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what is the real purpose for impeachment of President Donald J. Trump?

So what is the real purpose for all this impeachment of President Donald J. Trump?
The efforts to impeach Trump began almost immediately after the polls closed and it was being reported that Trump had won the election. The Democrats couldn’t believe it, and they were NOT about to accept it. The reason for all this impeachment hearings now is to cover their collective asses. Yes, they very quickly figured it all out, it is just as Hillary said, “You guys better fix this fucking thing or we will all hang”. Hillary said “If the American people ever figure out what we’ve done we will all hang together, because I’m not going down alone.”

Impeachment of President Trump; By tying up the system, engaging the entire judicial system and the Congress in this impeachment fiasco they have effectively blocked the Trump administration from conducting any investigations into what Hillary was actually referring too. They are blocking any investigations, indictments, arrests, trials, of ALL the Obama/Hillary/Biden/, et-al, corruption and their attempt to overthrow the United States of America. If the Trump administration (Justice Department) ordered the arrest and detainment of ANY of the Obama people the Congressional hearings on impeachment would instantly claim Trump was abusing his power, obstruction of justice, and engaging in domestic terrorism. They would accuse Trump of being a Fascist dictator just like Adolph Hitler.
They all know that if and when those real investigations begin they will ALL hang just as Hillary predicted.

The REAL purpose of these impeachment hearings is to STOP all investigations and indictments of all those Obama officials and co-conspirators who have been working hard at destroying this Nation.
Hillary said “We will ALL Hang” and for once in her miserable life she actually told the truth.
Under our US Constitution the House Branch of Congress has oversight authority over the Justice Department as well as all other branches of Government. The House intelligence committee has oversight authority to investigate any form of corruption or wrong doing that they deem necessary, not only from the Executive branch and the White House, but from any and all other branches of Government. This means that Congress CAN also investigate any wrong doings from the FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, and even from the Department of Justice itself. But when there is a massive abuse of that power and authority, when Congress abuses those powers, but instead uses their authority as a weapon against their political opponents, and also refuses to use their powers of oversight to investigate abuse from someone or some Government agency of their own political party, then who has the power and authority to hold Congress and the House of Representatives to accountability.? Is it just the voters who may decide at the next 4-year elections? OR does someone have to power and authority to hold Congress accountable? In America we used to depend on the power of a free Press to expose corruptions and misuse of authority. However now it seems that the free Press, or at least the main-stream media portion of our “Free Press” is also part and parcel to that corruption. The Main-stream media has become the propaganda arm, the “external” branch of Government, used as a tool to weaponize the oversight powers of the House of Representatives.

We no longer have a Free Press, able and willing to expose corruption at all levels of our Government. Rather instead we have a “Free” Press that is now not only complacent but who are now accomplices in concealing the corruption at the highest levels of our Government agencies, including from the House of Representatives and Congress it self.
This is what President Donald Trump was referring to when he referred to the Press (Some reporters), as the enemies of the People. They not only refuse to report the corruption and the truth, but they engage in concealing or altering it in efforts to assist in those cover ups of corruption. They are in fact accomplices to conspiracies and in some cases to High Treason.
America needs to preserve and protect our Free Press, it is an essential tool to our freedoms and liberty. We must preserve and protect the freedom of the Press and can never allow that freedom to be abused and turned into a weapon to be used against the people.
Freedom of the Press does not include freedom of corruption OF that “Free Press”.

The “Free Press” as well as agencies and Congress itself, and all branches of Government, must be held accountable.

Patriots For America.

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Will Hillary & Bill Clinton ever be investigated and tried for all their crimes? NO
Will Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and all the others ever be investigated for their crimes against America? - NO.
Will Obama ever be investigated and tried for treason for all that he has done in his attempts to “Fundamentally Transform America” into a communist state? = Possibly but I think NO.
The reason; Robert Mueller had two and a half years to bury, conceal, and destroy all evidence that could possibly lead to the indictments of the Clinton’s and that Uranium-One Russia scam. Mueller concealed everything that could lead to indictments of Obama and his administration over embedding traitors into our Government agencies and into policies intended to drive forth their transformation into a Communist state.
The US “Free-Press” has been very helpful and complicit in assisting to conceal and bury any of that information from the American people. When was the last time you heard of anything about Benghazi? Uranium-One, or any of the foreign players involved in those Russian transactions that allowed Russia to obtain 20 percent of US Uranium assets? Those stories have all been swept under the rug, never to be seen or heard of again.

I am absolutely positive of one thing, If Donald J. Trump is NOT re-elected in 2020 the Obama/Clinton/Kerry and Valerie Jarrett Communist overthrow of America will simply resume their operations where they left off when Trump was elected in 2016. Donald Trump and his administration will be recorded merely as a “Small Bump in the road”, nothing more than a speed-bump. And the United States of America as a free and sovereign Nation will be eliminated forever.
If you think I’m just scare-mongering here just take a look at Venezuela.

Wether you Love Donald Trump or if you hate him, it doesn't matter, If you love living in America, if you love Living, than we better make sure he is re-elected in 2020.
And then we have to finish the job of Draining that stinking swamp called Washington D.C.



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