Constitutional Emergency

The Steele led GOP and main stream media are already trying to run the same crap they have been for years. We The People need to run who we want. So lets get to work.

List men we should vett for POTUS candidates. I would also suggest we should not have a CIC that has never served in our military.

Add facts (not hearsay) with reliable linked url references so information can be verified. Add what your opinions are, based on facts, on people as Presidential candidates for 2012.

My first choice right now is Allan West. I make note West may not run. He has never said he would. I along with many others will be observing his work in DC. We have had someone posting hearsay on here about West, which has not been proven factually.

Also this post is not for starting a battle amongst ourselves. This is a way for us to work together to vett POTUS candidates

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Why not Rubio and Palin? Looks good to me.
There was a post, (I can't find it now. Might have been on another site.) that stated Rubios' parents were not citizens when he was born. That would make him ineligible.
Where does Trump stand on the NWO? Don't forget Communism is nothing but a system which presides over "National Monopolies." International Communism (NWO) would preside over Int'l monopolies. In a system like that, there is NO middle class. No one can get into any business which would threaten any monopoly. Have anyone noticed that "garbage collections" are being granted area monoplies. Sorta a loose collective presently, but it will strengthen. Thats just one example. Ford Motor Co. is NWO and will succeed in securing a world regional monopoly. Does anyone know where Huckabee, Trump, Newt, or any of the others stand on this topic?
It is early, but NOT PAYING ATTENTION got us where we are now.
I like West as well, I like Huckabee, too. I would just not rather have any more lawyers elected to POTUS, for the time being.
Ron Paul would be the choice for me, he knows the ins and outs and knows where the problems are, The Federal Reserve, the corruption; and where the constitution must be honored and upheld.
As a veteran (and the wife of a veteran and the daughter of a veteran) I understand the preference to have someone who has served in the military as CinC. I do not, however, want that to automatically eliminate an otherwise very qualified candidate. I care most about fiscal conservatism and integrity. And just as important, we need to concentrate on getting more Constitutional conservatives in Congress in the next election cycle. We need a majority in both houses, enough to override presidential vetoes.

I love Sarah Palin and would like to see her replace Michael Steele as RNC chairman. I think she could really rally voters around the kind of candidates we need.

Keep this in mind about SP. She is a BIG Tea party supporter and has had nothing but negatives coming out of the GOP ever since she stepped onto the stage to revitalize the candidacy of McCain. She has been a governor of one of the biggest energy producing states and managed the budget of Alaska. Compare this against McCain or Obama. Obama has only been a organizer and McCain has been a near-RINO Republican for how many years. Did you forget the McCain-Feingold disaster?

I am not saying that Sarah Palin is the best person for president, but even Bozo the Clown would have done a better job of running America than Obama has. SP has been a staunch supporter of Constitutionally savvy candidates and shown herself to have become a very articulate politician with the best of attributes.

Not so sure about Bozo; he's from Chicago too!  However, on SP, far too much opposition on both sides of the aisle; would likely only HAND the election to Obama, unless the Dems run someone else.  Personally, I think she's in HER best niche, as a "cheerleader" for the Conservatives, than trying to run, at least for the present time.  IF she had the full support on the conservative side, maybe, but as things stand now, she doesn't, and we need to field candidates who have a REASONABLE chance of garnering a large segment of the independent and possibly even some of the disgusted Dems vote, which Palin simply won't do, unless something changes radically in the next 18 months.  Better she's leading the cheering section than trying to be the candidate, for the sake of this nation, currently.  She's very GOOD at doing that, and it's sorely needed.
(Psssst. Jeff. Twana will ask you why you propose them. So get ready.)
I will put my bet for Sarah Palin. Her achievements in Alaska speaks for her. And do not underestimate electorate which is fed up with men at least for past twenty years. She is a mom and with her could indentify many women. Her draw back is that she has no military service ( but she knows how to shoot). Another imperfection is her knowledge of the international politics and her knowledge past the US border generally. But I believe, she is able to pick up very good VP and advisors. I cross my fingers for her. By the way, without bragging I was right about John Kennedy, than Bob Kennedy after Johnson, unfortunately assasinated before he had a chance. I predicted Ronald Reagan 8 years before he become the best president in modern time, with everybody telling me that he will be too old and who would like to vote for the movie actor.
I like Duncan Hunter, a real conservative. He has governmental experience and a military record...he got a bad shake in the last election as the progressives pushed the RINO ticket and dismissed Hunter



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