Constitutional Emergency

Well here is what Diane Fienstein is submitting in January, 2013

Well, I knew it wouldn't take them long.


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What part of "shall not be infringed." is too hard for them to understand ??????


They simply don't know how to read unless it's for their advantage. Facts don't make sense to them. An article in the New Yorker is a good example of that, comparing guns to biological diseases, and how they must be eradicated at any cost. That same article also claims that ALL cases of self defense with a gun are lies perpetrated by overzealous gun owners and gun lobbies, and that use of guns in crimes in "every city of every country" is no longer seen. All of that BS smacks of the same 'studies' by the 'global warming' crowd touting their own statistics, and calling all of the factual evidence presented by neutral scientists as being false. Never mind they were caught with their hands in the cookie jar!

And I just remembered, that same article's author also claims that mental incapacity or deficiency has nothing to do with the thousands of suicides of teens and young adults, it's all caused by guns being available and 'no laws' in place to prevent access. Guess he didn't see that the Sandy Hook killer WAS DENIED PURCHASE of a gun, so he killed his mother to get at hers! No law will stop that, that's madness, or more commonly referred to as mental insanity.

Stingray, you beat me to it: they simply do not know how to read, either that, or they never studied the US Constitution and Bill of Rights when they attended school, IF they ever attended any type of educational courses and instructions.

Didn't say he applied. Evidently he attempted to but was denied. At least that's what I saw in a news story about how he got the guns.

The Constitution means nothing to these marxists bastard$.

She can go to a very hot place.

Apparently her brain fried several years ago, Debrajoe!  LOL!

Golden Eagle, you give her too much credit, when you mention that she even had brains to be fried!  LOL

I'll second that, Debrajoe!

Ah, Yes.  We are going to GRANDFATHER in all existing weapons!!!!!!!!  Oopsie, read page 2...all those grandfathered weapons have to be registered with the ATF.

Who's going to grandfather the weapons and/or register them, Fred?

Just by introducing this type of garbage to the US Congress as a proposed piece of legislation to be acted upon by Congress Senator Diane Fienstein will be in violation of her oath of office, and thus could be charged with conspiracy to commit treason.

Also we must always remember and be very aware of the requirements and the steps made necessary to alter or revise the Constitution of The United States of America. The Second Amendment CANNOT be altered, amended or deleted either by an executive order from the President, nor by the Congress in a simple yea/na vote on any piece of legislation. The requirements to alter, amend, or delete any portion of the Constitution require a minimum of 3/4 or the congress voting in favor PLUS an affirmative vote of 2/3rds of the States. I'll leave it to someone else here to varify my numbers in this but the bottom line is that Ms. Fienstein and her fellow bunch of Marxists and terrorists in Congress can vote all they want,,,, It Just Ain't going to happen.

What WILL happen will not be illuded too here, but at the very least there WILL be charges filed against any member of Congress that votes in favor of this type of legslation.






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