The power goes out but you are not alarmed because you have seen on the tv for days that it was a planned outage for two days. Well on day four the power is still out, a lot of the stores are closed and the few that tried to stay open are now empty of food. People that where not prepared are now looting the stores that closed when the power went out. Some of them are also breaking into homes and steeling the owner’s things. It is getting so bad across the country that martial law has been imposed, the word is slow in getting around, but more and more what seams to be troops are being spotted around the area. You live out in the suburbs and have seen the gangs and looters getting closer to you. You also notice the troops coming in to your area of the burbs. You are getting reports from others in your team of signs going up all over saying Martial Law in Effect and there are at least 2500 troops in your part of the city. Now your thinking I should have left already! You make your quick and finial head count, yourself, wife, two kids, brother in law, two of your team that dropped by to check on you. It’s 7 pm now and you are seeing and hearing trucks out on the street. Loud speakers blasting “Martial Law is now in effect, stay in your homes” repeated over and over again.

What do you do?

No stupid, roll over and scratch your behind answers are acceptable. If you chose to yawn and roll over then please don't waste your time sharing that with us. This is for examples for people to ponder in case real situations ever comes to happen in any scenario like this.


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Thank you. Yes I need to think about this seriously.

I need to learn where I can find like minded people. We just moved to a new area and I am the worrier of the two. Someone please help me out with this. I'm in need of a lot of info....

We started slowly 4 years ago after seeing what we were in for with Obama.  Gave him one year to prove what kind of a leader he would be.  Well since we started supplies and stocking up on things, I guess you can see that he must not be standing up to standards in our opinion.  We have family understand that when crap hits the fan, our house is home base.  Believe it is very important to prepare and pray at the same time that we are all just crazy.  I pray we are wrong but in my heart I don't believe that anymore.  Its sad to know that my children and grandchildren will never be as free as I have been blessed to be.

Damn glad I don't live in the burbs. I am prepared. I can and will bug our to my safe place.


Whatever  you do, don't turn over your guns to the troops, like the fools in Katrina did. Find a way to hide them, or turn over the ones you know they have on record, and keep the off - the - record ones.  Once you've turned over your guns, the mobs will have nothing to hold them back.

Hide part of your food stash. The troops may confiscate your stored food "to share."

For the cold, have a below 32 degree sleeping bag for each person. It'll still be stone cold, but you'll be better off than just with masses of blankets.

We have a fuel oil furnace that the pump and blower will run off of an inverter that is hooked to batteries that are charged by solar and wind.  Our oven runs off of propane, We have two vent-less propane heaters.  We have a wood burner in the den.  We have springs on the property and if we need to we can fire up a generator to run the well.  We have a total of 4small generators that run very quietly.  I can communicate anywhere in the world with my amateur radio equipment.  We are several hundred feet off of the road.  We also have caves up in the mountain behind the house.   These are really great suits to keep warm.  Luckily I found some of the olive drab ones at a yard sale for only $20 each but you can find some on eBay.  You could always get a white Tyvek suit to wear over it if you live in an area where there is snow.  I know we will NOT freeze just by having these suits!!!    These will keep you warm if you can't build a fire or have propane/kerosene, or generator.  This is a good investment because if you use other means of keeping warm (a fire which people can see or smell) people will be drawn to the comfort of the heat you have if SHTF this winter. 

Have a fox hole dug somewhere to go hide in.  

Thanks for this info, Carrie!



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