Please provide your thoughts......this is the place to share your personal observations on realistic efforts we can reasonably expect to pursue that will restore constitutional government, republic principles, and how we can do it?

I believe we have one more election, if that, to make a difference in installing representatives that are ready to give their lives for the US Constitution and serve in the US Congress.

Read what others have said and share your own........

Harry Riley

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I choose my words carefully, I am not ready to go into hiding just yet will I want to shy away from the coming turmoil. I just think its is time to REALLY get organized and develop a united plan of action.
Every issue you patriots have with the de facto government is signed into law by the Constitutionally disqualified usurper, who is NOT a natural born citizen. Annulment (not impeachment) of the 2008 election because of candidates who were ineligible per the U.S. Constitution, Art. II, § 1, would go a long way toward defusing the many other problems mentioned here. Of course, if you like sweeping cobwebs continuously, leave the spider in charge.

In "Dreams From My Father," Mr. Obama stated that he was the son of Barack Obama, Sr., a Kenyan, who was in 1961 a British Protected Subject. (Kenya was a British Protectorate until her independence on Dec. 12, 1963.) He further stated that his birth was "governed by British law," which made him a British Protected Subject at birth.

How can a British Protected Subject at birth, whose birth was governed by the laws of Great Britain, be a natural born citizen of the United States? He was at best a dual citizen of the U.S. and the U.K..

For a person born outside U.S. jurisdiction to be a citizen, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 required that a U.S. citizen parent have been resident in the U.S. for 5 years after age 14 (according to the text in effect in 1961). If he was born in Kenya - "IF", whether you believe that or not - his 18-year-old mother was too young at the time to confer U.S. citizenship upon him. That made him an illegal alien upon returning to the U.S. via Canada, which could be done without a passport.

Mr. Obama preaches transparency in government. If he has nothing to hide, why has he paid attorneys millions of dollars to hide it? He paid $1.4 million between Oct. 1, 2008, and Mar. 31, 2009, and probably as much more since then, to the Perkins Coie law firm, which has represented him in gaining dismissal of lawsuits seeking to verify his Constitutional eligibility for office - dismissals based on plaintiff "lack of standing," but never on the merits of the case.
We don't need to know where he was born.
To be A Natural Born Citizen, BOTH parents MUST be United States Citizens. If one of your parents was not a citizen, say they were a legal alien with a green card, then you are a United States Citizen but NOT a NBC.
He is no better than an Anchor Baby, just as all Mexican babies born in Texas.
PFA ia a hub for information, reminders for political action and a great contact site for what is going on in other states. I am a member of a few smaller Pennsylvania patriot sites and have linked with other patriots locally for action through PFA/Constitutional Emergency. This site has been very valuable for me.

As for anyone who just stays had better get active or you will loose your country...we all will...including all your "little ones" that you tuck in at night.

It too has taken me several days to ponder all of this over, and i like to respond by saying this: When I was at the Defeninf the American Dream Summit in Washington DC, back in December, I have heard speaker after speaker, say the same things that we are winning this war. That if it was not for our efforts, that we would of had Gov't run healthcare, the Cap and Trade, Card Check and all the above by now. We are the ones that have done it. With groups like this, tea parites, town hall gatherings, the phone calls. the emails, faxes. letters. twittering, blogging etc. And it continues to grow.

But the one rallying cry that they stressed to us, that we can all become united as one is to flip this house in 2010. That all these groups can unite as one, to really spread the word how we can make the difference. And we can convince those in Washignton, and our States, that we surround you. That Washington here is your boss..WE the people are..

I know many would say this would not matter one bit . They will still get elected next year. The Unions, lobbyists, special interest groups, banks, and big buisness,, will get them back into office. Look a what the House passed. We did all we could to stop it. It is no use what we do.

For those of you who are nay sayers to this, there will be a very interesting conference to take place in Washington this week. To really pay attention to. The pink slip campiagn is scaring the wits now out of Congress. There are (to date),
4.5 MILLION Pink Slips sent to Washignton. There offices are gettign inundated with them. The message is finally sinking in.

For a news conference has been scheduled for Nov. 17 at 11 a.m. at the House Triangle outside the U.S. Capitol to address the "pink slips" campaign that already has generated more than 4.5 million notices to members of Congress that their jobs will depend on their representation of America's real needs.

"They're talking about it, but they're only talking about it behind closed doors and in the elevators as they go up and down and in very whispered tones," said Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., "Because, what you hear are people saying, 'How many of those did you get or how many people came to your office today? And what are you going to do and how are you going to vote on this?'"

We are making a difference... And we have to keep it up. What all of these groups shouls, focus on is, how can we make those voices even louder? This is how we can unite. This is how all these fragmented gorups can come together as one. I mean on this site if you go to the Health Care section, you will see I posted a website breaking down how each of the different state Reps votoed on the House Health Care Bill. I also sent to each of the state groups, a list of all the each of your state, and how your House Reps voted. Take that baton and run with it.

Where these groups are very good is they can become a springboard, and a catalyst to even fuel this fire even more.
But the only way this will happen is if pwople are convinced we can make a diffeence. Light bulbs have to go on in the minds, hearts, and souls, we can win this. The only way this can happen is if we become focused on doing so.

Yes even though it may seem like PFA is turning out to be one of those same groups, where this group differs is we also educate people. People learn about the founding fathers, the links to the past, and the most important documents which stand for what America is all about. People also need to be educated. Many people do not know like what our founding fathers wrote, or had said. They do not know like what their state Consitutions say., Or for example talk about the linkage of Pre Revolutionary War Fance to America today. Fianlly something like what is Marxism, Maoism, etc.
Because the more we "question with boldness", and disciver the turth, the more we will not be afriad to speak it.
First off PFA was a big contributor to our 9-12 march on DC. Many thousands came to DC because of PFA. The fight to regain our Country is just beginning and hopefully it can be done at the ballot box. We need to find American Patriots to run for office, ones who won't sell out as soon as a little money is thrown their way by the world wide special interests who don't care about the USA. Even tho the Independents are the largest voting block the Dems and the Reps have the system rigged to keep all other candidates off the ballots. We have no idea how many terrorists like Hasin are running loose in our Country aided by the Muslim population and believe me they all know who the terrorist are among them and they support them 100%. I believe the fight described in the Bible between good and evil is upon us. The internet is the only weapon we have to unite the masses for the battles facing our Country. Like I said I hope it can be done at the ballot box but I'm not betting any money on it at this time. Our enemies have the media, the money and traitors installed in positions of power. Only a commitment to fight to the end, the same commitment our Founding Fathers made when they threw off the chains of bondage will give us a chance to take our Country back those who have stolen our Freedoms and Treasure. We have been the worlds bread basket and ATM for far too long. We must stay united and PFA is one of the places we can do this. Harry however this plays out I'm standing by your side, Luke
Well folks, I sick of the flowery crap of words by everyone. I say it is time to have a 2nd Amendment demonstrating with show and tell. This time lets go 2 million strong and really surround the Capitol!
Arrest, all that are Anti-American @ Anti-Constitutional- Therefore Domestic Enemies guilty of High Treason! If guilty they must be deported!!!
Col. Riley,

Attack, Neutralize and KILL the ENEMY....YES SIR!

My question would be not WHO is the ENEMY, but which ENEMY, metaphorically, must come down FIRST?

The Fed?
The Czars?

Right now, my gut tells me the first to be re-influenced should be the MEDIA. Many opinions have included the MEDIA as spreading the lies of the left. PFA et al reaches an already enlightened group of patriots. To EXPOSE & CONDEMN in a way that brings the truth to the uninformed, I believe patriots in the media need be called upon. This assumes there are patriots remaining in the MSM, which there are (i know one myself, however she is consumed with FEAR of losing her job.) I think it is imperative that we make clear that the FEAR should be directed at the loss of LIFE as we know it. BHO is bringing this closer to us at an accelerated rate.

Maybe I'm off-base, but I feel an utter and profound sense of URGENCY, especially in light of the recent rush to defend Islam as a religion of peace.

Islam is NOT a religion. It is a violent regime cloaked in "God." Mohammed was NOT a prophet. He was a revenge-motivated zealot who was pissed off, because his mommy and daddy and the rest of his tribe would not accept his assertions that he had been visited by Allah and transformed into a mouthpiece. In fact, the violent latter verses of the Qu'ran cancel out all the "peace & love" verses. It's called ABROGATION. Additionally, no non-Muslim religion has EVER coexisted peacefully with a Muslim state. Non-Muslim believers have always lived as second-class citizens within the Muslim state. The status of the non-believers is mandated in the Qu'ran.

Those who have not studied Islam have no comprehension of what these (*&*)^@# have in store. Non-believers have three choices: CONVERSION, SUBMISSION (by paying a poll-tax and living as second-classers), or DEATH.

When a Muslim spokesperson opens HIS mouth (not many girls in this fraternity, except in the White House!), assume he is lying. The Qu'ran calls it "TAQIYYA," which means a LIE for ALLAH is acceptable and will not keep you from getting your virgins.

One of the attached videos is a TEPID example of what Muslims do their OWN people. The others are about Sharia Law & Sharia-Compliant Finance. To learn more (without wading through the difficult-to-read Qu'ran) read these books:

"Because They Hate" by Brigitte Gabriel (wondering why I haven't seen her on FOX recently)
"They Must Be Stopped" by Brigitte Gabriel
"The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam" by Robert Spencer (and anything else he has written)
Anything by Frank Gaffney, Jr.

Visit these websites:

Research the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has deep terrorist ties, and main offices on CAPITOL HILL. I have met with Senator Mark Pryor, who sits on the Senate Homeland Security Committee. I have given him this information. I have heard nothing.

Congress is the enemy and the one we have the greatest hope of rearranging with constitutional committed servant representatives......

Based on my incomplete knowledge, I agree with you on Islam as a cloak for stone age world domination....

All you mention are indeed an enemy but not a realisitic short term target as a goal to constitutional restoration....we must narrow our attack.

Congress is the target/enemy that we should pour our heart and soul into defeating in November 2010.

I will have some suggestions/recommendations for a PFA strategy within a few days.....meantime we keep on keeping on.
ONE TERM ONLY!! That should be our battle cry!
I predict that it is too late to save America! I doubt the elections next year will even happen.



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