Please provide your thoughts......this is the place to share your personal observations on realistic efforts we can reasonably expect to pursue that will restore constitutional government, republic principles, and how we can do it?

I believe we have one more election, if that, to make a difference in installing representatives that are ready to give their lives for the US Constitution and serve in the US Congress.

Read what others have said and share your own........

Harry Riley

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Thanks Terry.......
What do I think?
I think the time has come to take our country back from the self serving empty suits that now occupy the Capital & White House and preserve our Republic. Elect Patriots not politicians and let every state in the union reassert their 9th & 10th Amendment Rights given to us by our Constitution and tell the Federal Government to stick it! The Federal government should have two and only two jobs, provide for the National Defense and establish Foreign Policy. Thats it! Everything else is up to each state to decide. That is the way the founding fathers intended and is what is stated in the Constitution!

We need to cut every silly, ridiculous spending project. Repeal every unconstitutional Federal law and guard our Republic and our sovereignty with every thing we have at all costs.
Fill us in Larry.......
You are ALL right... We DO need to "unite" and "organize"... and we ARE doing that. BUT... that does NOT mean that we let our local groups and our local websites die away!!!

The LOCAL groups and websites have brought hundreds and thousands of people together on a REGULAR basis... local meetings, discussion groups, seminars, educational groups, and, of course, TEA PARTIES!!!

While it was the most wonderful experience in my life to be part of 9/12 D.C., I know EVERY time that I attend a local Tea Party great good is accomplished. Our group (Let Freedom Reign, in the Waterford / White Lake / Clarkston and beyond area) tries to do WEEKLY tea parties... we have had many "mini" tea parties... only 8 or 10 people... but you know what? We don't intimidate anyone, so people stop and JOIN us or stop to ask about us. We passed out about 300 fliers and had about THIRTY people stop and talk to us at a very small tea party this summer. Several of those people began attending our monthly meetings and other activities!!

So, while being "UNITED" will enable us to be more aware and more organized... and it will help to bring us together in GREAT numbers when needed, staying in our local groups also allows us a "hands-on" interaction with other Patriots that we would not find in a huge national group.

Many groups, including ours, are in the process of "UNITING without losing our autonomy.

Patriots for America is a fantastic example of how a local website can move people to action!!


Just a thought, if maintaining the framers original intention comes to another civil war, it will be the first armed conflict in history where one side will consist of mostly people over 40 and multitudes of armed women.
I think we need to continue our collective efforts. However, we are at a juncture where there really does need to be a "central" organization with well-known SOLID conservatives at the helm that all of the grassroots groups, like this one, can be part of. There are some advantages to being splintered all over the Country, but we also don't have any where near the strength with our numbers Nationally that we'd have with a single entity.

I am new to this site.
It looks good from what I have seen.
There are hundreds of sites similar to this one on the net.
So people will not be able to have time to visit them all.
You need something to draw them in.
I have an idea that might just work.
Going out of town in the morning.
If possible ....could I contact you when I get back?

As a very new member I will keep it short and to the point. I find this group very well informed and open to new members. This is where all who care about our country should be. We must band together against a common enemy or our country will be destroyed. I took an oath many years ago as you did to defend the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

I see this a domestic fight to the finish, I will do everything takes and what ever I can within the law to fight these left-wing socialists and political terrorists that have taken control of our government. Stay the course Harry give it time more will come and join the fight with us. This fight has just now getting started.
Oh, this was wonderful to watch. Praise the LORD for this occuring and for our being able to watch it as it did. Thank you.

lucy overstreet TN Patriot
WHAT was wonderful to watch?
I think it is important to keep going someone has to listen sometime. Without people organizing no one would show up. Keep up the work. I work two jobs or I would get my body involved even more. I was in D.C and Harrisburg to show my support
Col Riley, I realize that we may not have an official leader, but as of now you are our point man.
Ask for others to volunteer to join you in leadership and allow us to vote on x number of positions. I am not in a position to be in the leadership, even though I have strong feelings about keeping it simple and uniting more groups.
I don't know about others, but Lou Dobbs is well known and looking for a major project to take on. We may only know a part of his views and he may not be the right fit. But, with his name recognition and his possible interests in future politics, he may be the ideal person to contact to see where he stands and what, if anything, he would contribute to groups such as ours. If he fits, he would be a strong asset to our cause and a possible candidate for Office.
Lonnie Miller



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