Everyday we are constantly bombarded with new information about what the Obama administration and those pulling his strings are doing to destroy our country. Everyday we are horrified and disgusted by the arrogance of those who gleefully and willingly participate in the destruction of our country.

We get mad, we post these articles and alerts which keep us up to date on all the new traitorous actions of the fascist/socialist who's desire is to destroy/remove our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and Sovereignty. They speak misinformation about our founding document...our foundation...to make them appear to be without value, effect, consequence, or significance and void. We now know that our government is not listening to us, nor do they intend to.

We do have some (very few) honorable men and women holding some government position who are there to serve and not be served, who are standing firm for our Constitution and Republic. They are like lone rangers because as they have stood up to fight for our country, many of us are sitting in front of our computers talking about all that is going on, but what else are we doing to help them, or to help ourselves and to fight for our children's futures? I have to add there are many people standing up and fighting for our country to, BUT they need our help.

I was watching my young niece tonight who was reading her bible preparing for her Sunday School Class tomorrow. My joy in seeing her studying her bible was overtaken with fear of what would happen to her in her adult years if she were found reading her bible. Then my mind wondered into imagining her in a burka. I imagined her being beaten by the likes of the taliban for her ankles showing, for her being beaten because it's a man's duty to beat women into submission. Of course then I thought of her children she would have and what would they endure.

I also imagined if Islam didn't dominate our country and Communism did. My niece still would not be better off. What would happen to her if she was found studying her bible or teaching her children the precepts of God. What would happen to her children? She would not have the freedom of conscious, of exercising her conscious, she and her family would not have the liberty that many have bought and paid for with their blood. Her children will be forced to attend communist or islamic government schools of indoctrination. Her sons only if it's islamic government. Her daughters will be thought to be lower than chattel. I can't live with those thoughts.

So, what can we do?
What are we willing to do to make sure this does not happen to our country, our children,
grandchildren and their children?
What are we willing to sacrifice?
Are we willing to be arrested like Allan Keyes and jailed in our fight?
Are we still consumed with our worldly comforts to get out and fight?
Are we beaten down by our government to where we cower and do nothing?

When I use the word fight, I don't mean for us to physically fight unless we are forced into a corner and that is our only last hope. I mean putting boots on the ground....putting actions to our words.

We are now constantly reacting to this government. We need to switch that...we need to get on the offensive.

I'm asking everyone here to brainstorm and offer hope and suggestions on how we need to change our tactics to achieve what we want to achieve. Please list your suggestions, even if you think they are goofy or insignificant ...still list them, they may not be and/or we could use parts of them as a start or part.

What I don't want to see or read is America is doomed and there is no hope. Please help as we are all in this together...standing side by side, shoulder to shoulder.


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I am willing to do what ever it takes. I have my "equipment " at the ready. I have a meeting place to go to for safety.
We NEED to make an Underground.
AMERICA IS NOT DOOMED. Dont be caught off guard. Get your GO BAD togather. Plan a place for ALL of us to meet. We must form a Militia NOW. WE MUST meet and discuss things. Each County in each state needs to have a leader.
I will do anything legal to help America and out people.
How about a little pasive aggresion. We organize a protest to coincide with Congress leaving for Independence Day or Labor Day ( both? ). That would grid-lock traffice as they are trying to get out of Dodge and we don't leave until they hear and reply to our grievances. Just a thought------.

That would be great. However, most likely, they would know of this ahead of time. Then coincidentally, they would break earlier by a day. Knowing of course that we can't react that fast. Let's just get our million participants and camp out on the steps of Congress. We don't leave until they listen.
Every one read David's comment./// "Don't be caught off guard" "Get your GO BAD together"///
I struggle with this too, because I want to do more than read updates and gripe. But I am also limited by many things in my life from doing all that I would like to do, and by feelings of hopelessness that the gov't doesn't listen and will proceed no matter what we do. I look at the news from foreign countries, and see their people rise up with less fear in worst circumstances than ours, and I know that Americans are too comfortable and fear losing the cushy lives we have(in comparison to many other countries, most of us are much more comfy!) in order to rise up. We have surrendered to political correctness in public settings. I sign petitions and send emails to congress. I organized a tea party in my small county. But is the gov't listening? No! They mock us for our efforts. I think they are ignoring our emails and petitions. I think handwritten letters might work better. We need to be more organized and have more community face to face meetings. Maybe we should form committees within our communities and have letter writing campaigns. Request our representatives to meet with us face to face, and call them to account. I get newsletters from some of my reps that talk about going to boy scout functions, and graduations and stuff that is of little account to what they should actually be working on, and we should make them put us on their schedule. We need to let them know that we are really serious and will make time and resources available to make the "rubber meet the road". We need to study up and know our facts of course when we do this. I want to see what I have to do to make a reservation in our Community Bldg for a town hall meeting, and put ads in the newspaper, radio, and get a calling committee to make phone calls. Then I want to invite our representatives, and see what happens. If they won't come, that will tell people a lot right there. Then follow up with letters and phone calls until they give us a date they will show up if necessary. I think this is the kind of grassroots approach we need to have on the ground. Websites are great, but in person and in numbers is where we will generate the kind of attention we need to have success.
I am ready to do anything for my america! My first intuition is to get rid of Obamanation! Then things will get messy but our foundations will start to shine on the horizone like a big light flashing to guide us towards the real victory. We need to review and learn from our Founding Fathers. They left us the best gift! Our Constitution! the most precious piece of art! Our Fathers thenselves designed it so well and strong like the rocky mountains to make sure no evil could destroyed it . because it was based on Christianianity. In God We Trust!!!!
Okay Twana, here's one of those crazy ideas.
Request everyone you know , on all the sites you belong to, and all your friends and family, to pass along a plan to bouycot ALL of the MSM, including t.v. and newspapers.
Go to the library and check-out REAL History books for your kids or relatives and have them read them instead of listening to the Anti-American drivil that seems to be trying toconsume everyone today.
Sit down and just talk with the people you know, find out what they think is going on, then TELL them what is going on and let them know where to find the information to prove what you say is true.
Like I said, this is one of those crazy ideas, but if you can get four or five out of very ten to listen to you, you won't have to worry about the other five or six, because if they aren't interested enough to a least check out what you say, they won't be interested enough to take a stand against us either.
I agree with you that we all must make a conscious moral inventory of what we are, what we stand for, and what we will do to ensure that this country gets back on the right course to what our Founding Fathers envisioned.
The best chance we have is for State Sovereignty.
We all need to call, write, and voice our need to do this via the state legislature. It is our only hope!
Stop supporting the federal government with tax money. This would work if everyone could get on board however were too scared, were to fat and lazy, drugged, sitting on our back side watching American idle, sports, soaps, porn, nascar or what ever media that distracts and brainwashes us.
As long as we can sit back and be entertained by some dribble that media puts out smoke our joints and drink our beer as long as they leave me alone everything is fine is the attitude that too many people have.
No; not until people get too uncomfortable will they do anything and for most what can they do but die because they are unprepared and unable to fight, so die they will.
I mean look around at the people, there all fat, lazy and waiting for a hand out. And when you try to tell them whats going on and what needs to be done they think your crazy and call you a radical like they have been brainwashed to do.
Some may even report you as a radical in hopes of gaining points.
Read your Bible, seek God, ask Him to show you! He will, as we are in the end times and things are not going to get better by man's hand, unless man turns back to God and brings him back into the picture and we all know this is not going to happen, they have forsaken God and things are not going to get better until Jesus comes for his bride on the last day, the Day of The Lord, at the end of what is called the tribulation, "for this time will be cut short or no flesh would survive".
So don't go looking to be raptured anytime soon. GET PREPARED!!!
As for me, I'm gona sit back and laugh my ass off. Burn it all I don't care!

It was not my intent here to offend anyone and I hope I haven't and If so, I'm truly sorry.
God bless you all,
I loathe Barry "O" and his minions and will die before I allow America to be destroyed!
this is the way most American's live. led by the gov.Brain dead. to lazy to think for them self
Here's how you break the back of the Federal government's grasps for power. It's very simple, and I'll explain myself at the end.

* First, support efforts to get your State to declare its sovereignty guaranteed by the US Constitution.

* Second, support efforts by your State to exercise its rights to govern its own commerce and to refuse to participate in Federal rules, laws, and regulations that limit the State's sovereignty and ability of its citizens to have "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness"

* Third support your States enforcement of ALL rights gauranteed not only by the US Constitution, but also your State's Constitution.

* Encourage your local and State Legislatures to excercise their rights as the fourth "checks and balances" of the Federal Government.

Texas and Montana have already flexed their sovereignty muscles and have created laws stating that guns manufactured within their State and that remain in their State do not fall under any Federal law or regulation, as guaranteed by the US Constitution. Only Congress can regular INTERSTATE commerce and even then is only supposed to encourage it, not limit it.

Now the explanation, and it's VERY VERY important to understand. All of the authority the Federal government has exercised since the Wilson Administration, all balances on one very very poor Supreme Court decision about a farmer and his own private garden. To understand how weak the decision was, even liberal law experts say it was the worst decision ever made by the Supreme Court and was obviously designed to serve a politically pressured agenda (FDR threatened to "grow" the Supreme Court until he had enough judges that would vote his way anyway).

With these new laws, the Federal Government, if it wants to keep it's power MUST bring to court these new States laws. This will force the Supreme Court to re-examine this old decision, and anyone with half a brain knows it will be reversed. The Court, in order to not reverse the ruling, would essentially have to do the Clinton equivalent of redefining "is". This will be a case the whole country would be watching, and certainly State Governments with their fingers on the "secede button".

Not if, but when this poor excuse for a ruling is overturned, everything the Federal Government has enacted against the States and commerce since the Wilson Administration (FDR, Carter, etc.) will be immediately null and void and declared Unconstitutional. This includes bailouts, seizing banks, seizing corporations, everything. This is the most brilliant tactic to fight the progressives ever devised. It is essentially fighting using their own weapons and calling their bluff. For them it's a no-win situation.

For example, here are some things that would suddenly have problems remaining:

* The EPA's authority over local commerce and land. It would disappear. Only products shipped between states (or made from materials outside the State) would be under the EPA.

* Energy! Any resources inside State boundaries, if not shipped outside the State cannot be regulated by the Federal Government. This means Alaska could drill at Anwar. The Federal government could NOT say no, they could only tax it.

* Guns, no more regulations on locally made firearms. As long as the firearm remained in the State the Feds can't touch it.

* Federal social programs ... most would have to go. That's a State issue.

There's so much more. This can literally reset our nation back to where it was before the Wilson Administration. No more Federal Union protection. No more Federal minimum wage etc.

This is the so-called "Nuclear Option" the Tea Party movement has been looking for, and there is nothing the Feds can do to stop it. Support your State politicians that support State sovereignty and State Laws that limit federal laws. The Liberals will fight tooth and nail to make it look bad and will outright lie about its legality.

I know it's hard, but doggon it, those folks in your State legislatures have a magnificent weapon to fight Obama's road to fascist socialism. As long as the Constitution has teeth, this will work. There's no way the Feds can avoid this, the the Supreme Court is perfect right now for this.

More states need to "grow a pair" and do this. Get them to do it!

Think of this: I used to live in California. Basically LA and San Francisco out-vote the rest of the entire state. Seriously, the rest of the State is very Conservative and hard working. There are hundreds of thousands of farmers and pickers in central California out of a job because some hippie environmental group SAID there was this tiny minnow that MIGHT get hurt if it went through the aquaduct pumps that send water to this part of the State. What did the Feds do? They ordered the Pumps be turned off after 40 years of operation. All for some stupid fish! Keep in mind much of the USA's veggies and produce come from California. Just wait for your grocery prices to skyrocket over a tiny fish a couple people claimed is endangered and claimed it was there. If you think California was in trouble before, they are losing their largest industry, farming. All for a tiny tiny fish.

This wouldn't be an issue anymore if the Feds were once again limited in authority as the Constitution intended. Believe me, not even the hippies in charge in California would be able to keep the water off then.



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