> first in my heart" , if placing God, family and country; and
> posting our founding documents  is "lecturing never cut
> it with me???":  "taking back  AMERICA"  can
> only come about when Christians are filled with the Spirit
> of Unity.  I most assuredly am not seeking to be
> popular, but would see the restoration of These United State
> Of America.
>  XXXXX   Please pray That the Most High God, will"{SAVE
>         ▶
> Reply by DE
>     Chaplain..Pray that daily...you are a great
> defender of the faith.......I hav a 7 year old grandchild
> that  we call a champion defender of the faith....she
> makes quite a case for our Lord.... she has been raised up
> and nurtured in the admonition of the Lord.....
>         ▶
> Permalink Reply by Chaplain Thomas Gilbert Cole
>     DE-------I do, and I will "Pray that
> daily"!!!!!!!
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>         ▶
> Fellow Patriots/Tea Party the above posting from our Founding Fathers, was rejected by "patriots" - I had to delete the demeaning comments -asked not to Post the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Chaplain Tom, "patriots" like "christians" some are and most are in name only.

Well if this site is going to deny people free speech maybe I don't want to be a part of it anymore

What's the problem George???

The chaplain posting earlier said that "patriots" had him to delete some comments and not to post the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Did I misinterpret something?

The Chaplain was not referring to a post on PFA........I think he has his own site or some other discussion medium.......



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