Constitutional Emergency

Welcome to La La Land .. Is this a true Republic or is our Republic merely an illusion?

“But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”  John Adams[1]

I’m not talking about the terrorist attacks. Those are simply part of the final phase. The overthrow of America has been going on for decades. If someone tried to collapse the United States overnight, of course the American people would revolt. That’s why it had to be done slowly, quietly. It has been aided from both the outside and the inside. All the massive problems besetting your nation, all of the economic, political and social turmoil, hasn’t suddenly picked up speed by accident. It is all by design and it all has a singular, overriding purpose.[2]
… You don’t have to look for anything … [i]t’s already here. It’s all around you. You’ve been looking right at it for years without knowing. You still have your name. You still have your flag. You still believe you have your freedoms, though in reality they have been slowly siphoned away. You still believe you have a Republic when, day-by-day, what you are being left with is merely the illusion of a Republic. Your entire house, as it were, has been rebuilt one brick at a time and no one has even noticed. No one has done a single thing about it.[3]

When does fiction mimic reality? Or when does fiction speak the truth? I finished reading this “travel” book the night before SCOTUS rendered its decision, and I had an epiphany. HELLARE WOULD BE UPHELD. When I heard the actual news alert the next day, that knot in my stomach that started the night before, got bigger.

59 of 92 laws in hellcare have already been enacted. And even if the newly elected representatives have the balls to repeal this heinous law, will they repeal the insidious taxes contained therein and the laws that impact taxpaying citizens right now and then in the future? Again, methinks not. This is a parasitic relationship, and we the people are the host. Parasitism is defined by:

A ... relationship ... in which one organism, the parasite, lives off of another organism, the host, harming it and possibly causing death. The parasite lives on or in the body of the host.
... Usually, although parasites harm their hosts, it is in the parasite's best interest not to kill the host, because it relies on the host's body and body functions, such as digestion or blood circulation, to live.[4]

This government will bleed us dry and watch as we crawl and then wither. For what? For its survival and for CONTROL AND POWER.

I am here watching a socialist medical program up close and personal. A doctor refused to diagnose a child with a highly contagious disease. Why? Because of the paperwork associated with the correct diagnosis. “Come back in 5 days if the child is not better!” Of course they will be better in 5 days; that or he will be dead!

So quietly we continue to work within the system. Realistically, can we succeed? Is our Republic real? Or is it simply and illusion of a Republic we once knew?




[2] Brad Thor, Full Black (Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, July 2011), 362




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Mr. Riley, One  outstanding  enforcement,  Problem,  discuss  IT,  separate  one  from  the  other..~~ Grandma  said- Ron  keep  focused,  or  fall  and  hurt  yourself.. This  La, La, Land article  has  stirred  up  a  hornet's  nest,  `with  no  stinger's..

Not all of us have been blind to the incursions of abusive power. I am a writer, and have written 3 books about the constructional breaches being perpetrated by the national government and have attempted at rallies and meeting to educate people of the problems and offer to them solutions. I am now running as the no-affiliation candidate for U.S. congress in the 4th district of Pa because since I don't have a famous name like Glenn Beck, or Alex Jones or others its hard to get the word out. I walk into a room full of people and explain to them how NAFTA is the greatest national security risk this country has ever faced and they are numbed to find out our greatest enemy is not Russia, China or terrorist organizations, but are America international corporations that have sold out to foreign government for the bottom line of profit. International government  and commerce is no longer viewed by either American international business as the competition. The Republican and Democrat parties no longer view foreign government that have been hostile to America for generations as the potential threat to the American people; They now view free enterprise, the states, their people and domestic industry as the competition and enemy. you want to preserve America? then you need to help me get elected. If you can't vote , but are local and can collect signatures let me know. I've got all the materials I need to get things done in Washington. The first and foremost is closing the loop hole created by the fourteenth amendment, and the second is getting us the hell out of NAFTA. The website about explains some of the issues I represent,  separation of church and state, and many others...there are also other links to other organizations you can connect with...just go through the site and it will lead to to information.

Many of the people who want to help shrugged me off because I am not in their state or district...As a United States Congressman when I make law it applies to every county of every district in every state. so if I have a plan to restore the constitution to its original intent (which was to create a common union trade organization to represent the states in international commerce) then it matters little if your in Oregon, or Florida...if you can't help in any physical capacity then donate...I can only help you, if you help me!

I think we ceased to be a Republic after what the history books called the Civil War.


Michael, thank you, thank you, thank you.  At last I meet someone who understands what an evil person Lincoln was.  You are absolutely right.  Lincoln shredded the Constitution and the powers that be have been lying to us ever since.  In many ways Lincoln and BO are much alike.  Lincoln had 16,000 political prisoners held in prison without trial or access to a lawyer for no other reason than they opposed his policies.   Lincoln made war on women, children, and the elderly.  His emancipation proclamation did not free a single slave.  If one does the research to find his statements one finds that he was as prejudiced as any Southern slave owner.  His goal in running for president was to force through legislation for "internal improvements".  That translates to roads, canals, railroads, etc. at taxpayer expense.  Sound familiar?

Marvin, Jager; "Lincoln" a subject worthy of much discussion, especially since the Spinmeister O'Rielly's tome "Killing Lincoln was published. I wonder if the documentary (on xm which I don't get) will produce the spin and reported inaccuracies of O'Rielly's book (Google Lincoln O'Rielly).  Remember O'Rielly states "the SPIN stops here", apparently not in his book or for that matter on his show, IMHO.  In the interest of full disclosure, I have not purchased nor read his book for that reason.

I like many in this country have revered Lincoln as we were taught in school many years ago.  Since then I have questioned the real motives he had in what he was purported to do and accomplish.  I refer you to THE LIVING LINCOLN by Mssrs. Angle & Miers.   

Mr Turley, I think you would find many who would comment, both in support or against your belief of what our 16th President did for our country should you start a seperate disscussion on the subject.  For myself I see a eerie parallel between now & then with the current pResident in our White House.


Semper Fi

Phrowt makes a good point Mr. Turley.......a separate discussion is needed......thanks.

Sorry Jager, but I'm full up on subscribing to other's websites.  Church may be the be all to end all where Lincoln is concerned but I do not think supporting his website proper on this one.

Michael why don't you take this and open a new post with it.  I think this is a great teaching opportunity.  Also, there are some very frightening similarities between the Lincoln administration and the current one.

I know not what course others may take--but as for me "...give Me Liberty.. or give me death... " time all Patriots read and understand what Samuel West Preached  before his Governor and Congress On the right to Rebel"1776 . When the government  begins to call evil good and good evil they cease to  warrant our support and earn opposition. We the people have been trained for decades to allow the Government to do whatever it desires and we continue to support our guy. We rail and moan when the old toothless blind and smelly dog that once guarded our  Liberties  has its tail wagged by the powers that control the White House. But we do nothing and vote for whichever mere politician promises  on the campaign train what he has No intention of  honoring if elected. We have become sheep without a shepherd. And whenever God raises up a leader like crabs int he brine bucket we rush to tear him back down lest any escape. IMO all we have left is an empty shell of the REPUBLIC  the so carefully built  and are ill fit to be free men.when the Republic was formed our leaders -like the people they led were ,for the most part  religious and moral people -I fear all that has changed. 

I'm late to arrive at this conversation.  However the word Should has become a weak helping verb over the months as we are NOT seeing adequate response from "Our Neighbors".  But various groups across our country have developed certain initiaitves that could be employedand I'd like for everyone to check the links and documents that I attach.  Mr. Charlie Klein of Orlando Florida and Nancy Baptiste came up with a complaint against our election divisions to take to our local FBI offices.  As with many initiatives that require huge response, it hasn't taken off as it should. I can tell you; I'd taken a similar complaint to ourlocal FBI offices here back in January.  It's NO Big Deal Folks:  I'm NOT in a FEMA oven yet. But better me than my Grandkids in slavery.  There is an expense involved and our Tea Party Talkers have a Grand Opportunity to put their Money where their Mouth is.  Check this out.  Disseminate it to anyone you can think of.  I've NO Pateince for Tea Parties that won't talk to Oath Keepers, that wont talk to 9-12ers etc.  The left has a comprehensive offensive being waged against us.  We need to stick our damned egoes in our back pockets, broaden our vision and get cooperating. Constitutional Sheriffs need toincrease in number;  Militias need to be deputized by Constitutional  Sheriffs, people of the elections divisions need to be fighting against voter fraud, recruiting more poll watchers and election judges and we need to prod them to insist on paper ballots only.  We need to form, (as ARNIE ROSNER said), N.G.O.s - -Non Governmental Organizations with a comprehensive mission to educate the folks on the constitution and bill of rights, to go to all town councilmeetings and record what our officials do; analyze it and tell the community what we need to do if our Legislators are undermining we the People.  We've talked and talked. How many here have e-mailed churches,synagogues, Kiwannis clubs, Lions clubs, Soccer and baseball leagues, bowling leagues to tell them that they must take up their Civic Duties or play time will end and most unpleasantly?  Do Youknow you can GOOGLE all those groups?  Would you be more concerned about being labeled "SPAM" or being charred meat in a FEMA oven?  Enough B.S., Take up an initiative, bring the neighbors and Fight. Your City council chambers are empty 28 of the 30 days in a month.  There's your meeting place - - Free of Charge - - -It is YOUR City Hall.


FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY and DUTY apply as much to Your Elected Officials as it does to a stock broker or bank officer. Ou elected Officials are derelict in their duty and need to be challenged.  Recall elections are made just for such




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