If the GOP can be gutted and rebuilt from the inside, 2014 could be a banner year for conservatism at the ballot box. But what if it doesn't happen?

What if the GOP doubles down against the conservative base like they did back when McCain called tea partiers who saved him from a massive humilation, "whacko birds".  

And also like back in 2010 when the tea parties put Boehner into Nancy Pelosi's shoes, and then he thanked us for putting confidence in HIS leadership. What then?  Third party?

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Problem is 2 party Presidential debates.

I honestly thought the Perot effect would come up first. What is your concern about the debates? No recognition for a third party?

Why don't we get rid of the GOP, Demorat, and Independent parties..... then we have the Republic party (True Conservatives).  Then we remove those in power called "Communist" or Islamist" from our shores, Get the UN off of the continent of the United States, remove ourselves from the UN and it's evil agenda, then maybe we can right this ship....

If we did all that we would right the world too.

How is this post helpful?

Well it puts ideas out there, that people may not have thought about, while we wait for God to make his showing. Good idea, huh?

It may just be time to get Politics out of government? How, let's campaign, not based on party or platform but personal integrity. The honesty of the candidate and record should be the issue, not endorsing a platform. If he/she has backbone to stand for what they believe in.

I agree. This would amount to a much needed lurch to the right like the revolution. But eventually, we would fall back into a two-party system. I think it's just the way our constitution makes it work.

In Europe, they have to build coalitions from the many parties. No unity, more diversity.

In the states after conservative common sense has thrown off government and starts or returns to the constitution, conservatives say "Government is not the answer". Libs can't help themselves. Even today they are forced to at least say the constitution is a righteous document, but they eventually will say "Govt is not the answer, but we are working on changing that."  Then after a time, when conservatives fail to hold them back, it becomes a leftist government until conservatives stand up and take it back. Hence, two parties. I think.

 Please don't get caught  up in "what if's " ...The AGENDA IS M AY 16.....  There is only  ONE positive...THAT OBAMA IS  A COMMUNIST  AND OVER-USING THE POWER OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH OF GOVT.    He claims he's a CONSTITUTIONAL  Lawyer..but is violating it at  every turn !!!    Once we  have achieved our IMMEDIATE GOAL ...then we can start  further HOUSECLEANNG....including the UN...u-seless   n-ations

Contingencies. All good plans include them.



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