You can go here and read some of our troops & Veterans comments:

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I support the above.

The Hussein Mutiny

we the people,who are the real government agree 100%.if ovomit/satan wants a war let him go with his treasonous administration,let biden bring a shotgun,so if he see the enemy he can.go on a balcony and fire 2 shots in the air,or maybe a pair of scissors would be better

I Agree with  the Troops above..

I am with them all the way.

I'm with the above troops and hope the rest of the military stands up

DITTO    Amen

I agree 100%!!! Our Clown in Chief is a joke to the entire world and the only supporters he has are the anti-American Left, blind followers from the Black, Hispanic and gay Communities plus dumb ass White people suffering from "White Guilt."

I also agree with our Military,,,,

I hope that these military  patriots holding up their signs represent the vast majority of the troops.  It is sad that they have to do it covered up so that Obama's forces cannot crack down on them.  Obama's investigators might even find some of them have a Bible and then they would be in real trouble.   These guys obviously remember their Oath are trying to refuse an illegal order from an illegal President.    The troops are not only our defense from "foreign enemies", hopefully they recognize that their Oath also  includes defending us from "domestic enemies".  Despite what the Obama cabal says, we veterans are not terrorist just because Obama fears our patriotism.  Military and law enforcement, respect and obey your Oath. If you don't remember what it is, Google up Oath Keepers, learn and join up.



Brat in chief does not care what 'his' military thinks.

His needs trump all others.

Obama Refers to U.S. Armed Forces as ‘My Military’; Twitter Users Go Just a Tad Ballistic

If it's treason for a soldier to fight for their country's enemy, then why aren't top ranking officers filing some official papers and statements about our helping the Muslim Brotherhood? I know of one (name?) with rank who appeared two days ago on Fox saying he didn't agree with action on Syria and wouldn't necessarily follow orders for such.



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