One of the most discussed and ignored question I’ve read on the groups I’ve joined is what is next? Should we form a third party? Some say join the minority party AKA the GOP along with a few other suggestions. I’ve been thinking about it and here are my 2 cents or is it only worth 1 cent now (inflation is a b*$ch).

First form a third party.

The Benefits: we could start from scratch with a foundation that is sound and free of progressive/moderates that now poison the traditional party of conservatism the GOP and the negative reputation that party has developed with the body politic that makes up both the voting minority in this country and the ignorant majority.

The Detriments: what modern (1945-2009) third party has yet been successful? Lack of name recognition, lack of respect from any of the major media formats (Print, Big Three TV networks, Cable Networks and to a great extent the Internet and Radio). This lack of respect and name recognition makes raising money to pay for even local campaigns difficult. No one takes a third party seriously.

Suggestions to overcome Detriments: Organize and start small and focus on one town/city/county or in RI case the whole state. Put all our effort into these local elections and ignore the national races (Senate, House of Representatives, President ect.) and the state wide executive positions (Governor, Treasurer, AG ect.). Gain power in these locations and establish a reputation. I think the biggest problem the Libertarians have is they are to disorganized and trying to do to much with to little. Pick and win our fights.

Second join the GOP.

The Benefits: Well established name recognition and historical track record of conservatism and historical figures to emulate (Lincoln, Reagan). Access to campaign donor lists ($$$$$$).

The Detriments: Well established name recognition and historical track record of backsliding on conservative principles just to be “liked” by the media and pander to the uniformed electorate. Media bias and successful progressive campaigns to label party as sudo-facist. Just as many of us dislike the GOP as we do the Democratic Party.

Suggestions to overcome Detriments: Take over the GOP using the same suggestions for overcoming the detriments to forming a third party. Take over the town parties first and the state and national will fallow. Start small and take control of the GOP by moving out Progressive and failed old guard career politicians.

Third form a Political Action Comity (PAC) or a standard 527 Group. Some of the groups have already decided to make this transition. Mike of Gods Angels of Freedom also recommended this at least once at the 13 May meeting in Charles Town.

The Benefits: Allows individuals to select specific issues to support based on the groups they choose to join. Each group selects an individual issue or group of similar issues to champion. This would prevent infighting and be an example of voting with our money and memberships in specific groups.

The Detriments: Lack of focus and unity of force. The potential arises that we become disunited and brake into factions. History has shone that movements that are disunited and splintered fail for lack of momentum.

Suggestions to Overcome Detriments: Organized one overall PAC or 527 to act as a unifying umbrella organizations we can all fall under. Then as Mike of Gods Angels of Freedom suggested organize one group for each issue that matters to our movement. The web site for the umbrella organization would have the links to each sub issue group. In this way we would all chose to join the sub groups we wish too.

I would further suggest that the umbrella group set up a mechanism by using the sub groups as the issue experts to rate each candidate in each race base on that candidate’s support of opposition to our movement. Each sub issue group would also be responsible to educating the remainder of the movement on their particular issue. In this way no single person or group would have the reasonability to research every issue. This specialization will improve the quality of information. Then the top five educational pieces from each sub group would be published on the umbrella site. Meetings and protest would be coordinated and scheduled by the umbrella site.

I don’t have all the answers just suggestions. What does every one else think and please publish your thoughts and send them to me and your organizations leaders.

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Hello All, Some good ideas coming forth. I agree third parties have had a minimal impact. There are MANY sub groups which should be brought under one umbrella. The 9-12 project has a huge membership, for one. So, I guess I would lean towards staying with repubs, and purging the GOP of centrist candidates. As said by others, different sub groups can focus on different issues. I also think that it is key that each state declare sovereignty under the 10th amendment. There are a few, and I mean a few GOP people that can stay, but most need to go. To follow along with James, perhaps we need to form state militias??
I've read the many replies to this thread and conclude that proposed solutions are far too diverse to cause us to agree on just one. The disunity among the members of this "house divided" will result in our own destruction.

Talk of forming some political group posits that we have the time to give to such an effort. Fact: we have very little time and certainly not enough to waste in playing the political game.

To form some kind of viable response to the growing tyranny, one must first determine what is the the threat and then determine how "near and present" the threat is. If one can quantify and qualify the danger, one can accurately respond
to the manner of defense.

I would suggest therefore that everyone first read Tom Paine's "Common Sense" and "The American Crisis" Paine deals with how a government uses the fear THROUGH its own power to take away power from those who would stand against a tyrant.

Simply put, the formation of political groups is not able to stop a tyrant. It never has! In his marvelous work "The Life of Patrick Henry" by William Wirt (available at, Wirt writes about a heated debate between a moderate named Pendleton over the need for an armed citizenry:
"Mr. Pendleton had repelled the idea of danger from the adoption of the constitution, on the ground of the facility with which the people could recall their delegated powers, and change their servants.--'We will assemble in convention," said Mr. Pendleton, 'wholly recall our delegated powers, or reform them so as to prevent such abuse, and punish our servants.' In reply to this, Mr. Henry said:--'The honourable gentleman who presides told us, that, to prevent abuses in our government, we will assemble in convention, recall our delegated powers, and punish our servants for abusing the trust reposed in them. Oh, sir, we should have fine times, indeed, if to punish tyrants, it were only necessary to assemble the people! Your arms, wherewith you could defend yourselves, are gone! and you have no longer an aristocratical, no longer a democratical spirit. Did you ever read of any revolution in any nation, brought about by the punishment of those in power, inflicted by those who had no power at all?. . . '" Patrick Henry goes on to ask how a standing army can be made to cease its abuses. "Will you order them to stop,?" Mr. Henry asks... Will they listen?

You see, all this talk of forming political parties or working within the framework of politics takes more time than we have, and would NOT, even if successful, be able to stop the abuses of the Washington regime. Ross Perot once called me, asking for support from the militia. I asked him about an alliance of all third parties whereby the leaders of the parties could form a coalition government where each leader of the numerous third parties would serve in the cabinet and the leaders would elect among themselves the candidates for Prez and VP. Well, Mr. Perot didn't want to hear that. To him, his winning was more important than taking down the Republican and Democrat parties.

This, I fear, would be the eventual condition of any party formed by the patriots. We have no unity of purpose!

Our present focus should be on the danger that is everywhere tangible NOW.

To Arms! To Arms! Prepare to put upon the plain such a determined force that the tyrant will be forced to retreat.
OUR REVOLUTION SHOULD NO BE TO REMAKE OUR GOVERNMENT, BUT TO PRESS IT BACK INTO ITS RESTRAINTS! Any other purpose will be calamitous! Reform the militia! Stand defiantly, openly, and proudly WITH ARMS, as did those colonialists at Lexington/Concord. Resign yourself to the idea that you MAY NOT survive the battle, but MOST ASSUREDLY, you WILL NOT survive being marched into a pit.

Norm Olson, co-founder
Michigan Militia
Even our founding fathers fallowed two paths in their resistance to British tyranny. The first was political and public disobedience. The second was to prepare for a fight. The British choose on Lexington green which path they preferred. I am not naive to believe it will never come to open war. I just believe we owe it to our founders to seek a political solution before a military one. They wrote the Constitution so we would not have to fight as they did. I believe in working with in the system they have established including keeping and baring arms. I am ready should we fail and have and will continue to protect the Constitution against all enemies. May we never meet as fellow patriots on the field of battle but in we do my rifle will be there to support you and all our fellow patriots.
I like the idea of the Constitutional Party, but it is very small and unlikely to have any more success with us in it than it's had so far. We would do best, I think, inside the Republican Party, but it's so like the Democratic Party that I withdrew and am now registered as an Independent. That at least gives me (in Maryland) access to all the candidates in the Primaries.

I like Patreaus, but we do need to find out for sure that he's the man we want. An interview, a review of what we can find out about him. I understand he would like to be president, and I think he may be our man. I would never count Palen out as vice president, but she has to prove herself after the way the press treated her. Too many people believe them instead of the evidence of our eyes. She's good, I believe, and may be just the one to step into the next president's shoes. But I think 2012 is a bit too soon for her to succeed. Patreaus -- maybe we could pull it off with him if he's a true conservative. I personally am not well aware of his standing.

Third parties should have a chance in the U.S., but they don't. We're not a Democracy; if we were all would be represented in Congress and we'd have a much better idea of where they all stand. The way our government is now, that could be an improvement, but it isn't what or where we are.
We must support the Republican party. Now is not the time to fracture their party. Let's bring in the Constitution party and the Libertarians. Their numbers are small , but we will need any bodies we can get.

If you are in a solidly Republican district, Pick a republican in another district or state to support financially.

2010 is our only shot to stop this electorally.
Start small, think big, there are some things we can do to bring this run away train to a screaching halt,without violance petty laws that WE can get passed that blocks their ability to do us in ,these we can do Now. I agree our political system is in shamble and will take time to sort out,time ,as I have said is a luxury we do not have,we must move at a speed they can not keep up with,we have dragged our feet too long.

I keep forgetting to bring this up,but I think it needs some thought,last year when gasoline got up to $5.00 a gallon,I was in the process of starting a petition to pass a law makeing gasoline $1.50 a gallon,a friend of mine had taken it to a lawyer in,the lawyer said it could be done,we got so busy and was unable to pursue it,I know alot of people will say it can't be done, but it can.Any time they can pass a law to ban something because of a point of veiw,I say we can,we both know the gas and oil situation in the U.S.A.,we got it, but these idiots in Washington think they can squeeze the American public for everything we got by importing from the communist,back in the 1960's,I worked in the oil fields from Farmington N.M. down to Odessa Texas we capped off more than a thousand oil well's,I happened to hear one of the big boss's say "we capped off enough wells to supply the United Sates for over one hundred thousand years",this statement has haunted me every time the price of gasoline goes up..I beleave the foreign market would back off if this law was passed across America.We the People can survive at a $1.50per gallon and this would also be a way to fight fire with fire.Let me know what you think, okay?,I know you are probably thinking ,what about free interprize or competition,what is going on right now has nothing to do with free interprize it is about killing the American public one way or another.
How would you conduct your bloodless coup. In the steet or in the voting booth. either way we need to organize. What do you feel out of my three option or a fourht I haven't thought of is the best way to do this.
We don't have the time to start a third party. This a constitutional emergency. I agree we need to just take over one of the parties enmass and run our own candidates. When the "old Cronies' want our support, we refuse. There are enough of us to do this. The Declaration of Independence gives the right to overthrow our government if it is not representing us the
way elected them to do. We also need to push for term limits. Reading the "5000 Year Leap" has opened my eyes.
Our 'founding Fathers would roll over in their graves if they could see America now. I also agree Dr. Alan Keys would
be a good candidate. He is jail right now for standing up for his beliefs against abortion. How many of us would do that?
Sarah Palin is not a Washington insider. We need to support her. Just my thoughts.
Have to be careful about a third party Too though.... The last one we had, the democrats brought into the Congress, was the KKK and they really used them in that time to Oppress/Suppress all Minorities.

I say repeal every law dating back to 1956. Return our constitutions Just powers back to what they were for "For the People Not The Government'. Get rid of every Specialty law Race cards, Gay cards, enviromental cards. It was Equal Protection under the law not Special treatment for Special people.

And Just to say I think a third party would just ensure the Libturd left of keeping The presidential seat indefinitely due to the fact that a third party would mostly water down the GOP and both the GOP and the new third party will never get the votes.

I'm with you twana on Cleaning up the Republican house. I'm tired of watching these Freaks play Footsies and tap-Dance.
There are so many groups that need to get connected together. Duplicating efforts waste time, energy, loses political power, discourages members, duplicate leadership and cost, etc. Power is in numbers that can divide into specific sub groups for specific tasks to achieve results. I am concerned that the Tea Party day may have been a one time success due to all the groups trying to achieve something on their own. WE the PEOPLE need to concentrate on getting leading figures like Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and others to help pull all the big name groups such as AFA, American Center for Law & Justice, American Congress for Truth, American Solutions, Freedom Works, GOP, Judicial Watch, etc. That is just an nth example of all the hundreds of groups that are doing things on their own. Again STRENGTH is in numbers. Is there a group that is calling for a meeting of the minds for a national umbrella (pyramid type) organization???? I am also concerned that some groups ask for money and wonder is that their main goal - money??? When I try to contact some groups through writing or emails I do not get an answer and some groups do not have a way to contact them other then letting you make a comment which tells me nothing. Let me make it clear I am NOT talking about any group on the Resist net work but Resist itself does seek funds. How many sub groups are in the Resist network??? I find it difficult to determine which ones are achieving results other than getting members and passing on information. I also find it difficult to make a connection to someone who sends a link that does not work or if I go to the link there is no message by the person who sent the link. I know I am not computer illiterate as I had a career in computers from almost the first born computer and am still current regarding computers. I have tried to start a forum on the topic of an umbrella group but when I click on the forum tab I do not get a text box. Think of all the money that is spent on printing stickers, signs, T-shirts, hats, etc wouldn't be better spent to concentrate efforts on getting organized for the 2010 elections???? I do NOT want to belong to a lot of individual groups that are basically doing the same thing.

The preceding is a post that I wrote on April 29th. It sounds as though we think alike. Unity is a necessity to win. To try third party on the national or state level at this time would not be wise. Working from the grassroots up and take over the GOP is the wisest. That is how all the extreme groups do it. The first thing is to determine a platform based on the Constitution then determine the duties of each group and which candidates should be supported and need the most help. Information about the traitors that are now in office must be disseminated in the public arena. One of the those important functions of our group would be to make sure all voters are US citizens and are only voting once. Also the graveyard votes need to be watched. obozo win via fraud, illegal voters, intimidation, greed, ignorance and foreign money. Remember he only won 52 - 48. There was no mandate. There is just a little over a year to get a very effective organization working.
My only position is to form a new and true Constitutional party. We can recruit the very few gop members that we feel are worthy. The gop has lost it's collective soul and keeps selling out to the highest bidder. They have had enough chances to stap on a set of balls and as a party refuse to do so.......I will NEVER go back to them........
This Marine fully concurs that we need to kick all the incumbents out and replace them with We The People who still believe in the basics of what our Founders fought, died and gave up to give to us. Now we are at that crossroads where we have to answer the question "but can you keep it". Well from my perspective, we not only can, we will. All of you have good ideas and all of us are on the same page with respect to results. But we are definitely not on the same page with who, when, where, what and especially how. The Why we all know. Frankly, Fellow patriots, too many times we have tried to form third parties. Having also served in the local political arena by running for Precinct Committeeman in my home town and getting elected since there were no opposition candidates both I and my wife became a part of the Party. However, we made little if any progress in swaying those in local power. Those folks it must be remembered invented the smoke filled back rooms and wresting them away will be really difficult. They have ways of ignoring and indeed even discrediting anyone that gets in their way. It can be done of course but it will not be easy. The best way of course is to go in there and become candidate or find someone willing to sacrifice the time to file for a position we can support as well as the person and we can begin to make headway. In the meantime get out there and vote. And learn to take a page from the Democrats who have adopted some pretty downright meanspirited ways of not only hating the Republicans but of making the rest of America hate Republicans including some of the Republicans themselves. Yes, I too left the party but not entirely. I do know that my vote counts too because in my current State of Virginia many years ago a family friend ran for a county commissioner position and lost by two votes. He lost because he stopped by our house and tried to convince us that we had to raise taxes in the Richest county in the State and almost the richest in the entire country. We know he lost because we both voted him out of office. Had we not voted, There would have been a runoff vote.

Where do were go from here? Good question I have had my pennies worth and this is it.



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