From: Joe Bennett Date:06/06/2014  1:07 AM  (GMT-06:00) To:  Subject: Call Colonel Harry Riley


If  you do nothing else, do this one thing.  Call your representatives and tell them to call Colonel Harry  Riley.

Go to and click on Take  Action.  Enter your zip code.  Call your Representatives and tell them  to call the Colonel.
Make them (your Representatives)  state:


1.      Will they obey  the Constitution?

2.      Will they  honor the oath that they swore to defend it?

3.      Will they help  to deconstruct the federal government until it is back in obedience to the  Constitution?

A deadline is  set for July 4, 2014.  Representatives that do not respond will  automatically be placed in the ‘no’ column.  Your Representatives will be  emailed the number to call.


There is a  notes section to log your conversation and the name of who you spoke to on the site.

How will we  ever push them back across the line if we do not know that the line  exists?

Be persistent,  but polite.  Be determined, but  respectful.  Calmly insist.  Do not yell, use profanity, or be  rude.


Just tell them to call the Colonel. We The People are taking  inventory.

“A  nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive  treason from within. An enemy at the gate is less formidable, for he is known  and he carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves among those within the  gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very  hall of government itself…he infects the body politic so that it can no longer  resist."  - Cicero

Joe  Bennett OAS - Special Assist. to COL Riley

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Thank you.

what have i done, email our lawmakers, and i use that term loosely, everyday

i have emailed FOX news to c if we can get interviews or ads on no response yet

i have also emailed hannity, o'reilly, m kelly, l ingrham, r limbaugh, m savage to see if they will interview us or go down there i know sean went to the bundy ranch

i try to do what i can and when prob not near enough i was there the first 3 days of OAS loved it and met great people keep in touch 

i am gng to the red state convention in ft worth in August

I try to Call as many Politicians as I can Everyday.

Apparently, all of those Lawyers have never read a Dictionary, let alone, open one up!!!

Illegal means You are a Criminal!!!

How to Deal with the Problem???

Absolutely no "SOACIAL SERVICES" for anyone but American Citizens.


I have served my country in the military (3 Honorable discharges) and in senior level government positions since I was 18 world wide!  I have been active in our countries political system as a conservative Constitutionalist my entire adult life serving in several public positions.  Now 100% disabled and 71 years old, I think I have done my duty to God and Country.  I'm tired now and I think I'm going to rest now and let the new people do their part.  Joe, what have you done for our country?

Peter, like you, I have for honorable discharges, worked for or Comptroller of The USA, served as a Regional Inspector General ,served my country for a total of 35 years. I have beenretired for 24 years and in that time involved myself in volunteer work at VA hospitals, and other such activities. Iamfast approaching 80 . dang where does the time go..but tired? Take a break and let Harry and others go it alone just because they are younger? Not on your life. Just because this old Marine is no longer dressed each day for armed
combat does not mean that I have forgotten how to fight, get mean and angry or let Harry,George or Mary do it??? You need to get back in the fight heck Peter, you are tooyoung to quit now just when it is really getting interesting watching that third rate would be dictater pull another screwup. You cannot quit ,now take some test0sterone or a shot of good rum and get back in the fight...if you have really done all you say, you have a lot to yet contribute put that pack back on grab some ammo , lock and load and move out with Harry and the rest. I guarantee life is starting toreally get exciting...mount up, move out!!! Semper Fi.

Hi Joe,  I sent Col. Riley a direct email yesterday with respect to Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, with reference to an update of Larry's actions.  I received another today dated May 30, 2014 with an excerpt of Larry's radio interview.

I am not privey to who the OAS attorney is nor the action filed; i.e. actual impeachment summons to whom?  I asked that these documents be made available. I also wanted to point out that we do not want to duplicate efforts with respect to legal action taken.  For all I know, Larry Klayman could be the OAS attorney.

I don't want to further burden you nor Col. Riley with information that is not pertinant.

Best regards.  I plan to be down for the week of the picknick.  Friday 13, or Sunday 14th day of.  I will lay over one or two nights on my way to NC.  IS THE CAMP SITE AVAILABLE AT SCOTT'S HOME?

Ron Farina, Security Team NJ


NOTE:  CHECK OUT WWW.WEBCOLLEAGUES.NET  OR(.COM)  THIS IS THE NET OPPORTUNITY I WAS SPEAKING ABOUT.  LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.  WE WILL TALK HOPEFULLY WHEN I VISIT.  THEY CLAIM 150K YR. FULL TIME. can read what OAS sent to Congress by clicking on the TAB at the top of this page "OAS Packet To Congress".  It has all the documents.

I have emailed all my reps, numerous times, and I have emailed friends and family. I usually talk to people in person; i.e. at doctors visits, check out lines. I stop at red lights and yell over to people when they have certain bumpers stickers or emblems.  And, I have even yelled out at people while driving next to them along highways. (safely though).  And, I have sent snail mail to mega churches!

Oh yes, I forgot, I've even emailed Hannity, Gretawire, Limbaugh, Levin, ORielly and other "like" minded TV programs.


I tweet my reps every day, but they are total liberals from Or, and call.  If you haven't been on or the Mark Connors Free America at   Lots of great folks home bound that are trying to support OAS.

I drove 30 hours nonstop from Midland, Texas to join up with my fellow patriots on May 16.  I have much admiration for those who showed up that morning and much contempt for those who did'nt.  Of course there was so many more important things to do.  We missed our 10 million person goal by just 9 million 900 and 98 thousand. Apathetic hipocrites!

Charley:  I think it is because people feel that it will take more than a peaceful march.



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