Constitutional Emergency





By Chuck Baldwin
May 10, 2012

Let me start with a story. A man who had survived the great Johnstown flood died and went to Heaven. And not long after, all of the inhabitants of Heaven were allowed to take center stage and tell everyone about the most significant event that had happened to them while on Earth. The man couldn't wait to tell everyone about his surviving the great Johnstown flood. After a long wait in line, it was finally his turn. The man was so excited to tell everyone his story. But just as he was climbing the stairs to the platform, an angel leaned over to him and whispered, "Don't forget; Noah is in the audience."

I am reminded of that story when I read the Scriptural passage in Hebrews 12: "Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses." The witnesses the Apostle speaks of are the great champions who have gone on before us, which are mentioned in chapter eleven. Included by implication in the great "Hall of Faith" of Hebrews 11 are the three young Hebrews: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (verse 34, "Quenched the violence of fire.")

So, what was it that got these three young men included in this list that along with the likes of Abraham, Moses, and David? You'll find their story in Daniel chapter three. In a nutshell, they refused to bow down to the image of the king. In other words, THEY DISOBEYED A CIVIL GOVERNMENT THAT HAD BECOME TYRANNICAL. And for refusing to submit to the king, they were thrown into a burning fiery furnace.

Come to think of it, many of the people named in the Hebrews 11 "Hall of Faith" got there because of civil disobedience. Speaking of Moses, the Scripture says, "By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king." So, when did Moses forsake Egypt? When he killed the Egyptian taskmaster who was beating a Hebrew slave to death. That's when!

Rahab is also mentioned in this Biblical "Hall of Faith." Who was Rahab, and what did she do? She was a prostitute who lied to government soldiers and helped the Hebrew spies escape the city of Jericho. Gideon, Barak, Samson, and Jephthae are also listed. Who are they, and what did they do? They were men who led armed rebellions against oppressive governments to which they had been subject.

Daniel is inferred in Hebrews 11 when it says, "Stopped the mouths of lions." What did he do? He refused to submit to his civil government when commanded to not pray aloud (for only thirty days). And for refusing to submit to his government, he was cast into a den of hungry lions. Yes, God delivered Daniel from the lions and the three young Hebrews from the burning furnace of fire. But the point is, they each DISOBEYED civil government, and God brags on them for it in Hebrews 11.

So, what are all these "Romans 13-ers" going to say to Daniel, Moses, and Gideon when they get to Heaven? What are they going to say to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego? What are they going to say to those men who "overthrew kingdoms" (Heb. 11:33), "waxed valiant in combat" (vs. 34), and "turned to flight . . . armies"? (Armies are government-sanctioned, government-supported, government-ordered entities--vs. 34.)

I cannot count the number of times I have heard some TV or radio preacher say something to the effect, "Well, I'm glad we were given freedom here in the United States, but our Founding Fathers were wrong to rebel against the British Crown. According to Romans 13, they should have submitted to King George." Barf! Gag! Spit! What hypocrisy!

To all of the Romans 13 Pharisees out there, I say, if you are really going to believe and preach that garbage, at least be honest enough to stop celebrating Independence Day on July 4. It was the day when men became traitors to Great Britain and officially declared a revolutionary war. And stop flying the Stars and Stripes in your church auditoriums. It was the flag of rebellion. How dare you say America's founders violated Romans 13 in one breath and with the next breath say you thank God for the freedom that was purchased AT THE SACRIFICE OF THE BLOOD OF THE MEN YOU SAY VIOLATED ROMANS 13! Pardon me, but I just cannot think of anything that is more hypocritical than that!

And remember this about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego: it was AFTER they disobeyed their king and were thrown into the furnace of fire that they met the Son of God. It was King Nebuchadnezzar who said, "I see four men loose . . . the fourth is like the Son of God." (Daniel 3:25)

Think about it: where did Moses meet the Lord? In the wilderness by a burning bush after he had defied Egyptian tyranny by killing an Egyptian taskmaster who was beating a Hebrew slave to death. Where did Gideon meet the Lord? In a threshing floor as he willowed his grain in defiance of evil civil authority. When did Stephen meet the Lord? When political and religious leaders were stoning him to death for refusing to submit to their iniquitous injunctions. And think of this, too: where did the Lord Jesus meet man? On a bloody Roman cross--being placed there by the civil and religious rulers of His day.

Most Christians today are looking to meet the Lord in a heated or air conditioned church sanctuary with padded pews and ornate windows, with an orchestra playing and a choir singing, and fried chicken waiting for them after the service. But that's not where you're going to find the Fourth Man.

When you resist the religious Pharisees who are trying to intimidate and coerce you into submitting to their legalism and tyranny, then you will see the Fourth Man. When you resist the power establishment that demands that you accept their politically correct philosophies and ideologies, then you will see the Fourth Man. When you refuse to be bought, bribed, or bullied by the "good old boy" network that seeks to control you, then you will see the Fourth Man. When you resist your family and friends who try to shame you into abandoning the principles of liberty and freedom that God, Himself, has planted in your heart, then you will see the Fourth Man. When you are threatened and persecuted and you say, "I must obey God rather than men," then you will see the Fourth Man.

Do you really think you're going to find the One who went to a bloody cross in a meadow of roses? The only roses He knew were the ones whose thorns were smashed on his skull. You won't find him in a garden, unless it's the Garden of Gethsemane. You'll find the One who went to the Cross in the same place that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego found Him: in the Burning Fiery Furnace.

God said told us that when we pass through the floodwaters, and when we walk through the fire, we would find Him to be with us. (Isaiah 43:2)

Of course, let me be careful to say that real Christians are peacemakers. They desire to live a quiet and peaceable life with their neighbors, their civil authorities, and even with other nations. They readily recognize and respect lawful, God-ordained authority. But, at the same time, they will not surrender that which is holy and give it to swine! They absolutely will not become toadies for unlawful government that attempts to usurp the God-given authority and jurisdiction to which it has been divinely assigned!

I am often reminded of this quote from Mahatma Gandhi: "There are, I am sorry to say, many Temples in our midst in this country which are no better than brothels."

Gandhi's quote could be said of many so-called churches in America today, for they, too, have become little more than glorified brothels that pimp for the government. "Submit! Obey! Don't resist!" they constantly preach. I wonder what they will say one day to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego?

P.S. Let me wish all of our wonderful mothers out there a very Happy Mother's Day! I thank God for my mother. I wish she were still here, so I could personally tell her that I love her.

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He is right. One day I was at Walmart, I thought man now I have been working so hard today and now I am hearing a voice. The Voice had said I am God and I need to speak to you. I thought maybe I was going nuts. I got out of my car and started walking a paper flew in my face from the wind being so strong all of a sudden. On the small piece of paper it said this is God please speak to me. I said geeze God I am tired and this is getting weird cause God I do not have time right now anyways and I will do it later. I went into the store after ripping up the piece of paper and throwing it a way. My Mom wanted something and I forgot what to get so I tried to call on my cell phone. I was pissed I left my cell phone at home. So I had to use the pay phone. I started to use it when I looked down the same note that I tore up was was sitting there in the booth. I said I will talk to you later God and wondered how it got there in perfect condition too made my phone call while I was thinking. I went back outside after I got my moms thing she wanted. I got back in my car when I jumped when a man handed me a note and said I was told to give this to you. I looked down and read it. It was about God and a person never talking to him when he wants you to. I jumped out of my car really quickly the man had disappeared.meanwhile I asked the Gentleman next to my vehicle where did he He pointed to heaven and said omg he went up or in the air some where. The man had his mouth opened. He was shocked, I just shook my head, got back in my car  and went back home and finished the letter. Then I talked to God. Told him I am sorry I ignored you but I was in a hurry and I know that is no excuse so please forgive me.

Mr. Baldwin,

Thank you for the encouraging message for all who believe in the only one true God.  We need to keep our focus on God's will for our lives and the life of America by spending time in prayer and in His Word.  He has complete control over all the earth and may His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

How can "Men who are not enamored with political correctness or political parties and Men who do not grovel before the wealthy and affluent"... stand for a "man" that does?!

Great Post!!!

I was kicked out of a Baptist Church for standing on the Biblical priciples our fouunders lived and died by.

I run into this ALL of the time. Because I suffer from Asperger's Sydrome (High Functioning Autism), I am almost NEVER taken seriously. I DO understand our nation's history, and the blood sweat and tears upon which it was built.

On a different note, I wonder what is going to happen Between May 21 & May 24, when the joint American & Russian "training" exercises begin at Denver Airport, CIA Headquarters, and an NSA facility in Utah. Please forgive my inadequate autistic brain, but WHAT IN THE HELL ARE REGULAR RUSSIAN MILITARY TROOPS DOING ON U.S. SOIL IN THE FIRST PLACE, TO SAY NOTHING OF THEM BEING ON PREMISES AT THREE OF OUR COUNTRIES' MOST IMPORTANT FACILITIES??!!!

Speaking of God, I PRAY I'm wrong in my thoughts here, but this seems like an awfully "convenient" situation under which OBAMA-BIN-LADEN could declare an emrgency and implement NDRP!


I invite others to comment on my post.

if it's true that the russian troops are here, it can only be to facilitate in the islam (=nwo) takeover... it won't take long for this nwo to self destruct (with a little help from the russians of-course), the russians will just walk in and the world will be an oyster for the russian federation (better than islam, but we won't live to see it).

I don't expect an NDAA § 1022 or NDRP event to occur week after next.  It's too early for that.

But I do expect continuing moves of surrender to America's traditional enemies, even to the weakest ones, because the U.S. is being ever more subjected to a communist dictator with Is|amist sympathies, one whose loyalties are to everyone except the U.S. and Americans, the usurper who is Constitutionally ineligible for the Office of President, not being a natural born Citizen, a citizen born in the country of citizen parents,  The U.S. has been and is being looted and pillaged, disempowered and dismantled, humbled and brought low, her moral strength being corrupted and her currency being debauched, her real assets rendered to her global competitors, and her liabilities multiplied upon her citizens working for and saving ever-devaluing dollars.

Yes, week after next, there will be Russian troops at the new NSA datacenter near Bluffdale, Utah, at the CIA spydrome at Ft. Collins, Colorado, and commandeering the Denver airport.  But this is not new, just more in-your-face than before, as Americans are being acclimated to being controlled by global forces on U.S. soil, in an America which is surrendering her sovereignty to a Eurocentric global government, one which cannot even protect itself from Is|amist terrorists, much less its satellites and market partners. 

Mr. Obama already signaled Israel's enemies that he would let Israel fend for herself; he told the Russians that he would unilaterally disarm 80% of U.S. nuclear weapons and do more after re-election unties his hands; he is leaving Canada vulnerable and hanging out to dry before the Russians; China's superior submarines launched a missile off Los Angeles to threaten the U.S. against further devaluing the dollar; he is doing little or nothing to protect South America, Central America, Mexico and the southern U.S. from Venezuela-based Iranian offensives, much less the illegal alien invasion; and he appears to be in league with the Mexican drug-and-human-smuggling cartels and the Andean cocaine exporting cartels, supervising the sale of ~2500 automatic weapons and Barrett .50 cal sniper rifles to America's enemies in the war on drugs, which has taken a back seat to the war on Is|amist terrorism, and he wants to walk away from.even that in Iraq and Afghanistan, maybe even in Islamberg (near Hancock, NY) and Dearbornistan.

It was nothing new when then-Pres. George W. Bush let the Baathists transfer 70 semi-tractor-trailer loads of chemical, biological, and radiological weapons from Baathist Saddam Hussein to Baathist Bashar al-Assad, removing NBC toxins from caches around Baghdad to bury them in the Bakaa Valley of Lebanon, the headwaters of the Galilee and the Jordan, Israel's water supply. It was nothing new when then-Pres. Bill Clinton accepted thirty pieces of silver $300,000 to fund his 1996 campaign, in exchange for authorizing Hughes and Loran to sell inertial guidance systems to the Chinese for their ICBMs. I could continue with previous Presidents, but just as it was nothing new, it was no secret either. Treachery and treason are now the order of the day, as if priming mankind for the hatred and betrayal (Matthew 24:9-12) that will be during the Tribulation Period, between the Rapture of all Christians and the Second Coming of Christ.

Before Memorial Day, the Rooshians will get valuable practice storming the fortresses of the NSA and the CIA.

Before Independence Day, the Congress may be surrendering control of the federal debt ceiling to the Federal Reserve, and the Fed in turn may be surrendering control of the valuation of the dollar to the international, primarily European, banksters from whom America struggled to free herself for over two and a quarter centuries, until the current usurpation.

Before Labor Day, the U.S. military may be disarming the "belligerents" in preparation for martial law, in case the present usurpation should see the need to suspend the elections rather than lose control of the government.

Before Armistice Day, the anti-president and the anti-American government may be bringing the hammer down: nationalizing private capital and private property;
instituting rationed health care, mandatory population control, euthanasia, and abortion as the state sees fit;
interning the rebels, belligerents, and malcontents in the FEMA labor and reeducation camps, and redistributing the wealth thus liberated to members, friends, and servants of the anti-American government;
bringing to a close "the American way of life" and bringing to life the new way of global harmony and coexistence; and
eliminating opposition to the anti-American government, stilling dissident communications and isolating dissident thought, closing schools and churches and social institutions, except those that exist to benefit the anti-American state and those that are in compliance with and subjected to the anti-American government.

Then, by March 23, 2013, agents of the anti-American government can begin (or complete, either one) chipping the sheeple, like, well, sheep, but ostensibly for their own benefit with their medical histories, only later activating the RF implants with banking and commercial applications like debit and credit cards and  GPS monitoring like cellphones.

Now ignore the dates, which are arbitrary, and instead of reading and writing on the Internet, PRAY and DO SOMETHING!



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