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Syria refugee crisis: U.S. opens centres to speed vetting

Screening outposts to be set up in Iraq, Lebanon as U.S. urges Arab nations to do more

The Associated Press Posted: Nov 06, 2015 7:33 PM ET Last Updated: Nov 07, 2015 7:55 AM ET

Refugees and migrants arrive from the island of Lesbos to the port of Piraeus on Friday. About 25,000 refugees and other migrants are heading to the Greek mainland from the eastern Aegean islands after the country's seamen's union called off rolling, 48-hour ferry strikes.

Refugees and migrants arrive from the island of Lesbos to the port of Piraeus on Friday. About 25,000 refugees and other migrants are heading to the Greek mainland from the eastern Aegean islands after the country's seamen's union called off rolling, 48-hour ferry strikes. (Thanassis Stavrakis/Associated Press)

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The Obama administration is moving to increase and accelerate the number of Syrian refugees who might be admitted into the United States by opening new screening outposts in Iraq and Lebanon, administration officials told Reuters on Friday.

The move comes after President Barack Obama pledged in September to admit an additional 10,000 Syrian refugees in 2016, torn by four years of civil war and disorder.

The U.S. State Department confirmed the plans to open a refugee settlement processing centre in Erbil, Iraq, before the end of 2015, and to resume refugee processing in Lebanon in early 2016, said spokeswoman Danna Van Brandt.

The White House would not say how many additional refugees it may take in beyond the 10,000, but two senior administration officials said they are seeking ways to increase the number.

Suitable for resettlement

"We want to be in a place where we can push out really ambitious goals," said one of the officials, who spoke to Reuters on the condition of anonymity.

The State Department runs nine screening centres worldwide that serve as meeting points for refugees and U.S. Department of Homeland Security employees who have to decide who is suitable for resettlement in the United States.

The additional centres will double the number available to refugees in the Middle East.

Most Syrians are now screened for potential U.S. resettlement at centres in Istanbul and Amman, Jordan. The new centres are designed to "increase the channels" the United States has for reaching Syrian refugees, the official said.

Amid a tide of refugees in Europe, some congressional Democrats and refugee advocates say the United States should do more for Syrians who often make dangerous journeys to lands where they have no home or means of employment.

However, some Republicans have raised concerns that allowing more Syrians into the United States jeopardizes national security.

Arab, BRIC nations urged to do more

In another development, Anne Richard, U.S. assistant secretary of state, told C-SPAN's Newsmakers program on Friday that wealthy Gulf Arab states such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar as well as the so-called BRICs emerging market nations should do more to help Syrian refugee.

"I would like to see more aid come from the Gulf states that are in the Middle East area and are relatively wealthy compared to Jordan and Lebanon," she said.  "We would also like to see more from the so-called BRICs — Brazil, Russia, India, China and, to a lesser extent South Africa," she added. "These are the wealthy states that care about the region that could and should be doing more on the humanitarian side."

About 250,000 people have died and an estimated four million driven abroad as refugees because of the Syrian conflict, which began in 2011 with protests against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, which has evolved into a full-blown civil war. The majority of the refugees have flowed into neighbouring nations such as Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon but hundreds of thousands have also made their way to Europe.

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Stop obama CALL USReps&Senators DEMAND NO Syrians or muslim FBI can't vet-stop them #NoRefugees

calls/ letters / protests / ARE totally ineffective...

One Letter or One Call is Ineffective ; Try 1000 and See the Difference . That is a Problem with the Americans ; Majority don`t get Involved or have an Attitude " I don`t care " Problem.
Check : NUMBERS USA ; they are effective because they have a Very Active Group of Americans Calling and Faxing their Representatives . Check it ; You will change your mind.   

When we send the illegal aliens back, we need to send Obama with them.  He seems to love them.

Hey Folks,

Did we or did we not just get a wake-up call from Paris this morning?  Circumstantial evidence reveals that the refugees flooding Europe are saturated with Syrian and ISIS terrorists.  News reports state quite clearly that there were very few woman and children, but large numbers of, not old, but young, military age, agile men.  This evening, our time, we saw some of these men in action as they attacked large crowded areas in Paris, at least six known locations as of this writing, which have so far resulted in at least 168 murders.  Paris is now on lock-down.  Is this really what we want to give a green pass to welcome into our country??  It is time we stopped allowing our so-called President to play make-believe that there is no such thing as an Islamic terrorist.  They exist, they want to destroy America.  Is it just co-incidental that BHO also exists and is trying to destroy America?  How many crimes must he be guilty of before we wake-up to the fact that he is putting in-place a plan to destroy America from the inside?  He hates the military because they can stop him.  Look what he is doing to our Tomahawk and Hellfire Missiles - he has canceled them as of 2016!  He has fired over 200 generals whom he suspected might get in his way.  Look at all the scandals that go back up the line, right to the top!  If we do not wake up now, tomorrow will be too late.     

It goes on and on Lowell........out of 535 members of Congress, we can't get 10 that will take action against the traitor Obama.  We have a government full of treasonous cowards............

Harry, it has become increasingly clear to me over the past many years that our central government employees (congress, president, supreme court, none of which deserve capital letters, in my opinion) are NOT (for the most part) there for our benefit and do NOT have the health and longevity of America as any one of their priorities. Too many of the members of congress are corrupted to the point where they see only dollars for themselves and to hell with everyone else. Those who are successful are the ones that are best at hiding their true deceitful and nefarious natures from the gullible, complacent, compliant and all-too-comfortable average American individual sovereign. Looking to government to solve these problems is futile and potentially destructive of our Liberties and formerly free way of life. We, the People, must rely on OURSELVES to solve these problems, but only through reason, peaceful cooperation and a dedication to the tenets of the founding documents, meaning that all men are created equal and all have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (among others). We may well, indeed, have a government of treasonous cowards, and I would not disagree, but the solution lies within all of us; We, the People. Take another look at the opportunity that returning to a system of Constitutional, county, Common Law Grand Juries would afford in the pursuit of true Liberty. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

too little, too late..

Thanks Lowell...that was a good post but I agree with Col. Riley. It should be apparent to all of us by now  there isn't  going to be any help from our corrupted Congress and Senate. Even our Military has abandoned the American people.....not even realizing they have signed the fate of themselves and their own families by refusing to do what our Constitution calls for.

He is a total traitor.. He needs to be strung up in front of our Capitol...He is the reason we are having all of these terrorist attacks.. We have always led the world not stand behind.. He has stood back but secretly giving out weapons and money to ISIS.. ISIS is his baby and his hands are covered with blood from Paris.

When are we going to march and take him out?  

It does no good to write or call both houses in D.C.  They don't respond or read any of them.. We are wasting our time and efforts.. If we want action, it has come down to going to D.C. and DEMANDING THEY NOT BRING in his ISIS...

What will it take to create a sense of urgency in the United States?  Islamic butchers detonating their vests in the US Capitol, a stadium, one of our major churches in D.C. or New York?

Will America go "ho hum" to the Paris murdering chaos? 

The ISIS butchers are in America now, throughout America and I suspect are in the final stages of planning a blood bath in our nation.

Obama is a spineless, weakling with regard to protecting America...he gives higher priority to outsiders than he does our own citizens. A leader that really loves America would be taking action or have taken action to put in place necessary precautions against ISIS. He would then tell the American people of his commitment to drive the terrorist out of America to include illegal aliens...............Obama do this??   Not in a hundred years...he's in bed with the likes of Muslim Brotherhood.......

I notice Obama made comments about the Paris murders, and rightly he should but contrast that with when our men were killed in Benghazi.......he said nothing, went to bed and moved out early on a campaign swing...despicable.

The populace in Paris is unarmed, as is all of France.   Maybe, just maybe, someone will make a correlation and reverse the liberal policies that made this attack so deadly.    This wouldn't be the reason Obama is trying to do the same, or that an attack like this hasn't been attempted here, would it?  The Muslim Brotherhood has been declared a terrorist organization by people who should know...Egyptians and Saudis.  We coddle them and give them positions of authority in high government positions.   Obama has no intention of leaving office.   Look at the Democratic candidate field.   An old codger socialist, a criminal killer, and the rest are just window dressing.  Obama is going to direct a terrorist attack on our soil and declare martial law or a national emergency.  That, or he will start WWIII.   Either way, he remains seated.    We have been duped by the enemy and nobody can, or will, do a thing about it.



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