Constitutional Emergency

The Steele led GOP and main stream media are already trying to run the same crap they have been for years. We The People need to run who we want. So lets get to work.

List men we should vett for POTUS candidates. I would also suggest we should not have a CIC that has never served in our military.

Add facts (not hearsay) with reliable linked url references so information can be verified. Add what your opinions are, based on facts, on people as Presidential candidates for 2012.

My first choice right now is Allan West. I make note West may not run. He has never said he would. I along with many others will be observing his work in DC. We have had someone posting hearsay on here about West, which has not been proven factually.

Also this post is not for starting a battle amongst ourselves. This is a way for us to work together to vett POTUS candidates

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we do need to get rid of the electoral college. All they do anyway is to put in for the one they had already decided on .
Not sure that would work with all the voting fraud already currently a problem in the system just now. I fear, we need the added "protection" of the electoral college just now.
I sorta favor John Bolton at this time. He has the creds and the cajones to call a spade a spade!
We have some very good possibilities-Ron Paul, Bob Barr,Oliver North,even Newt Gingrich
If they pull the same nonsense this next time around, I will definitely vote a third party candidate
Next time will be too late Denis. It may be too late already. If the coming "Republican House" don't bring charges against the # 1 guru it,l be too late. The Congress isn't filled with men of substance any more. They are a collection of empty barrels which should be sitting in dusty barns. Not sitting in the halls of congress where the destiny of our lives, our liberties and our properties are at stake.
The only thing dead wood good for is putting in the fireplace. It'll keep you warm but it burns off too fast. lets get the dead wood outta there
Paul keep your powder dry and one in the chamber
I am voting third any way. The Rebubs are no good and the demoncats are even worse.
Peter I firmly believe they need to remove him from office, and void any &all actions because of his illigitimatly holding this office. This includes his appointment of Supreme court Justices. I also believe that most members of Congress have commited Treason,and should face those charges. I am not happy with Newt over the New York election either, and one of my favorite people is Oliver North. Now comes the third party vote-if they do it again Im done, I will abandon the Republican Party , and if they do not move swiftly to end Obamacare, and possibly his presidency Im done with them anyway. My rifle will sit ready at my door

This is/has been a great discussion. First let me say I am very happy to rub shoulders with those whom love America, love defending the Constitution which is the tie that binds our States in the United States of America.
In my prayers at night I ask God to bless you, to bless America and to somehow uphold our U.S. Constitution.

Personally I know we are headed for some very dark times, but those times will be necessary to get to the light. Of course I think of patriots of America now as perhaps living at the bottom of a coal mine that has us tramped with an explosion overhead of the socialist/Marxist agenda meant literally to suck the air out from whence we breath- killing us all - killing all the patriots of the United States.

Thank you for your kind comments on my last post. There is not a bunch of patriots I'd rather be trapped with.

Some discussion is pertinent on where exactly we are headed to perhaps grasp what we should do. Mr. Arnie Rosner wrote well, when he wrote “We have some unfinished business”, and that is Obama’s eligibility, and Ms. Twana Blevins wrote well also saying ‘there were many issues’ to focus on and that Obama’s not the only one in the socialist/Marxist swamp.

This is precisely why what Mr. Paul Powell said is so true, “ We need to do this before the Country is turned over to the U.N. for burial or worse”

I think what Mr. Harry Riley asked about a third party candidate can be answered in the ‘affirmative’. I do believe there are enough democrats who will swing away from the tree and enough republicans who have begun to question the U.N.’s interventions in their own party enough to swing.

We must not forget that Party Power was installed by “We The People” and we can move it. Here’s an campaign add I ran for U.S. Senate this year that detailed that “party power” and the deception of it.

Moving quickly is a good idea in the discussion and contemplations. Now I’d like to just throw something out there for thought. We are about 5,000 members and believe scattered across the United States but unified on a thought “ the Constitutional crisis we face”.

I did not hear really any opposition to my post about Obama’s and McCain’s eligibility. The writing on the wall very strongly suggest a couple of obvious things. People like the “popularity” factor of candidates, wish for more principle, and hope that these politicians who are popular muster a patriot bone in their body and do the right thing.

Don’t deceive yourself. Any politician who has not opposed Obama’s eligibility when it is out there in the main stream now as it is, doesn’t have the salt to do what it takes to lead this nation. The biggest concern for, shall I call us ‘the common folks’, is that we can’t win as a ‘third party’ because of ‘fear’ that we won’t get enough democrats or republicans to cross over.

I say to that, I still believe the bread basket of the United States consist of United States Citizens who count that citizenship higher on the totem-pole then their political party. Getting to my point, many people have faulted Palin for being under the China - Soros thumbs. It stands to reason the “money follows ‘popularity’, as a good investment.
This in and of itself SHOULD tell US, the people power is the money penny, as James Bond 007 would say, “ and every cent of it”. So often 3rd Parties have got off to a ‘late start’ and it has been an Achilles heel for them. I know that before Ross Perot pulled out over threats to his family, he was on one heck of strong running train. He had money, but lacked spine and Americans’ saw it exposed and waivered at his hand on the reins.

Before you pick a candidate, you do have to ask yourself a serious question, is this person who is going to have to disrupt ‘the establishment’ and refocus the ‘money train’, (which can be done simply on a popularity rush) going to be able to go the distance?

Are they willing to sacrifice their family and themselves? That takes most of the people being considered in this discussion out of the equation. You talk about ‘American’s” not caring, well it’s a well known fact that’s the pool of which we have been choosing our politicians for a very long time.

I know in my heart that if we have a fearless leader willing to stand up against Obama’s eligibility that there are people in power who will follow that lead, Senator Michele Bachman, even Palin would suit up if ‘the people” picked someone with enough balls to take Obama on his eligibility.

The real secret here is not really a secret. I firmly believe if a “group of Patriots” like this got together and firmly planted roots down for a candidate for President like myself, who didn’t hesitate filing against McCain and Obama, and testified as a Presidential Candidate in 2008 with standing against Obama in the CIA Columbia Obama Trial, that other patriot groups across America would follow suit.

It would be creating “popularity”, and money would soon follow to make it very competitive with the democrat and republican establishments, and the air is ripe with discust for both parties far more than it was when Ross Perot ran.

One thing everyone would know:
I didn’t support taking Obama & McCain to task on eligibility because it was popular, but because it was the right thing to do in defending the Constitution. You know, if it wasn't me and it was someone else who had actually stood up against Obama and put anything down on paper about it in a court of law, I'd sleep a whole lot better knowing there was a real guard standing at the front gate of the Whitehouse when the U.N. decided to make their move on the U.S.

We all know a President is only one man, and while he is President, it surely takes many around him who are also willing to work the details. I always recall Roosevelt standing up standing up out of his wheel chair at the men sitting around the table saying we couldn't strike at the heart of Japan. Real courage is rare and can anyone think of a time when we need it more than we do right now or remember a time when it was needed and so damn rare with these politicians?

The actions I have taken in the past are more than words, they are deeds that actually form a security and insulation on everyone’s support and a protection of money invested. How many politicians’ live and die on “polls”, and decide to curtail their positions around them? Case in point, McCain in his last re-election- anyone remember, “ Ok…Ok.. I’ll get the post for the "border fence" you bet!”. This is the language of the politicians your picking in this discussion. They will do what's 'popular', and if the Constitution isn't popular, well to bad so sad?

That is where all these politicians are right now, and short of someone coming in from the outside who actually makes the Constitution popular, who leads the country in a constitutional direction by something more than empty promising words, and little or no action in that direction, where do you suppose we will end up?

Now many citizens don’t get involved in politics until the last minute, but I’d like to think we are dealing here at Patriots For America with the cream that has risen to the top when it comes to patriotism. I firmly believe if a group like this picked someone “out of the political arena” for a ‘change’, who has been in this fight since the very beginning…. That , That is not only something to get behind, but it is worthy from the beginning and able and willing to go the distance.
When that happens… here is what will happen.

Anyone remember Tin Cup, the golf movie? The interest of the ‘support’ will spread… ‘anyone hear of this guy?’ No, he’s a pro, but no one has given him any credibility. But he’s actually got a golf swing good enough for the best round in PGA history! He’d been on a driving range from Salamay, Texas and got involved with the U.S. Open, the most democratic tournament in the world. If you have a 2 under handicap you can run.

Well, our forefathers didn’t make the qualifications of U.S. President educational, or scholastic, or for that matter corporate. In other words you didn’t have to be a U.S. Senator first, or a member of the House. You only have to be a ‘natural born citizen’, and 35 years old. Its really astonishing to me that Obama and McCain failed these simple qualifications and became party nominees with the ‘corporate ladder’ as a ‘silent qualification’ over and above the one’s listed in the Constitution itself.

The idea here is we have a responsibility to 'make the Constitution' popular, by supporting a candidate, if necessary, completely outside the relm of the political arena, and that is We The People's right, because our Constitution says so.

If you have a straw poll or anything, I’d be honored to be included.

Cody Judy
Taking A Stand-The Conservative Independent Voice
I am not sure Palin is the candidate for Pres. But show me how many of these candidates where ever invited into Mr Graham's house for dinner. She was and he believes her to be a Christian, NO ARMY CAN STAND AGAINST THE LORD!


Choose your Candidate the SWORD or the WORD.



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