The Steele led GOP and main stream media are already trying to run the same crap they have been for years. We The People need to run who we want. So lets get to work.

List men we should vett for POTUS candidates. I would also suggest we should not have a CIC that has never served in our military.

Add facts (not hearsay) with reliable linked url references so information can be verified. Add what your opinions are, based on facts, on people as Presidential candidates for 2012.

My first choice right now is Allan West. I make note West may not run. He has never said he would. I along with many others will be observing his work in DC. We have had someone posting hearsay on here about West, which has not been proven factually.

Also this post is not for starting a battle amongst ourselves. This is a way for us to work together to vett POTUS candidates

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a perfect site

Too many of the candidates listed DON'T have enough information presented, and those that DO have it there have been the source obviously, rather than some independent investigative agency, which makes me question the validity; especially about Obama and some of the more questionable ones presented.

 America faces Lt. Col. Terry Lakin Week While Obama's in Smoke & Mirrors


Cody Judy



And this is why a third party is viable at this time. We need a place for those people to flock too. It is too hard to subplant a dyed in the wool Republican as evidenced this round of elections. Too many people whether moderate Democrats or Independents won't sign onto the Republican party, knowing the kind of shenanigan's that are played out in the GOP.

Has anyone of these candidates demanded proof of Natural Born ? Not one to my knowledge and we have a true AMERICAN HERO in Leavenworth because of it. So ask each other who then, I have written almost all,and called with "NO" response.


Allen West has a good talk but where is the CHALLANGE TO NATURAL BORN?

Sara Palin is all talk just like Glen Beck, give me the name of one just one political elected official in the last year that speaks the TRUTH.

I am venting sorry.




God Bless LCOL Lakin!
What is the consensus on West?
He says he won't run.  I wish he would, if only as VP.
Herman Cain is the man. I honestly think he will be as close as any of us older folks will get in our lifetimes to another Ronald Reagan.
Not entirely sure about that 9-9-9 plan but at least he's got SOMETHING on the table,which is WAY ahead of the rest of the pack, except Ron Paul, and some of what he put out today is good. Still, I suspect he's too far right to draw in the disgruntled Dems and the non-affiliated or Independent voters needed to defeat Obama, which MUST be a priority too.  I agree, at this time Cain does look like the best shot we have available.  I still think if we could get West on board as his VP, to balance the military and foreign affairs aspect a bit,  since serving in foreign nations  West had to deal with their governments and military too, both allies and enemies, he has that experience that Cain doesn't, it would be an unbeatable team FOR America.



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