One of the most discussed and ignored question I’ve read on the groups I’ve joined is what is next? Should we form a third party? Some say join the minority party AKA the GOP along with a few other suggestions. I’ve been thinking about it and here are my 2 cents or is it only worth 1 cent now (inflation is a b*$ch).

First form a third party.

The Benefits: we could start from scratch with a foundation that is sound and free of progressive/moderates that now poison the traditional party of conservatism the GOP and the negative reputation that party has developed with the body politic that makes up both the voting minority in this country and the ignorant majority.

The Detriments: what modern (1945-2009) third party has yet been successful? Lack of name recognition, lack of respect from any of the major media formats (Print, Big Three TV networks, Cable Networks and to a great extent the Internet and Radio). This lack of respect and name recognition makes raising money to pay for even local campaigns difficult. No one takes a third party seriously.

Suggestions to overcome Detriments: Organize and start small and focus on one town/city/county or in RI case the whole state. Put all our effort into these local elections and ignore the national races (Senate, House of Representatives, President ect.) and the state wide executive positions (Governor, Treasurer, AG ect.). Gain power in these locations and establish a reputation. I think the biggest problem the Libertarians have is they are to disorganized and trying to do to much with to little. Pick and win our fights.

Second join the GOP.

The Benefits: Well established name recognition and historical track record of conservatism and historical figures to emulate (Lincoln, Reagan). Access to campaign donor lists ($$$$$$).

The Detriments: Well established name recognition and historical track record of backsliding on conservative principles just to be “liked” by the media and pander to the uniformed electorate. Media bias and successful progressive campaigns to label party as sudo-facist. Just as many of us dislike the GOP as we do the Democratic Party.

Suggestions to overcome Detriments: Take over the GOP using the same suggestions for overcoming the detriments to forming a third party. Take over the town parties first and the state and national will fallow. Start small and take control of the GOP by moving out Progressive and failed old guard career politicians.

Third form a Political Action Comity (PAC) or a standard 527 Group. Some of the groups have already decided to make this transition. Mike of Gods Angels of Freedom also recommended this at least once at the 13 May meeting in Charles Town.

The Benefits: Allows individuals to select specific issues to support based on the groups they choose to join. Each group selects an individual issue or group of similar issues to champion. This would prevent infighting and be an example of voting with our money and memberships in specific groups.

The Detriments: Lack of focus and unity of force. The potential arises that we become disunited and brake into factions. History has shone that movements that are disunited and splintered fail for lack of momentum.

Suggestions to Overcome Detriments: Organized one overall PAC or 527 to act as a unifying umbrella organizations we can all fall under. Then as Mike of Gods Angels of Freedom suggested organize one group for each issue that matters to our movement. The web site for the umbrella organization would have the links to each sub issue group. In this way we would all chose to join the sub groups we wish too.

I would further suggest that the umbrella group set up a mechanism by using the sub groups as the issue experts to rate each candidate in each race base on that candidate’s support of opposition to our movement. Each sub issue group would also be responsible to educating the remainder of the movement on their particular issue. In this way no single person or group would have the reasonability to research every issue. This specialization will improve the quality of information. Then the top five educational pieces from each sub group would be published on the umbrella site. Meetings and protest would be coordinated and scheduled by the umbrella site.

I don’t have all the answers just suggestions. What does every one else think and please publish your thoughts and send them to me and your organizations leaders.

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Mary Anne, I am planning on going to DC in Sept. I also, am doing the same thing, telling the GOP to become Constitutionalists, and rid themselves of those whm are not, then I will donate to themk again.
Jack, you're so right! McCain, Huckaby and Graham ALL need to be kicked out of the party if Republicans expect to gain the respect of Conservatives again!

This is going to be a long uphill battle...
Coming in en masse with a 3rd party will be an arduous task. Talk about grassroots! However, it is my strong belief that what we lack in unity is the proper identifier. (see my blog). At the rate we're flying now, we'll have as many 3rd party names as we do political activist groups. If we stand on Constitutional principles and expect the same from any elected official, then the identification must be made at the starting gate.
In my opinion, we are not only fighting to restore our Constitution to this great republic for ourselves and the ones who spilled their blood for it, but for the children of parents who've yet to be born. Imagine the future classroom of primary schoolers being taught the about the founding fathers objective to come up with a Constitution for this republic, then bombard them with the many left-wing/right-wing labels that are currently airborn.
Yes, there is a Constitution Party, and no, at this writing I've not joined yet..but for me I have to. The identification is needed because there is only black and white, the rest just becomes more divisions and more confusion.
At this juncture, what I see emerging is a combination of using our voices from a state chorus coupled with the identification of "who we are."
Hale to the Constitutionalist
Those of you still following this I have posted some feedback on another discution Here are the results.....
I've had this up for about two weeks and have already posted a first draft that has been up for about a week. Like I said it is a working draft to stimulate the discussion please join and I welcome your thoughts. Check out my discussion post Here are the results of your thoughts.
Although Iam not sure if a third party would have the money and the Name recognision we must start . By doing nothing the two party system gets their way in a majority rule but with an extra set of ideas. The old lost this election for us and will contue to do so. Avery energized wed based activised with good thoughts of the dollar and the constitution will win.
I think we define some very simple but overriding concepts that we want to achieve in 2010 and then forward. There must be specific concrete items and some guiding principles. Then we get people running for congress to sign up for. SImilar to what Newt G did in 94. This time though we open these up to ALL parties. After we are successful in 2010 and do it again in 2012 then we'll have the basis of a national party. It will be all those in Congress who are pledged to the cause.

I think now we should start drafting a dozen or so "must have" legislative items. If this is going to work - that is save the country - we must craft of plan that will garner a majority of votes and not get derailed. The goal must be success and not just talk. As an example I say one item on the list should be "rescind 2009 stimulus bill." This is easy to understand and a wide group of people running for Congress in 2010 will sign up for it. This first list for 2010 must be a foot in the door to solidify the movement. Must be achievable. Must also stop the bleeding. After success with this legislation, then we form the party.
Maybe we don't need a party. I think that we should all start working at local levels to evaluate the candidates for the next elections. I think that the Conservatives are spread out now and we should look at the individuals and their records and start putting in representatives of the people instead of representatives of the government. Perhaps it is time to completely replace the reps we have now. Beyond that I think that maybe a boycott of the companys that support the left wing dems would be in order.
Can someone make a list of companys that we should stop patronizing? Actors that shouldn't be supported? And so forth. Perhaps that is a way to unify all of the different fronts that we are working on.
I apologize if this is not the right place to post this but can we put together a list of organizations, actors, etc that we should stop patronizing? It could be a way to unite all of the different fronts that all are working on. It may also bring this to the Americans that have no clue of what is going on.
I would say put together a discution post and put it on as many group sites as you can.
It seems it's of little benefit constantly hashing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th party issue.......the goal is moving out the dead-wood professional pigs at the governmnet trough and elect men/women with Constitutional/Republic principles that meet PFA and other groups demand to adhere to the Constitution.

The "party" makes no difference in my opinion.......we support, nominate, or one of us run for office if there is no acceptable candidate that takes an oath to observe the Constitution.

We need to fire up our contacts to attend, organize events that puts "boots on the ground" constantly until November 2010 and then we make wholesale changes in the US House of Representatives and one third of the Senate.......

July 4th in Washington, DC seems to be developing as the next large "tea party" followed closely by the 912 gigantic 'break the gates of hell" rally in D.C...........

Thanks to dedication of so many patriots that will never give up or surrender America........God bless all.......



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