Everyday we are constantly bombarded with new information about what the Obama administration and those pulling his strings are doing to destroy our country. Everyday we are horrified and disgusted by the arrogance of those who gleefully and willingly participate in the destruction of our country.

We get mad, we post these articles and alerts which keep us up to date on all the new traitorous actions of the fascist/socialist who's desire is to destroy/remove our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and Sovereignty. They speak misinformation about our founding document...our foundation...to make them appear to be without value, effect, consequence, or significance and void. We now know that our government is not listening to us, nor do they intend to.

We do have some (very few) honorable men and women holding some government position who are there to serve and not be served, who are standing firm for our Constitution and Republic. They are like lone rangers because as they have stood up to fight for our country, many of us are sitting in front of our computers talking about all that is going on, but what else are we doing to help them, or to help ourselves and to fight for our children's futures? I have to add there are many people standing up and fighting for our country to, BUT they need our help.

I was watching my young niece tonight who was reading her bible preparing for her Sunday School Class tomorrow. My joy in seeing her studying her bible was overtaken with fear of what would happen to her in her adult years if she were found reading her bible. Then my mind wondered into imagining her in a burka. I imagined her being beaten by the likes of the taliban for her ankles showing, for her being beaten because it's a man's duty to beat women into submission. Of course then I thought of her children she would have and what would they endure.

I also imagined if Islam didn't dominate our country and Communism did. My niece still would not be better off. What would happen to her if she was found studying her bible or teaching her children the precepts of God. What would happen to her children? She would not have the freedom of conscious, of exercising her conscious, she and her family would not have the liberty that many have bought and paid for with their blood. Her children will be forced to attend communist or islamic government schools of indoctrination. Her sons only if it's islamic government. Her daughters will be thought to be lower than chattel. I can't live with those thoughts.

So, what can we do?
What are we willing to do to make sure this does not happen to our country, our children,
grandchildren and their children?
What are we willing to sacrifice?
Are we willing to be arrested like Allan Keyes and jailed in our fight?
Are we still consumed with our worldly comforts to get out and fight?
Are we beaten down by our government to where we cower and do nothing?

When I use the word fight, I don't mean for us to physically fight unless we are forced into a corner and that is our only last hope. I mean putting boots on the ground....putting actions to our words.

We are now constantly reacting to this government. We need to switch that...we need to get on the offensive.

I'm asking everyone here to brainstorm and offer hope and suggestions on how we need to change our tactics to achieve what we want to achieve. Please list your suggestions, even if you think they are goofy or insignificant ...still list them, they may not be and/or we could use parts of them as a start or part.

What I don't want to see or read is America is doomed and there is no hope. Please help as we are all in this together...standing side by side, shoulder to shoulder.


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Locally here they are conducting Constitutional studies at minimal cost. I suggest we either find a qualified person in our community, (perhaps retired) call local papers, friends, relatives send e-mails and ask them to take this course....
I was a member of Conservative Panel for our local paper. I think the intent was for liberal to severely bash me and shut me down after I wrote each column....however,
The first meeting, I handed the liberal director a pocket constitution...that was 18 months ago.
Last Sunday, he wrote a column saying it's is the finest document ever written as he had FORGOTTEN most everything he learned in school and he was amazed---it had opened his eyes..
There are good men running in the primary next week, all over the country. They are desperate to secure this country and need our help. Find them, even if the next county. They will be over worked and under funded. Work for them and fund them. We need them more than they need the job. We must hire the right people this time around, and pray that we are not already too late.

Especially candidates for judge.

Ask if they are strict constructionists, and will adhere to the constitution as the founders intended, OR if they believe the Constitution is a living document, changing over time. The answers should be a simple yes to the first and NO to the second.

Tom Altman
I would like to see ACORN controlled BEFORE the next election. One way would be to make voters require a photo I.D. Photo I.D.'s could be made available free of charge for anyone without a driver'd license. Better yet, how about making social security cards with photo I.D.'s. How do we get something like that started? With all the money Obama has poured into ACORN there will be voter fraud above and beyond what we saw last election. Let's face it - no matter what we do to change things ACORN can change them back!
The politicians are our enemy, do not forget that!
We are taking power back from them and they will fight with every means to keep us from doing so.

We The People must throw out our government via voting, not by force. We had a Civil War, after more than 100 years we still feel the pain from it. The idea of Americans fighting Americans is my worst nightmare. You can't fight yourself and still have a winner!

We The People, like Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz, have had the power of real change right in our hands but don't know it.
It is not that we are stupid people rather the answer is so simple we tend to over look it... Voting!

We can change our entire government in 4 years by voting the SOB's out. We can restore the power of Liberty in 4 years by voting the SOB's out. We will have our Freedom back in 4 years by voting the SOB's out!

The momentum is out their right now. We still have the Tea Partys popping up all over, Beck's 912 Project, and States exercizing their sovernty over the Fed. The time is ripe!

Look at the internet, every site you go to We The People are saying the same exact thing you are. Get rid of them! We The People are starving for freedom from the monster that we have created by our neglect. Now we must dismantle this monster. We have the power, we have the need and we now have the will to implement action.

In November we must vote out every incumbent, every last single one of them. Let government feel the power of the people for a change! Let the people take the power individually in their own hands and remove the cancer that eats at our Freedom and Liberty.

While voting think of it as flushing your toilet. Vote all the incumbent political crap out with your vote, down the sewer with them! FLUSH FOR FREEDOM! ... FLUSH FOR LIBERTY! It will work, all we have to do is vote.

I will be their to pull the voting lever or the trigger if needed. I pray to God we pull the voting lever and not need the trigger!

bill, a 48%er!
I agree. The problem is twofold, incumbants who are destroying our country, and apathy on the part of "The People". I for one was one of the apathetic public. I do plan on registering to vote. I plan on voting. I will join the tea party, if there is such a party. I hate to disagree with you but it will take about eight years to get rid of the incumbants. Only one third of the senate can be voted out in any single election. However, if we do use this next election to flush the senate and congress it would be a tremendous wake up call. In order to do this we have to get a lot of people who have never registered to register. We also need to get those who usually don't vote, to vote. I will have to see how many new people we can get to register. If we see a massive increase of voter registration we can assume that there will be a change. If we see the samo samo, we can assume that it will be business as usual. If we cannot get enough participation to make a real change then we have to work out another plan. Personally, I am not optomistic about the will of the American people. I don't think there is enough outrage to change anything. I don't want to rain on your parade but apathy has to turn into antipathy before true change can occur. Too many people are too stupid to make a difference. I will do my part, but I doubt that this will be a bloodless revolution. I am not threatening bloodshead, I am predicting it. I am predicting that there will be a lot of people that get so outraged that they will be willing to trade their lives for those in power. When this happens it will be too late.
Our Constitutions are our Law's to the Government. They are just paper and ink. they cannot enforce themselves!
The duty of every sovereign in this nation is, to enforce the Constitutions upon their government officers. They have taken the Oath of office to support, obey and defend them! We must make sure that they obey that oath, it is a Contract and they are Responsible, Accountable and Culpable if they Breach it!
They (Government Officers) are fearful when we ask them for their Oath. They know we are the ultimate power in which they are amendable. This works; I do it, nearly every day, and, I teach others the Constitutions and the original intent. When you possess knowledge on these Instruments you exercise the power of the people.
James Madison said, "Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and those who wish to be self governed, must, arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives."
It truly is power and we must vote only for those candidates who have knowledge as to what they are swearing to obey! How can they obey that, in which, they do not know?
Our duty to know and enforce our law upon our rulers is never ending! This is what we must always endeavor to do. If you lose your freedom; I lose mine, and, viceversa.
I will help anyone who wishes to learn our true system and will make myself available to you.

If you have a question, I offer my services to answer it. E-Mail me at hagan@ljai.info with your phone number and I will call you. Visit my website and read as well at www.ljai.info

Hagan Smith
What we do will effect your children, and grandkids, and all succeeding generations. We fight now; draw the line in the sand and say; NO FARTHER. Come to think of it maybe we oughta make that- BACK UP about 100 paces. Shake off a lot of the silent shackles that they've already slapped on us. I may have a very hard decision to make in the near future, I'll let people know in advance. My opinion is that I'm damned sick and tired of being a bond servant so the elites in D.C. can continue to live in the style to which they have become accustomed. We haven't defeated Communism yet ( lets not forget our "friends" the Chinese), and then there is the looming Black Cloud of Islam, which has to be eradicated. May God, if he does exist, Bless America, awaken the dormant spirit that made this the truly unique experiment in Freedom that it is. A man I admired tremendously said that " we are never more than one generation away from slavery", we must nurture freedom and teach each succeeding generation to be vigilant and protect it or we will lose it. We CAN'T let it slip away and become nothing but a memory!
One of the brainstorming ideas that has been put into motion is the Media blitz starting on Monday. I plan on participating as should everyone else. We're not doomed if we demand answers. We have to try to hold the media accountable, and if everyone would bombard the people and networks listed below, we could have an effect:

We need your help! LET'S SPREAD THE WORD, FOLKS! We will be calling these hosts (and emailing) during the week of May 11!

COME JOIN US the week of MAY 11 for a MEDIA BLITZ to Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck! (You can add Greta Van Susteren and Lou Dobbs if you would like as she continues to deny any of the truth about Obama's eligibility.)

Is Obama a natural-born citizen and therefore qualified to be President of the United States ?
Some say, "NO! He pays lawyers to hide his citizenship status" (no one really disputes this part of the debate). Some say, "He has been vetted by Fox News!" (Fox has never seen the paperwork, though). Others say - "who knows? - but what's the point because he cannot be removed?"
The real problem is that conservative talk radio has dropped the ball on a great story that would drive ratings like mad. Why? Is it that their profits surge when conservatives are unhappy (true)? Are they afraid of being mocked? Do they really think that the leader of the free world is paying lawyers to "defend" him from producing his long form birth certificate because that’s something someone does for a hobby?
We'll never know unless public awareness is raised on this issue. So now it's time to take back Conservative Talk radio.


The Schedule:

Monday, May 11: Contact Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity
Tuesday, May 12: Contact Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity
Wednesday, May 13: Contact Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh
Thursday, May 14: Contact Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity
Friday, May 15: Contact Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh

You may already know about this, but if not you should! Hundreds-to-thousands(not hundreds-OF-thousands unless this takes off like mad - make no mistake) appear to already have committed themselves to calling SEAN HANNITY, BILL O'REILLY, RUSH LIMBAUGH and GLENN BECK, demanding to know what evidence they have that allows them to dismiss this very salient issue.
MONDAY, MAY 11, 2009. THIS TIME WHEN YOU CALL ON THIS ISSUE, YOU WON’T BE ALONE. No, you may not get through. If you do they'll likely cut you off. But if we all call together on the same day, we'll gum up the works. No facility can run with operational sanity when they're trying to fend off hundreds of calls, all about a subject that the core audience wants vetted but THEY don’t want to touch. At that point, we force them to deal with the issue. That's the target.
If you are worried about exposing yourself to hostility personally, call *67 in front of the number to block them.

***IMPORTANT*** Do NOT mention the eligibility issue as the reason for your call when you get through to the screener! You will NOT be allowed to speak about this issue IF you show your hand! While we don't like to mislead, our chance to speak with the host will evaporate into thin air at the mention of this "forbidden" topic.

Here's the info for HANNITY, O'REILLY, RUSH and BECK. (Van Susteren, FOX and Lou Dobbs, CNN



or e-mail through the website contact form
Here is the message board at Hannity’s facebook page, where you can make this issue clear for all to see:
RADIO CALL-IN: 1-800-941-7326

Call Bill O'Reilly, The O'Reilly Factor & Fox News Channel
If you would like to call Bill O'Reilly, the producers of The O'Reilly Factor, The Radio Factor or the Fox News Channel, the number is 1-888-369-4762.
(This invitation to call comes from his website, so don’t be shy - they asked for it. Remember, you can always preface the call with *67 if you feel nervous. THE TIME TO DO IT IS NOW!)



Be respectful - BUT BE FIRM. If Obama is qualified, fine. BUT WE'LL NEVER
MONDAY MAY 11, 2009. JOIN US THEN! Thank you!
Hi Twana, Organizing to refuse to pay our taxes would be great; however those whose taxes are taken directly from their checks could not participate. Refusing to purchase gas for one week, is something more people could participate in. What we really need is along the lines of a million + march on Washington, no permit just overtake the streets!
We need to focus on each of our states, counties, and municipalities and not so much in DC. This is working in SC. In 2008 we defeated several incumbent senators (including the senate whip) and house members in their primaries. In primaries you have low voter turnout, Some incumbents win with just 500 votes. So look at the last primary, who was challenged and by how much did they win. Orgnize people to turn out and contact any challenger (make sure that they are constitutionalists) who almost defeated the incumbents. Put your effort behind this person and defeat incumbents.

One must remember that this treason that we are experiencing took a long time to make it happen. Our enemies are patient and we conservative/libertarians need to take what we can and never give up!
My Friend,

I was sitting in church this morning watching the children sing a special song for Mother's Day and thinking the very same thing, and of my grandchildren as well. Call 'em communists or Islamic jihadists, totalitarianism is always just that, a unjust, un-Godly system of total control over ones lives! We must do all we can to educate as many people as we can, we need the strength, then if we cannot be listened to we will seriously have to look at other means to STOP the progression of what is happening. I will, age not withstanding, be jailed as my friend Alan Keyes or reassemble the civilian militia, of which I am vaguely familiar (LOL) as the defensive unit it is for further situations.



I think this is a vital subject, not only to explore viable options and solutions, but to maintain people's level of commitment and motivation.
I would suggest people join http://912candidates.org/. Then send out the 912 commitment pledges to all your current legislators, both state and federal. If they refuse to sign, you will immediately know they don't share the core vales and principles of us "Constitutionalists". Inform them you will make a pledge to them, to work as hard as you can to see they are not reelected. The prospect of hundreds, maybe thousands of people actively working to make sure they don't win reelection will be very powerful. Let them know that will be you very first priority, even before campaigning for a more qualified candidate. Others will do that anyway.
This may be thinking a little bit outside the box, but I think it could be rather effective. We The People want candidates that share our Values and Principles and will faithfully represent us in state capitols and Washington.



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