What to do if Congress and the Usurper Obama leave DC on 5/16/14

I do not think the elected officials will stick around while we are in DC.

Would our rally be  in vain if we " gave a protest and nobody came ( gov. ) ? "

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THAT WLD. BE GREAT. Once their gone, we can keep them gone. Then they can't DO anything.Grand jury indictments could come next.

We just need to inform all we know whether they like it or not.  It is their country, too.  They have a right not to believe it, but most of the people I know have responded with a great big thanks and are so appreciative.  Not everyone is going to face reality--it has not happened in their life time, they are not too informed on our history or history of the world, so they deny what in inevitable.  Lord God, please touch these people with your wisdom and save them--if they are not save--for all eternity.  I pray for the lost, the uninformed, the duped, the ones who lack wisdom and discernment, and most of all for Your Soldiers, Lord, I ask a special blessing upon them with Your power and Your mighty Holy Spirit to be upon them with guidance and Your wisdom.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.  +++

We restore America! Bring back our constitution and put Our Government back in its place! If we are gonna go for it, go for it all... Let FREEDOM RING!!

The congress and the WH are controlled my the real powers: the Illuminati, the Bilderbers, the trilateral Commission,

the Council of Foreign Relations , free masons. etc.  They also control the Federal Reserve which have bought up

nearly all businesses throughtout the world. In fact, the illuminati has caused most of the trouble in the world

for centuries. But, these allegarcs (sp) are being exposed more and more and in May, we must exposed them even more. They want to enslave the world but in order to do that , they have to take down the US. But the people are being educated about them and their devil worship ( Bohemian Grove ). So there has not

been much mentioning  about these bastards on this website and it should. For example, the Illuminati

has , with our tax money, built vast underground living areas about 2000 ft deep over vast distances. One of the

main areas construction has been going on is in the Ozarks where huge natural caves cover areas the size of

parts of Missouri, AR,  and OK. There are  underground roads connecting these caves and beyond clear to DC and LA and other cities like Denver, CO. ( one entrance to the underground bunker is at the DAP ). Pleae add

to this subject if you can.

If you know where all the entrances are, please find all the dynamite you can and block them--you would be doing us all a great service.  We are at war--they declared it--and the enemy is expendable.  We must fight like the underground heros did in WWII.  Motto:  "If you go down, carry someone with you."  W. S. Bryant, Sr


Yes and they have stolen trillions. They have people spraying the planet with chemtrails. What's to stop them from killing us? Is this the best plan?

They go into the holes and we seal the doors and wait .



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