One of the most discussed and ignored question I’ve read on the groups I’ve joined is what is next? Should we form a third party? Some say join the minority party AKA the GOP along with a few other suggestions. I’ve been thinking about it and here are my 2 cents or is it only worth 1 cent now (inflation is a b*$ch).

First form a third party.

The Benefits: we could start from scratch with a foundation that is sound and free of progressive/moderates that now poison the traditional party of conservatism the GOP and the negative reputation that party has developed with the body politic that makes up both the voting minority in this country and the ignorant majority.

The Detriments: what modern (1945-2009) third party has yet been successful? Lack of name recognition, lack of respect from any of the major media formats (Print, Big Three TV networks, Cable Networks and to a great extent the Internet and Radio). This lack of respect and name recognition makes raising money to pay for even local campaigns difficult. No one takes a third party seriously.

Suggestions to overcome Detriments: Organize and start small and focus on one town/city/county or in RI case the whole state. Put all our effort into these local elections and ignore the national races (Senate, House of Representatives, President ect.) and the state wide executive positions (Governor, Treasurer, AG ect.). Gain power in these locations and establish a reputation. I think the biggest problem the Libertarians have is they are to disorganized and trying to do to much with to little. Pick and win our fights.

Second join the GOP.

The Benefits: Well established name recognition and historical track record of conservatism and historical figures to emulate (Lincoln, Reagan). Access to campaign donor lists ($$$$$$).

The Detriments: Well established name recognition and historical track record of backsliding on conservative principles just to be “liked” by the media and pander to the uniformed electorate. Media bias and successful progressive campaigns to label party as sudo-facist. Just as many of us dislike the GOP as we do the Democratic Party.

Suggestions to overcome Detriments: Take over the GOP using the same suggestions for overcoming the detriments to forming a third party. Take over the town parties first and the state and national will fallow. Start small and take control of the GOP by moving out Progressive and failed old guard career politicians.

Third form a Political Action Comity (PAC) or a standard 527 Group. Some of the groups have already decided to make this transition. Mike of Gods Angels of Freedom also recommended this at least once at the 13 May meeting in Charles Town.

The Benefits: Allows individuals to select specific issues to support based on the groups they choose to join. Each group selects an individual issue or group of similar issues to champion. This would prevent infighting and be an example of voting with our money and memberships in specific groups.

The Detriments: Lack of focus and unity of force. The potential arises that we become disunited and brake into factions. History has shone that movements that are disunited and splintered fail for lack of momentum.

Suggestions to Overcome Detriments: Organized one overall PAC or 527 to act as a unifying umbrella organizations we can all fall under. Then as Mike of Gods Angels of Freedom suggested organize one group for each issue that matters to our movement. The web site for the umbrella organization would have the links to each sub issue group. In this way we would all chose to join the sub groups we wish too.

I would further suggest that the umbrella group set up a mechanism by using the sub groups as the issue experts to rate each candidate in each race base on that candidate’s support of opposition to our movement. Each sub issue group would also be responsible to educating the remainder of the movement on their particular issue. In this way no single person or group would have the reasonability to research every issue. This specialization will improve the quality of information. Then the top five educational pieces from each sub group would be published on the umbrella site. Meetings and protest would be coordinated and scheduled by the umbrella site.

I don’t have all the answers just suggestions. What does every one else think and please publish your thoughts and send them to me and your organizations leaders.

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Following are approx. vote counts for 2008 Presidential Election:
Jack, Baldwin was Constitution Party - 200,000 votes
Barr - Libertarian - 525,000 votes
McKinney - Green Party - 160,000 votes
Nader - Independent - 740,000
Obama 69,500,00
McCain 59,950,000

DO THE MATH - we have a little over a year to build momentum - even Nader beat Barr!
Jim; Is this about numbers or principles? Based upon that logic, we should throw our support behind Obama. Voting only for the "winner" and disregarding principle in the process makes us all losers. The ONLY thing keeping the Libertarian Party from winning more elections is fools who have been suckered into the "don't waste your vote" or "If you vote for a 'spoiler' you will hurt the Republican ticket" scams. I have talked to a lot of people. when they are asked to identify the principles they think should exist in government, most of them turn out to be libertarians. Yet when it comes time to put their vote where their principles are, they whimp out for the lesser of two evils. If numbers are what you want, how about John Monds, (GA -L), who won the Georgia Public Service Commissioner race in 2008 with -- count 'em: 1,071,000 votes. When people vote their conscience, the Libertarian ticket does just fine.

Finally, supporting either of the major parties (or more accurately -- THE major Party, singular) is a great way to surrender the grassroots momentum to a morally bankrupt sytem that cannot be fixed. "You cannot put a new wine in an old skin."

I am flabbergasted at the resistence to supporting the only established party that simply wants us to be free. Maybe someone can give me a rational reason for this lunacy, because frankly, I don't get it. Am I addressing people who really want to maximize our chances for genuine reform or is this forum just a cyber version of bitching at the TV from the safe confines of the sofa?
I know we have to be practical. I am just afraid that if I count on another of the liar from the Republicrats they will just pull the same thing again -- another incremental slip into oblivion. I'm mad as hell, and frankly so fed up with the electorate that I think, why not just move somewhere and let the slobs have the shithole they have bought themselves.

But instead, I am running for office in 2010 as a Georgia Libertarian. I figure if there are too few Libertarian Candidates, I would do my part to fill the void.

Wish me luck
The problem with this whole "third party" plan, as so many have already said, is that we are out of time for that. That's the sort of thing you do when the enemy hasn't already broken down the gates and you have plenty of time to build something.

2010 may well be our last real shot at unseating some of these complete socialists, and we don't really have the luxury of running some third-party experiment at this time. You will just get more of the same, and this might be our last shot before total tyranny.

Put me down as another in favor of re-taking the Republican party and throwing out everyone, replacing them with more-Conservative options brought up from the grass roots.

The problem, of course, is that most people say of their incumbents, "Yeah, but MY guy is good!" Well, we can't trust everyone to be right about that, can we? Some people think LIBS are good! We don't take THEIR opinion as gold do we???

Total replacement is the only option, and it will be hard work to get the word out about the new names, but it sure is a lot better than coming up with another party that will be labeled as crackpots by the press and the libs and give the election to the Dems again, just like Perot did for us.

The Dems have their third party, too, you know. There are plenty of goobers who will vote for the likes of Nader and that has played into our hands before. Sadly, we only had weak moderates to put forward then, and now we are reaping the sad benefits of those flawed decisions.

All you supporting yet another third party push, I give you Barack Obama for four more years, and possibly a goodbye to America. Again, I have always said that I am glad I'm in Texas and that I trust the people here to do the right thing when the time comes. Can you say the same thing of your state? Or will you be trapped in a tyranny?

Another reminder...
Many of my good friends who supported Ron Paul just could not bring themselves to vote for McCain and stayed home!(Frankly, I had to hold my nose to vote for him, but I knew Obama was going to be the most vulgar, most horrendous insult to The Founders that one could imagine!)

So, I beg all of you 3rd party folks, and even those from within The Republican Party who are proudly conservative, to close ranks and swallow their pride if we are to rid ourselves of this Marxist!

We'll sort out the mess later after The Charlatan is GONE!

If you were to form a third party it would need Newt Gingrich, Bob Barr, Oliver North , and a host of others to become viable quickly. I have been a member since Col. Riley first began this, and have remained silent to see what direction this would take. There are only 2 possibilities if we choose to remain free Americans, either we secede from the Union with a large group of States, and let the lefties have their society and fund it theirselves, or we have another American Revolution. The 1st option will inevitably lead to the second when they figure out we are the ones pulling the cart, and paying the bills for their frivolity. The League of the South has been pursuing the 1st option for many years. All of our attempts to change anything have been completely ignored, they dont care what we think. What will you dowhen they tell you to register your weapons? what will you do when they tell you to register your gardens and account for your produce? If you think its farfetched , check out present legislation. I have remained silent because Ive known for many years that the only possible conclusion that is acceptable to me, and many others is to separate from these people.They have no conception of a free America, what personal responsibility is, what The Constitution of the United States says much less be able to comprehend what it protects, or why ? They have no conception that the rights and freedom of the Individual are inviolate, and overwhelming Government interest does not trump that , or any constitutional Right. Their thinking on the very basic beliefs can not be reconciled with ours, nor will it ever- there is no area for compromise. Allowing legislation on our Second Amendment should never have occurred, it is part of The Constitution, and therefore can only be changed by Constitutional Convention-That is a super majority in Congress, and ratification by 75% of the States. Think about the outcry if it was ever suggested that we just pass laws to change the 1st amendment. Their Political correctness has been destroying this nation for many years.
Join the GOP? Maybe if you can get all the traitors and turncoats out of it but I don't foresee that happening in my lifetime.

Institute new government ala the Declaration of Independence and lets, as our forefathers did, come up with another form of Republic that is more corruption proof.

Peaceful sessesion is the best way, let the socialists rot in their self-made Hells.

Seems like every Republican I talk to wants to get away from people like me. They call me one of the right wing religious nuts that have ruined the Republican party. I am sorry they feel that way but I will always vote my conscious when it comes to abortion and gun rights and I don't even own a gun. If I can't find a candidate that is anti-abortion, against same sex marriages I guess I won't be voting.
If you don't find a person you can support I would write in a candidate that you do support. I don't believe that one vote doesn't can’t make a difference. I feel a write in makes more of an impact then not voting. I would ask that you never voluntarily give up an opportunity to voice your view on a built because I fear in the next decade or so we may loose that ability.
I've had this up for since sat. night I think; the time stamp knows. I just found another large site and posted there at around 1am. I'm getting response back as I write this. So fare the ratios on each site are about the same. I've already started to formulate the result and my interpretation of the results along with a recommendation base on everyone’s input. I won’t to post it Saturday night. I look at it like the Deadliest Catch; let the pot soak for at least 5 days before I respond. If you have friends that you think could contribute to the discussion please bring them in or forward the questions to them.
Its up under another discussion Here are the results.....



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