What are the charges levied against Barack Hussein Obama?

What are the charges to be brought against Joe Biden?

What charges are to be brought against Harry Reid?

What are the charges to be brought against Mitch McConnell?

What are the charges of John Boehner?

What are the charges against Nancy Pelosi?

What are the charges to be levied against Eric Holder?


In theory, maintaining any form of government that represents the interest of “We The People” is impossible with the people named above in office.  Not only those named but also any other elected or appointed officials that operate in the spirit of being the “Lord and Master” over the people.  What are the specific crimes of these people?  Does the RICO Act provide any latitude for charging these people with a criminal act?  If no specific crime can be levied against them how will it be possible to prosecute them?  We can’t charge them with the crime of “We don’t like you”.  No such crime exists and no form of punishment has been established for it.


Please identify the crime or crimes these people have committed and I will gladly accompany the task force to make the citizens arrest for each and every one of them.

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I just received an e-mail reply from a Texas Congressman.  I won't  name him, but he is a Republican, and pretty much  straight and narrow on the Constitution - yet he doesn't believe Obama has engaged in any impeachable conduct while in office.  As far as he is concerned Obama hasn't committed treason, or other high crimes and misdemeanors .( Sigh )

Makes one wonder either what Obama would have to do to get this Congressman upset.........or  I also  wonder what Obama has hanging over this Congressman's head.   I figure almost any Congressman who's been around D.C. for a couple of decades has probably accepted a bribe or two......................

Folks ......this is  the WHY for OAS.    The system has been so thoroughly corrupted that  the president of either party  is in a position where if he so desires he is able  through the DOJ  to manipulate  members of Congress, and former governors, and justices of  the Supreme Court .


don't sweat it. that's what the lawyers are for. how about crimes against humanity?

The answers to these questions are the only way that this movement will be able to make a difference.

We don't know what we are serving the warrant for but we hope the court or the tribunal will come up with something that will stick.

Some of these replies are evident that without a football team the cheerleaders are ready to take on the national reining champions.  

Sedition is one charge. I posted above to the person who responded to your questions. We have both a possible hot civil war on our hands and for sure a silent one from within the various areas of the Government and those that influence them.

What is this civil war?

We have an open insurrection of Marxists and Communists, and sure they are the same, from both the Congressional members who are part of it, various agencies and employees of the Federal Government and numerous entities who are also Communist, that are putting a full court press on the destruction of our Constitution and an enslavement of the people of this nation. The Unions come to mind. AFL-CIO. Trumka is an admitted Communist and should be arrested for that alone.

Obama made a number of Seditious supporting comments, such as when he was recorded off mike saying that he would have a much easier time after his re-election. Communism is a completely Unconstitutional philosophy and has been part and parcel for the murder of well over 150 million, in it's various Siamese twin description, such as Marxism, Maoism, Stalinism, progressivism and so on.

I guess you never dated a cheerleader.....?  The biggest disparity in force between a cheerleader and a NFL linebacker  is  to be found at the intersection  of a cheerleader's  instep, and a linebacker's crouch.  Yep - she would draw a penalty flag for sure.


Yeah, you are right. They better run and hide now.

I am not sure of your intent in your response. Could you clarify it for me.




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