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What Should Be Done?

Posted: 23 Feb 2011 10:59 PM PST

A FEW MONTHS ago, in an extended conversation about Islam with a friend of a friend, after quite a bit of writing back and forth, he asked, "What do you think should be done?" The following is what I wrote back. The reason I'm writing this is because I think many of the people we talk to haven't given it much thought and don't really know what kind of solution you have in mind when you're talking about Islam, and I think sometimes they react in a way that rejects the solutions they assume you must have in mind. So it's worthwhile to let people know what you think ought to be done about it. They might have an easier time listening to what you have to say about Islam.

One of the things my friend of a friend mentioned was how comforting it is to know that most Muslims don't like terrorism. With all that in mind, here is how I answered him:

That's a good question. What is the solution? I think basic knowledge would be a good first start. Most people know almost nothing about Islam, even in the CIA and FBI. Even among politicians. I don't know all the solutions we'll come up with, but I know we'll make better solutions if we know what we're really dealing with.

If more of us knew more about Islam, I think we'd be less likely to make mistakes like foolishly allowing Sharia law to be written into the constitutions of both Iraq and Afghanistan. That was a big mistake. I don't believe it would have happened if more non-Muslims had read the Koran.

When someone in Afghanistan was going to be killed for converting out of Islam (apostasy is illegal, punishable by death under Sharia law), the U.S. State Department said, "Hey, what are you doing? Your constitution says you have freedom of religion." To which Afghans said, "Yes, freedom of religion within the bounds of Sharia law." The people in the State Department didn't know what they were dealing with.

So I think we need to at least know. That would be a start.

I think Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Norway are on the right track: They have explicitly banned Sharia law.

And I think another good thing to add would be the flex fuel bill that is now in committee. It probably won't get voted in this round, but a new bill will eventually be proposed and it should be done. It has the potential to seriously cut off funds to Saudi Arabia, which is a major source of our problems with Islam. They fund many madrassas and mosques around the world, and because they pay for them, they control what is taught there, and they are teaching orthodox Islam: Hatred of non-Muslims, political action, Sharia law for all, etc.

According to this article in the Wall Street Journal, Saudi Arabia controls an unbelievable 90% of the world's Islamic institutions. We need to cut off their money, and introducing mandatory flex fuel capabilities in cars sold in America would allow fuels to compete, which would bring down prices and take money away from Saudi Arabia.

We need more people who know more about Islam so that we can have more and better solutions to its growing influence.

I don't really want anything from Muslims. I want non-Muslims to stop pretending the problem doesn't exist. I want non-Muslims to discover that Islam is not a religion of peace and stop trying to pretend it is.

The biggest Muslim organizations in America — ISNA, CAIR, MSA, etc. — have all been created as arms of the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest international Muslim organization in the world. And they have said in internal documents that violent acts of terror are tactically foolish against America. 9/11 set their agenda back because it caused Americans to learn more about Islam. So they have revamped their strategy to keep a low profile, to infiltrate, to undermine and to sabotage. Terrorism against America doesn't work. We're not the kind of people who cower in fear and comply. Overt acts of violence against us make us aggressive.

Anyway, the fact that Muslims hate terrorism isn't as comforting as it ought to be.

And I agree with you, we should not overreact. And we should completely reject collective punishment, abandonment of reason, and we must keep the rule of law. I am advocating first and most importantly that people read the Koran. I think non-Muslims should know what's in it, mainly because so many non-Muslims assume they know what's in it and are dangerously mistaken. And I think you really have to read the whole thing to get the full impact of this amazing doctrine.

I don't think advocating knowledge is an overreaction.

I think in hundreds of little ways, once non-Muslims know what Islam is about, all the political insinuations of Islamic law into Western democracies will be curtailed, without bloodshed and without hatred. It will just be stopped because we can see what is motivating it, we understand what's behind it, and we don't want any part of it, now that we know what it is.

The Muslims-in-name-only can go on about their lives without any trouble — and without even knowing anything is going on. The active, orthodox Muslims will find themselves curbed whenever they try to limit freedom of speech or infiltrate the FBI or any of the other things they've been able to get away with because so few people know even the most basic information about Islam.

One place we differ is that you think things are already getting better, and I think things are getting worse. Muslim infiltrators with a political objective (Islam's prime directive) have gotten into the military, the FBI, the CIA, and actually advise President Obama just as they did with former President Bush. Why? Because even people at that high level believe the nonsense that Islam is a religion of peace. Muslims are gaining control of cities in Europe, the "radicals" are regaining control in Turkey and Egypt, they are gaining control of Lebanon, Malaysia, and Indonesia. They are exerting influence over American media, Hollywood movies, what's written in American textbooks, and it goes on and on and on. Not much is getting better. And lots of things are getting worse. And I'm an optimist!

I think your attitude that "things are getting better" is just another way to try to put this issue in a box so you don't have to worry about it any more. Throughout this conversation you seem to have tried your best to come up with anything you could think of to avoid having to accept the existence of something you don't want to be true. It reminds me of that scene from the first Terminator movie.

Kyle Reese has been sent back from the future to protect Sarah Connor, but she thinks she will just get away from the terminator and go on about her life. She was refusing to get it. Didn't want to get it. Does this sound familiar?

Kyle finally grabs her wrists and yells at her: "Listen! That terminator is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely WILL NOT STOP — EVER — until you are DEAD!"

At that point, she doubled over. All the breath went out of her body. It looked like she'd been punched in the stomach. She finally realized her situation. She stopped resisting it and started thinking about what could be done about it.

It seems to me you're not there yet. You still think you can go on with your life and ignore it. Everything will be okay.

But it will not stop. It will keep getting worse until it intrudes on your life in a way you can't ignore. You're a smart man. I believe some day you will get it, and it will hit you hard. But after that point, you'll stop resisting it and start thinking about what should be done about it.

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ALSO; there are a plethora of churches across America that are not glorifying their Savior by doing good works. There are many, many good pastors, however there also exists a host of them that just don't want to offend by informing their parishioners of available materials like these on the subject. We have had NO State Religion here in America, ( Maybe Corruption would qualify); no way should the Muslims coming here think that they should prevail and make Islam just that. Islam being a THEOCRACY Can NOT and MAY NOT exist here as it is practiced in The "Peaceful Mid East". We have No time to disect the differences between sects, and we all must come to the REALIZATION that Head Choppings, Stonings, Honor Killings and wives who are 10th class citizens IS NOT EXTREME....It Is FUNDAMENTAL. Now, can they live here without wanting to turn over the apple cart? I say the states make laws outlawing the public-civic manifestation of Islam-Sharia to where it interferes with what we know to be the fabric of American life. In order to get the legislators to confront this we will have to Inform them, Badger them and PROTECT(! ! !)) them so they can do the job. We are talking city, county and state level. Do You Want a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC or a CALIPHATE. As with many issues we are confronting...The Time is NOW. .
The Communist domed down the population for forty years they did a great job most Americans can not connect the dots.

Mean while gas prices and the cost of food just keeps getting higher and higher.they have already infiltraded in the highest of all places our White House,they have taken over our news media,those that are for WE THE PEOPLE,are far and few inbetween,yet they will listen to us and are in a position to pass legistration and laws to help protect us,,,,cost of arabic fuel,start a petition to become a law that gasoline in your State will not be over$1.50 a gallon,question food prices or boycott,food products they cannot sit on or it will go bad,better bad for them than us above all else KEEP the job you have no matter how bad it gets,you sure do not want the government in control of you and your familys lifes.

  We must fight this fire with a bigger fire in order to contain it,I do not understand why this so called President has  not been arrested on charges of treason against the United States or yanked from office as he has already admitted to being  born in Africa which is against  The United  States Constitution ,infiltration  was locked into place the day , he was innaugerated,he  has admitted to being a muslim,the very same we are fighting,He must be arrested before his term ends,no other course of action will suffice,


 I think we all know what is about to happen and we all know it is not going to be pretty,But right now we still have a chance to peacefully put some things in our favor,trickory over a period of time gets exposed and they have been exposed and if they keep pushing I am without a doubt they will get to find out just how good those twelve virgins in the here after will be for them,things are NOT good right now in the good 'ol U.S.A.,WE know where the cancer is and WE know how to get rid of it! 
the way i see it and have seen it since 9-11 is that 2 seconds after we found out Islam was responsible for the tradgedy we should have seized all their accounts both business and personal shut down all their mosques/weapons supply centers/propaganda machines and deported them to their respective countries. No I don't believe there are moderate muslims. We can't afford to hold that belief because as soon as we think so and so muslim is moderate the next thing we have is what just happened in texas or the tragic event at fort Hood. Get rid of Islam in our country until further notice. I am also of the belief that if islam was eradicated from the planet 90% of the worlds problems go wiith it.
You are absolutely right Shawn about all You have stated above!!! Also, I know that it is not opinion but fact as to the 90% of the world`s problems disappearing, with the destruction of islam!!! However, as You stated above concerning what we should have done 2 seconds after 9/11, those are issues that we need to focus on as well as closing this country to these people and exporting the rest!!! It is not a yesterday thing that we should have done but a must do now thing for the preservation of our Lives and Freedom!!! Seems as though everyone is on the same page, at least on here as far as islam, and the ideas are excellent, but what we need to do is enforce it all, so that no one will ever be allowed to use our own constitution against us again!!! Most of all by getting together and enforcing this, so we will get rid of every last drop of islam from our Country!!! Again, these people do not belong here!!!
"GOOGLE" CHAMBERS of COMMERCE all across the nation send them the literature that exposes the MUSLIM MENACE.  E-MAIL them attach what you have.  Make the title of your E-Mail a Plea for THEIR CHILDREN"S AMERICA.  Put links in your e-mail that expose the MENACE for what it is.  As Twana said, tell them that organizations like CAIR are handing out "Watered Down Korans" that do NOT Describe the violence permitted in their THEOCRATIC Religion ! ! !   - , ,
Right on Seaangel.  Consider we interpret the word ENFORCE and How the Muslims interpret it. So if Obama succeeds in getting ISLAM - SHARIA firmly implanted here, what judges do you think will begin to acquire authority...and start to ENFORCE and quickly.  Now if we don't want that, what had we better do regarding our own system of jurisprudence? ONLY by getting OUR Corrupt Judges to adhere to their CONSTITUTIONAL OATH and apply the law as it is intended will we prevent Our system of Jurisprudence from being supplanted by SHARIA. Our power as a people to enforce LEGALLY starts with OUR Judiciary a quick coordinated, simultaneous cleaning is in order while we go about confronting the rest of the mess.
I have been e-mailing Indiana state legislators to get bills in to reject Sharia law, along with English only, which has finally passed.  Your example using Sara Connor is perfect.  This needs to be in a video and sent to your legislators too.  Let them know that ignorance IS NOT bliss when it is endangering our lives, our children and grandchildren s lives

If you all think that this Islam and Sharia Law thing is bad, and it is bad.   You need to check out something else that is looming on the horizon.   Go to:  and check out  UNCRC  (UNITED NATIONS CONVENTION for the RIGHTS of the CHILD).  


This government wants to take control of our children by transferring our authority as parents to raise our children as we see fit from us and give that authority to an 18 member panel of "EXPERTS" that are already seated in Geneva, Switzerland.  This is a real threat to the American family.  Every country in the world except 2 countries (one of them being the United States) has signed onto the Treaty for the Rights of the Child.  This treaty will if signed by the US become the "SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND",  and local law enforcement officers and officials will be forced to enforce the rules and guidelines set forth by this "PANEL OF 18" (A FOREIGN ENTITY WILL NOW BE IN CHARGE OF HOW WE RAISE OUR CHILDREN).


 I for one do not want government either domestically and especially not internationally to dictate how I raise my children.  This information is not being broadcast by the major media outlets and those in favor of this want to have the US sign this soon as early as this spring 2011, not 2012.  How would you like a government case worker to be assigned to each child you have and we are talking about at birth,  that follows each child's "CARE" throughout it's childhood to insure that the parents are abiding by the "GUIDELINES".  


All it takes is 67 Senators (2/3 majority of the Senate, plus the signature of the "USURPER OBAMA" ) to sign onto this and it becomes Supreme Law of the Land.  Since this is a Constitutional Issue the House of Representatives is not in the picture,  just the US Senate.  wants a Constitutional Amendment in the US Constitution to protect the rights of parent and they have drafted such an amendment and you can view it on their website.  If we get the amendment passed, they will not be able to sign this UN Treaty for the Rights of the Child.


Right now on the website it only shows that 7 Senators have signed on as pledge signers to the Parental Rights Amendment.  We need all parents and grandparents to sign the petition for the Parental Rights Amendment.  Or even if you are not a parent at all but are tired of the government's intrusion into our lives.


I encourage all that read this to get informed about this issue because it will drastically change our country.  Visit    There is a map of the USA on the website click on your state and see where your Senators stand and if they haven't signed on as a pledge signed for the amendment contact them and ask them to.  Be firm, but kind. Let them know you are greatly concerned about this treaty and want an amendment added to the Constitution to stop it.  


The amendment to the US Constitution goes through both houses of Congress and the UN Treaty only has to go through the Senate.  It is critical that you contact your Representatives, but most critical your Senators.  


Also, please be aware that there is a 91 minute video documentary called "The Child: America's Battle for the Next Generation" that is available for viewing and the trailer is on the website.  You can also set up a screening of this video at your church or home or civic center, etc,.... through the website.


If you have any question you may contact me at


Thank you and may God still have mercy on the United States of America




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