Constitutional Emergency

Please provide your thoughts......this is the place to share your personal observations on realistic efforts we can reasonably expect to pursue that will restore constitutional government, republic principles, and how we can do it?

I believe we have one more election, if that, to make a difference in installing representatives that are ready to give their lives for the US Constitution and serve in the US Congress.

Read what others have said and share your own........

Harry Riley

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Col., I think PFA is a great site. I don't always participate, because I belong to so many groups, and am inundated with emails. I own my own business, so have limited time. It takes me hours to go through all the msgs. In addition, I've been at rally's, and am working on a campaign for a Constitutional Conservative running in NH, in addition to being the GOP chair in my town. I think many of us have just begun to be active, and come to the site when we can for info, but are "putting our boots on the ground" in action; instead of just venting. Also, with the HC push, faxes, phone calls, emails, etc. Am hoping that you are going to the Dec meeting of all conservative groups, because you belong as a part of this important meeting. You will bring a lot to the table. Thank you for all you do!!
perhaps if we began to gather a list of each patriotic group we could then contact eah one and see whether or not they agree that we should unite as one.
does that make sense?
organize as one have one site for us all.

just a thought
Who is the constitutional conservative candidate in New Hampshire you are supporting Sue.......let's get him/her on the PFA candidates list.......
Personally, I'm not too concerned. We have a lot of strong patriots in this county that easily outnumber the government officials, & law enforcement. They can't take our guns without dying & taking many casualties in the process. If you really believe in freedom, then you're not afraid to die defending it. I think that everyone should have to do at least two years of service to the country, whether it be peace corps, job corps, or the military. I don't think we should have a President who has not served in the military. Military service should be a prerequisite to run for President. We should also gather up all of the gang members in the country, send them to the combat front, give them weapons & plenty of ammo, & see if they still have the guts to fight. Our volunteer military is composed of the top 20% of each generation, physically & mentally. The scumbags stay home, & reproduce, dumbing down our society. Fight the fight. Never give up. Never, never, never. If you have any balls, you go Airborne. Jump & kill. Airborne All The Way.
Well from what the people are starting to say Scummy is a one term wonder and some of them wondered why in the hell they voted for him in the first place. Yes we needed this ungodly lying African piece of dung in order to wake up the country. The left will learn that they have peeved the wrong people and politically they will pay dearly for it.

Now we can not afford to have the Party approved candidates! They are as corrupt as the day is long, most of them are on first name s with all the lobbyists in D.C. as well as their home towns. Our true hope lies in people demanding the top candidate and flat out refusing to tale any one from the bottom of the barrel.
Catching up here ~ so if someone has written some of what I'm writing already, I apologize. Havent' had time to read all the replies. ;o)

I've been to other sites but this one seems to fit me best. (Something about you, Col. Riley, struck me right from the first time I met you.) I've been in for the long haul for a long time now. It sure is nice to have company! My main focus has been the military and watching their backs but that has morphed into the whole political shebang as I try to do what I can so the troops have America to come back home to. (They are worried about that, and I got that straight from the troops' mouths.)

I'm more than willing to do what's necessary - because I can't not do so. What keeps me going is thinking of the troops so far from home, as they get up each day, put back on their battle rattle and go out to fight the fight - whether they've not eaten or gotten any sleep or they're not feeling the best. How can I do any less? This country is worth a good fight. And some loss of sleep or getting outside one's comfort zone.

Ideas? Getting together under one umbrella would be great, but realistically, we're all too damn independent to be like the Soros kids. Plus, we tend to have jobs and take care of our families. With the economy as it is, it isn't going to get better right away. But that will not stop us. We will find a way. Remember, this country's existance is a frickin' miracle.

It would be great to have a national figure of means to "sponsor" our movement but if we don't have one, we carry on.
Keep communicating with other groups at least to keep the body count high at gatherings and projects. Even if we're all under our own banners and logos, we'll still be out there - together.

Those who can, keep calling talk radio. Keep writing to Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, Ingrahm, Levin and Boortz. Have them know our names and who we are affiliated with and why. It's going to take us all getting the message out to those who will take notice and broadcast it. Mainstream Media - no. Politicians - not so much but 2010 is coming - nothing like an election year to throw some good ol' American fear into them. And keep an eye on those who are running against the incumbents and get their names known, even if they aren't from your state. Help support them. What happens in Congress will affect us all, no matter that the Congressman or Senator who puts up a bill isn't from your state. We all have a stake in what goes on there.

Okay, there's some of my thoughts. This is the best place I've come across yet.

God bless you, Col. Riley! And every other patriot on this site.
I think you are doing a great service to our country Col. and I think that since you are serious about growing and developing into a force that can make a difference you will see a growth of more active participants. I myself have been involved in creating my own blogs as an outlet for my need to express my frustrations and fears about the direction this country has taken. I have quoted you a couple of times, with a link to this site, for my grand total of two readers. :-)

I have found your emails and this website encouraging and helpful and look forward to becoming a more active participant.
First of all I salute Col. Riley and every Patriot for America; our group could be the difference in our fight for the Constitution. However, I think we are attacking the octopus tentacles and will get nowhere until we cut off the head. Yes, the head is the Council on Foreign Relations, who effectively control the Media, the CIA, the Congress, and even Big Business, Education, and Military with their well-placed members. [anyone wants a list, e-mail me.] OK, let's go for the jugular and I'll show you how.

All we have to do is confront these folks. I've done this on many occasions, and have found anyone i identified as CFR befuddled, lying, and mumbling thorough the "interview." Let me give a few specific instances...

1/ David Lawrence, founder and first ed. of US News and World Report. I wrote to him, asking whether true he member of CFR as I had heard. He wrote back, "you are not to reveal this information to anyone," then went on as to he got valuable information thru the CFR (or words to that effect). No way was I (an American!) going to keep quiet of course, and it's too bad there was no internet at that time.

2/ Sen. Jacob Javits. He came to a rally here in Bay Shore, NY, he spoke from the roof of his campaign bus. When asked for q's, I asked, Senator, are you a member of the Council on Foreign Relations? He almost swallowed his cigar and said, "The gentleman asks if I'm a member of... er, oh that's the group that puts out Foreign Affairs Magazine." [true.] He never did discuss his membership.

3/ Sen. Charles Schumer. Coming out of a US Open day session (we always pass the Night Session people coming in, obviously this a good time for a candidate to peddle his wares), I spotted Sen.-to-be C. S. and his team. I ambled over and asked him, Senator, are you a member of the Council on For. Relations? [Note, in this short discussion period I found him a personable sort.] But he looked dumbfounded, "No," he replied. But I had the membership list at home, knew he was on it. I stared at him; he sensed I knew. "I was," he said, "but am not now." Well, there was no reason for me not to believe, and I put my thumbs down for the CFR. "He said, I agree with you"(!) When I got home, I checked latest list, and he still on... (note, I firmly believe he told me three lies in that short spell (3 for 3)). Still, I wanted to see what he would say, and wrote a letter to him right away. No reply, wrote more, both e-mail and Snail. Have never rec'd any answer.

The whole point is, if a few people will confront these folks, well you know underground critters cannot stand dayllight.

e lee north brightwaters, ny (village historian emeritus). e-mail:
I am a legal researcher and no one believes what I tell them to do. Please read this and think about what I am saying. When we went off the gold standard we lost our law. In it's place we got "public policy," Because it is not law, you cannot be forced to obey. Government functions on "presumptions." This means it "presumes" you will obey all their laws. When I rebutted their presumption that I would obey with "Notice" that I would not obey, I was left alone.

The sad part of what we are enduring, is that we are doing it voluntarily. The 13th amendment ended involuntary servitude without due process. There is no law to prevent you from volunteering to place yourself in "voluntary servitude." There is also a new movement called "rebuilding your state in original jurisdiction" We have the right to self determination and the right to election. This means we have the right to chose our political affiliation. Original jurisdiction encourages you notify federal officials you are surrendering your federal citizenship and taking on what is your "political personality" of state citizenship." There is no law against it. It is one of your GOD given inalienable rights. The federal citizenship you cling to gives you privileges, which can be taken from you at any time.
You then begin to hold elections for a State Governor in original jurisdiction, you take back the state constitution as the foundation document of your state, you don't obey federal law imposed in the state that violates your state constitution. What has been done to America to destroy her has been done from the inside over a very long time. Most Americans have no knowledge of law, so they believe what they are told. In 1933 we went bankrupt and a State of emergency was declared. The people were declared to be the enemy of the United States Government. In 1934 Congress franchised the Private Bar association to create a court system to administer law to the enemy. America got a new Supreme Court, with authority to create courts for the several states. They also gave themselves authority to write all the new law to service the bankruptcy. I have the law. I hesitated to post it because I thought it would be removed and I would be thought of as crazy. We have a private judiciary in every State. We have only
a legislative and Executive branch of government in every state. The constitutional judiciary on the federal level is gone and you have the Department of Justice in it's place, which is considered to be an agency under control of the executive. The constitutional government has been destroyed. Everything to support this is on the internet. I live in California. Look what I found:
The State Bar Of California Is A Public Corporation.
California Has A State Bar, But It Has No Constitutional Judiciary. The People Vote For Judges, But They Are Not Considered To Be Public Officials. Do They Have Subscribed Oaths Of Office and Public Official Bonds? If Not, We Must Have A Private Judiciary. Who Do You Think They Serve?
The following obscure cite from 7 Corpus Juris Secundum 9 reveals the deceit being perpetrated here:
[BRIDGEGROOM V. STATE BAR, 550, P.2D 1089, 27 ARIZAPP. 47.]
California Judicial branch. Eight states exclude members of the judicial branch from their definition of public official. These states are California, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma and South Carolina, those South Carolina designates probate judges as public officials.
This is the only definition I could find.
The Federalist No. 51
The Structure of the Government Must Furnish the Proper Checks and Balances Between the Different Departments
Independent Journal
Wednesday, February 6, 1788
[James Madison] [he should know]

Your checks and balances are gone in the states and in the federal government. You are living under what is called by
many a "constitutional dictatorship." I don't subscribe to this. I claim when every department of government is under the control of the executive you have a dictatorship. Your constitution is not being obeyed, and has not been obeyed since 1933...
If you want your country back you will have to do it yourself. Don't look to D.C. to fix it. They are the people who destroyed it.
President Roosevelt passed a law in 1934 stating "every law the president or the secretary of treasury wants passed, or any future President or Secretary of the Treasury wants passed,is passed." That's why Bills are not read before they are voted on. You have rule from the grave by a President who turned the Republic into a democracy and which is now on its way to becoming a totalitarian state....The truth is in the record of our law. I took the time to look to find out what went wrong in America. Government never surrenders power. They have been asked to end the emergency we are living under and return to Constitutional Law several times. They have refused. The supreme court has ruled congress has the right to ignore the Constitution.
You have the right to ignore the truth. You can take this post down and you can ban me. The one thing you should not do is ignore the truth. I will be happy to provide my research to anyone who requests it.
The law does not lie. I do not lie. I love my country and I am trying desperately to bring the truth to the people so that they can save it. It is so simple. Stop volunteering....
It is clear the issue of Unity or massed force is the number one priority How to accomplish this is the fact it may not be possible short of a national "constitutional conservative figure" appearing.

If there is someone or group that want to tackle the Unity/Massed Force issue, let me know. But first we will need our strategy developed that will ring bells...........

Second is the strategy to guide us toward our constitutional restoration goal. I will have some suggestions for consideration in a couple days. I believe this must be focused like a laser, realistic, doable, with a reasonable chance of success. While there are many ills and targets, we can't fight them all, we must pick our target.

i would like to suggest that if we're going to focus like a laser on something it should be the removal of the obamination from office, either through impeachment, which floyd brown is pushing but which i really don't see as realistic until at least after the 2010 elections, or his removal on the basis he is not eligible to be president, which he admits in his book stating his father was a british national which means he can't be an nbc.yes, there are too many battles to fight all at one time but if we go after the main one, i believe all the others become moot, because all yhe actions he takesare illegal. so far no courts, including scotus, political figures or military have seen fit to take action and have sidestepped their constitutional duty. ibelieve that if i were in active duty i would refuse to obey any orders from this fraud. but unless a high enough ranking officer stands up for their oath it will be for nought. there are groups like agj that have attempted to push this agenda but all those efforts have been for nought. so if we can come up with some way to make it unignorable by the majority of americans maybe we could bring down this house of cards. it just needs a strong enough breeze. ideas?
Nationwide strike. For every tea party attendee in Washington there were probably
20 that wanted to. With a strike you don't have to travel...just do nothing.
Show the collectivists that they can be defunded. Needs widespread participation
to work however.
A National Call to Action:

Demonstrate Non-violent, Non-Compliance!

The Unity Movement is a necessary reaction to key issues

facing the American public, issues that have not been

addressed in any meaningful way by any branch of

government. Unions, mega-corporations, and the ruling

major parties have banded together in all-out corruption.

We're left with the facts of our disintergrated Republic: an

overblown and still growing government that's failed to deal

with the unending wars, lost industries, voter fraud, steadily

increasing unemployment, judicial inequality, crimes of

high government officials, and the meaning of citizenship


These are only a few of the many reasons it's time for a

massive citizens revolt.

We The People MUST take back what has been stolen from us:

a government of The People, by The People, and for

The People. It's time to make our voices as ONE.

The Unity Movement campaign argues that under our system of

checks and balances, when The Judiciary, The House, AND The

Executive branches all fail in their sworn duties to uphold and defend

The Constitution, it is our Constitutional right to impliment the

necessary changes to restore The Constitution, along with the Bill of


Call to action - Enough is Enough!


Student strikes ARE noticed, even by the controlled main-stream media.



Almost every grocery store, clothing, shoe shop is a conglomerated

corporation. There are hardly any small family, Ma-Pop shops to be

found. Why? They can't compete with MEGAMARTS. You want to

support America and bring back our lost industries? Then stop

supporting corporate owned and operated soul-less global industry!

Buy locally made, locally sold! A suspension of all corporate

purchasing will hurt the mega-corporations: and they control

Washington DC.

75% of our economy is consumer spending. That means WE have the

power to Shut 'em Down!

"It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen

from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep

the Government from falling into error".- U.S. Supreme Court,

in American Communication Association v. Douds, 339 U.S. 382,


FOR MORE:Simple Non Violent Resistance Steps:



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