PROOF: Neither Rubio or Cruz are eligible to serve as President/Commander-in-Chief "What Constitutes Someone Being Called A Natural Born Citizen....."

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Dawn, after watching this video, I see no reason why we should have to wonder about anyone's motives for denying the FACTS surrounding NBC as they are so clear no honest person can deny them.  What we should do, and what is our duty to do, is to question the politicians who refuse to acknowledge these facts as is their DUTY, for in their refusal, the politicians have violated their oath of office for which they should all be held accountable.

In the case of Ovomit, accountability means they are all guilty of Misprision of Treason for they not only allowed Ovomit to assume office but they have all also allowed Ovomit to commit Treason.

Only an insane liberal or a dishonest rino could argue with her conclusions. What a powerful clarification of the facts pertaining to the true and original meaning of natural born citizen, and of the intent of the Founders to incorporate that meaning into our Constitution.

Thank you!

Thank you for posting this Harry. Now if people would listen to this with an open mind and determine if this is what the founders intended. I believe Publius Huldah is correct, 100%.

Trump being a loser is bad enough but being a liberal loser is what is really annoying.  

I use to say that the liberals are out in droves but now I can say that liberal Trumpers are out in droves. 

Ray, may I assume you take issue with people turning out to support those who they think are the best candidate and according to you comment Trump in particular? If so what's wrong with that? The last I heard this is a free country each intitled to their point of view. For me personally intake issue with those who do not turn up at all who take no part in the process and then complain about our condition. The best anyone can do is to study the candidates, the issues and at the end of the day make an informed decision.

 I have heard of this lady, even if she is correct, here herself has a shady past.

Posting as Anonymous and making accusations is dirty. Give us your evidence our get out of here.

Coward! Sling crap and then hide behind "Anonymous." Sickening!

May I repeat something: Frank Marshall Davis the Communists photographer is the Father of Barrack Hussein Obama, not the Diplomat from Kenya. Frank Marshall Davis is an American Citizen Just as Obama's Mother is that makes him a Natural Born Citizen, point he is qualified, to be the asshole he is and still be president. That does not make the situation any better, the Democrat and Republican party's know this and so do the establishment idiots. Discuss Cruz and Rubio, neither are qualified, learn to love TRUMP!!!

I support Trump but I believe you are incorrect about Davis - personally, I believe Mohammed Subud, leader of the Indonesian Subud Cult, who looks almost identical to the Muslim-in-Chief, planted the original bad seed!  Not to mention, he was adopted while in Indonesia by Sotero and I would bet dollars to donuts he was NOT born in HI, altho this article supports the theory of the father being Obama -



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