OK, It's official - I'm NOT crazy..............


It's only a few minutes long,,,,,,but worth every minute.
Remember,,,,,,these are NOT my words.


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Wow...Wow...Wow.... This should be played on every TV channel, every news channel and in every talk show in the country, NO.... In the world!!!! They can see the emperor has no clothes, why can't the American people. That's for sharing.

I sure wish Egypt would get on with charging the Muslim-in-Chief and Killary!  Get it done already!

w/all the aid we give them you think they would rid us of ohitler 

Finally, someone not afraid to tell it like it is.  Too bad its a foreign country, but that makes it no less true.  Mr. Obama, you have failed at the most prestigious office of our lands and put every American life in jeopardy.  Tender you resignation and leave our lands immediately.



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