Constitutional Emergency

PROOF: Neither Rubio or Cruz are eligible to serve as President/Commander-in-Chief "What Constitutes Someone Being Called A Natural Born Citizen....."

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So well and so plainly stated. I love the clarity she brings that your natural born citizenship is inherited from your parents like your eye color and not by some declaration of man. Thanks so much for posting this. The American people should watch this video.
So why are they being allowed to take up oxygen during this so important Presidential race????????
Obama is president for same reasons Cruz and Rubio are still candidates.............the courts will not consider the charge they are not qualified IAW Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the US Constitution.  Millions of Americans screamed that Obama was ineligible but nobody in the establishment cares.  That’s why Donald Trump is so popular, he is not establishment, in effect he is everything the establishment is not.
Too many Americans don't care either..................that's why Cruz and Rubio continue on their merry way...
“The United States Constitution Matters” (to nearly everyone but the politicians).
Harry Riley
Obama's father was not a US citizen and he was deemed eligible to be president because his 18 year old mother was a citizen. When the law was passed in 1870, women had no rights. No right to vote, to inherit even if they were firstborn so does this mean that now that women have equal rights that a child of either U S citizen parent is a natural born citizen?

Lucille.....Obama was not deemed anything...there was no vetting of his eligibility.  Please watch and listen to this video...

Answer NO!!  But that is not the end of the Tale, I have no proof it would take DNA to prove this point. Here is my point, Obama Mother was a trollop of the first order she Posed Nude for a Photographer named Frank Marshall Davis, and the evidence of  their relationship establishes that they enjoyed a very close relation ship (Sex)., It is obvious by the looks of her offspring (Barack) that the Diplomat Obama is not his Father, look at a picture of him and Obama side by side, and then Look at a Picture of Frank Marshall Davis and Barack side by side and bingo, you can tell that there was a Nigger in the wood pile so to speak. Do the research for your self. Frank Marshall Davis and Obama's Mother were both Citizens, and that fact establishes that Barack is a Natural Born Citizen  by birth. Therefore eligible to be President. DNA would prove my point, but it does not have to be proven, the Establishment types including the Supreme court knows what I am saying is true, they have all seen the evidence Only the American People is left in the Dark, because a bastard is bastard is a bastard, or so the saying goes!!  PS all politicians are Bastards!!!!

He looks more like Mohammed Subud, the founder of the Indonesian Subud Cult, to which both Obama's mother and Loretta Fuddy belonged, with the US headquarters in Chicago.  Remember, Obama lived in Indonesia and, in fact, was adopted by the Indonesian, Sotero.

Robert -- I pretty much think FMD was Barry's daddy and if he was then Barry is a NBC -- but is disqualified from holding any federal office because his 'historical narrative' is a series of lies ... and he therefore committed perjury on numerous candidate qualification forms as well as other sworn legal documents.

Cruz has only the thinnest of claims to NBC status ... very thin ... but Rubio has none at all as NEITHER of his parents were citizens at the time of his birth ...

The one thing I know for sure about Comrade-Imam Obama is that he is not on the side of the United States on any matter of significance ... he has chosen a side in the Islamic civil war -- the Iranian Shi'a side ... and he has chosen a side in the US/Western Civilization confrontation with Iran -- the Iranian side.

To paraphrase loopy old Madeline Albright: there is a special place in Hell for Americans who don't support America.

I cannot argue or debate you the Criminal aspect of BO's life he has definitely acted criminally throughout his time int the White House. This has qualified him to be impeached and tried for the Crimes in Office, but there is no one now currently in power that has the balls to do what is required by their Oath, which is in itself a criminal act in itself. I would gladly run the hanging tree, but it takes more than one, at the moment there are no others in the numbers required. Thank you Mr. Coles for the comment!

Has everyone here contacted every remaining candidate to ask them why they haven't filed suit for a Declaratory Judgment to determine the Art II Eligibility of Cruz?  How can any of the Candidates claim to support of OUR Constitution if they don't?

Trump is the only one suggesting that.



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