Constitutional Emergency

Please forgive me, but I am simply overwhelmed right now, by the things I see happening to this country.  Like most of you, I read the news every day, and try to keep up with what's going on.  Tell you honestly, I find I have trouble doing that.  Information overload, I believe, is the correct term.  In doing research on this particular facet of the overall Progressive plan to change the world, I discovered it is a tactic they are currently using.  To great effect, I might add.  Too much information, with too little time to absorb it.

Faced with the dilemma, people simply make the wrong decisions.  Bingo! That was the planned result from the beginning.  The Overton Window, courtesy of Glenn Beck, comes to mind.

Listen to what I say very closely.  I'm not the smartest guy on the planet. I may only get this one chance to try to get you to understand what I am trying to say.  What happens in the news, and what happens on the internet sites, is not random.  It is controlled.  It is controlled to precisely get you to believe what they put out there.

Yes, we have come this far.  Because of the Internet, we have now reached the level where we can actually distort the truth, on so grand a scale, as to make any truth, a lie, and make any lie, a real fact.

It is called, "Social Engineering," and your government is good at it.  As  good as it  gets.  Welcome to ObamaWorld.  Its like Disneyland, without Mickie.

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As Judge Napolitano asks in his 5 minute speech that got him fired from Fox News, "What is public opinion?".

When the news reports that..According to some government official, Public opinion is...bla, bla, bla!, it's simply a manufactured response by the government to make you believe everyone is of one thought. You cannot actually believe they go out and survey millions of Americans in a crosscut, responsible way as to have formulated one easy answer.

If you want overload, listen to the judges questions...questions every American should be asking themselves.


And I just want to add...after listening again to Napolitano's report, his speech is the perfect commercial for OAS. "What if there were a game changer?..."



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