What would you do if you where outside in your yard and all of a sudden you heard a helicopter and it sounded like it was 2 about 2 miles away and coming in your direction at about 800 feet high



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Another very important reminder! Never ever tell online what you have as far as weapons, ammo nor any supplies. And definitely never give away your bug out location.


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Charles  you  got  that  right,  as  long  as  there's  no  gun  turret  sticking  OUT..!!

I have been out in my yard when I've heard helos approaching quickly at 800 feet.  Usually it's the CHP cruising a couple of miles off the freeway so they can get into position without being seen.  That isn't much of a bother.  Occassionally, we'll have the CHP Helo circling overhead or hovering, which usually turns out to be helping another LE agency (e.g. Sheriff, Police, etc.) in a chase, or whatever.  Fugitives like getting lost in our subdivision.  What does bug me is the the Department of Agricultures Huey with the 50 cal guns in the doors flying low overhead on thier Interagency Drug raids looking for marijuana groves.  It's unnerving, and it's hard to tell if it is just a drug run, or something else is about to happen.  This being the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia, one can never be too sure...

What is the situation Marshall Law,War or ect ... ??

We use to pop off Yellow smoke to mark us as friendly ,and not NVA .

Not up on the technology in todays choppers thermal image ..ect ..

Twana : With all Due respect ? This is a hard question to answer INHO with out more intel ? Even seasoned combat Vets in a front line position would not freak at the sound of any type of bird flying in the proxicimity of their position ? I would be more concerned when the craft stopped and was hoovering ? I bird flying severl hundred yards from a guard post or fortified position would not cause GQ to be sounded ? I would never be disrespectful of you . However The sound of a chopper would mean more in an area that had no choppers normally in that area ? I can't honestly say I would do anything other than observe and decide as events dictated as the chopper would mean different things according to the enviorment and events of the day as to why the chopper was flying was flying ?


May I inquire as to the response you were expecting and halp me to understand the urgency of a chopper flying over head ? If it were say after there had been full blow fire fights the are we to presume that we as patriots will have secure zones that are considered free zones where there is a no fly zone since we as Patriots atleast in the beginning will have little if any air support and the last thing we would want is for untraind men and women to be shooting at everything flying ? How do we know friendly or foe ? Who would call the shots as to take down the aircraft ? Do we have a premiter set up and the chopper is a known unfriendly so then we kno what to do and it is not there to drop off supplies ? the most dangerous thing we could do is put a rifle in the hands of every trigger happy Patriot that wants blood ! Because that is just what we will get is a lot of blood and a lot of friendly fire blood to go with that ? In my area to my knowledge there is not even one platoon size organized Militia group and this means that we will not even know who is a Patriot and who is an infiltrator and who is an aggressor ?


I feel all of these factors must be taken into consideration before that question has a definitive answer ?


Please help me to undderstand the direction you wanted this disicussion to go ? There have been a few post made but IMHO ther were like a fart in a whirlwind  ? senseless and not much thought given to them other than hey there goes another chopper ? As most civilians would do and from what I have seen until there is a chain of command and someone giving order to an rank and file group of train fighters there is not much to be expected from Joe Blow ?


WHen battle hardened combat troops will sit and not even flinch at the sound of a mortor going off a 100 yards away because they can almost tell you where it is going by the sound it makes when fired and besides that you hear the mortor coming and you know it is carring explosive ordance ? How would this same man react to a chopper flying sevelar hundred yards away ? 

Agree Sgt. need more intel..

Alot of combat situations are simular ,but they all different in their own way.

I think if things were in a different place, like martial law - we'd all take it more seriously - we see helos all the time and they hover close due to whatever is going on.  We've watched the nightly news media with the police above shining a light down to assist their fellow officers on the ground and we've seen the news able to focus in on a riot, fire, etc.  Now, if martial law were in place, I think I would be concerned and try to find a place to hide.  It is something I've thought of, but not in a 'right now, gotta do it' scenario..  It may be time to change my thoughts here. 

Actually Twana, I don't think you're wasting your time - it's questions like these that make many of us say - "Yes, I guess it's time to think this one through"  but I am not very experienced with the different sounds the helicopters make.  I can tell the military ones because the whump whump of the blades is heavier than the civilian ones, but that's about it in my personal experience.  As far as 'hiding' I don't think there are many places to go that can't be invaded by heat seeking devices that can find people.  So, seriously, what would you suggest?

Only a person knowledeable in the difference in the sound of the craft can determine if it is friend or foe.  Med evac, news as normal civilian helicopters have a different sound than a military one.


If flying solo, best bet is to become abscent in a very well concealed (as in infared detection protected) place as far & fast as possible. Do some history studies and consider what others have done in modern times. The Viet Cong were masters of disappearing in small numbers, but in larger numbers the 2 mile warning sound allowed for set up of prepared positions to defend their turf and they were pretty effective. I do not think that is a complete possiblity here & now due to the current military climate or the weapons & training available to the VC.

Preparation for any such possibility is the answer, consider all probable events and do a decision matrix to develope feasable courses of action. Prepositioned items needed at the hidey hole is also essential. Remember you're only paranoid if they are really coming for you.

If you're not looking up, don't, pay no attention, but get out of line of sight while continually moving.  Odds are there is plenty of you recorded unless you just don't get out, and unless you are doing something openly challenging they are usually training or routine back up coverage.

   Let routines change, even if only a bit, constantly, so just any change isn't an indicator, and begin systematically inspecting your environment, working it into your routine actions around home, work normal places you go and do things.  Try to use memory tricks to train yourself to notice details and to remember them.

   Read our history, find the facts, and put yourself in a mindset and think of what has been put together, and what you hold for value, and this will solidify your resolve and reassure your principles.  Use the time to observe them as well.  They will fall into routines, it is the way of bureaucracy. 

Plan on The People winning, but plan on it being tough.  Attitude is everything.

Semper Fidelis, John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret.

I would do nothing since I flew helicopters and live no too far from an Army facility that has helicopters

Well Twana, I'm not one to sit around unprepared, I keep a loaded weapon within reach at all times.  Yes on the S---ER too.....


Look around, ALL OF YOU, our historical Monument's are closed with a bunch of rent-a cops as guards.  Our military is being stripped of their powers with most of our combat troupes being kept out of country............THINK (Prepare) or keep your heads in the sand



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