The Steele led GOP and main stream media are already trying to run the same crap they have been for years. We The People need to run who we want. So lets get to work.

List men we should vett for POTUS candidates. I would also suggest we should not have a CIC that has never served in our military.

Add facts (not hearsay) with reliable linked url references so information can be verified. Add what your opinions are, based on facts, on people as Presidential candidates for 2012.

My first choice right now is Allan West. I make note West may not run. He has never said he would. I along with many others will be observing his work in DC. We have had someone posting hearsay on here about West, which has not been proven factually.

Also this post is not for starting a battle amongst ourselves. This is a way for us to work together to vett POTUS candidates

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I very much like Hermain Cain. But I also think it's too early. We have other things to concentrate on in the meantime.
Sarah Palin, Period.
Sarah & Huckabee.........
If she runs the Dems will keep the White House. Sarah has a roll somewhere but it is not POTUS
I think she's found her niche really, as a kind of "cheerleader" for the TEA party movement. She's outstanding at rallying people for the cause, and seems able to do more good there than almost anywhere else at the moment.
Sarah Palin campaigned for John McCain which helped him get reelected...he is a rhino along with newt gingrich who did not govern as a constitutional conservative when he was in last time....along with bush so called republicans need to govern as constitutional representatives and begin to defund all unconstitutional agencies and programs....bobby jindel from louisiana has stood tough agaisnt liberals from both parties so has the new jersey govenor....we need a candidate who has actually "worked" a real job and has experience governing something with a proven track record one who can also stand up agaisnt the onslaught our christian heritage and stop illegal immigration.

Right. I'm confused at the moment.


TDF, We as a people did just fine. We asked the right questions and got no answer. We presented the evidence and it was ignored. NO ONE WOULD LISTEN.
We knew he didn't qualify. We were called "Birthers" even when we pointed out he wasn't an NBC because of his father. The standard reply was "He was born in Hawaii." which has nothing to do with his dual citizenship.
Paul try looking at the Mormon Church they have NOT fallen away for the teachings of CHRIST in fact the way the church is set up it follows the same way the church that CHRIST set up follows. We do NOT have gays in the church and they are not allowed in the first place. There are many men from the L.D.S. church that have fought in battle And then there is the Mormon battalion that is only made up of Mormons so don't knock all churches until you have checked them all out. If you get the BYU channel check it out you can get a lot of info on that channel.
Twana, I would have to agree with Allen West, as long as he proves himselve as a Congressman. I also like Mike Pence and Jim DeMint.
Alan West is terrific. He would be our first great black President. Obama is half white....and he sucks.
I like Your Choices! Allen West Is A Good Choice and Jim DeMint Also!



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