Constitutional Emergency

Please provide your thoughts......this is the place to share your personal observations on realistic efforts we can reasonably expect to pursue that will restore constitutional government, republic principles, and how we can do it?

I believe we have one more election, if that, to make a difference in installing representatives that are ready to give their lives for the US Constitution and serve in the US Congress.

Read what others have said and share your own........

Harry Riley

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No matter if it's an e-mail, letter, marching, or tea party, politicians will not listen. Our ideas and voices are deleted. Michele Bachmann & followers were blown off front pages by a diversionay tactic,ie, Ft. Hood shootings. They will be shut down, said Nancy Pelosie.And they were!
This is indicative of the danger we face.
In Florida I hear praises from conservative on Jeb Bush. PLEEEASE!!! He bought more than 10 million acres in the name of environmental protection with tax dollars. He didn't "save" Teri Schrivo. (Today's death panel under Obamacare). Jeb said if there was federal dollars available, we need to grab as much as we can. WRONG! every fed dollars comes wih a rope big enough to hang Floridias states rights. Environmental groups are a wing of communism or rights taken in the name of some grandiose project to "protect" some species. They are out of control.
The answer on taking back our government must come from brave Grassroots citizens who will take actions of founding patriots seriously and follow suit. Not suitable for a WWW page as gov is watching .Secret planning as scheming politicians behind closed doors
Move to the U.N. 2000 Millienium Declaration. What is happening today is all in that doc signed by Bill Clinton.
U.N. MUST leave this country.
That's my 2 cents worth.
What is the MAIN mission? The problem is, there are so many problems. What do we concentrate on? Obama and his socialization of our country? Illegal immigration? Or the threat of muslims invading our country and no one caring? This is some scary, serious stuff and maybe people are waiting to figure out what to focus on.
I am one of the Members who does not "participate". I would rather be an ostrich and keep my head in the sand, but I can no longer ignore what is happening. PFA emails keep me in the loop. I need the contact even if you don't hear from me.

I went to Washington for the march this summer, and it was the most amazing and powerful experience I've ever had. For the first time I realized I really wasn't "crazy", like my family would like me to believe. I felt like I was there with a GIANT new family of like minded people. What a gift!

I rely on PFA to let me know "what, when, and where", I can show up and make a difference. I have been to Rochester for tea parties. I went to Albany & Sweetbriar in Geneseo. I made it to DC with 2 friends.

God bless you - and keep it up.

I agree with the statement that - "The Republicans are not the answer. They have done nearly as much damage to the Constitution and personal freedoms as the Democrats. People we need to wake up the 2 party system is broke."

But I dread the pain and suffering of revolution. We can still vote them OUT!

Carpe diem
hello mr. riley - please believe that PFA does more than you think - I, also, am one who follows, but have little time (or computer savvy) to really help - this website got me in touch with MA tea parties, got me to the DC march and got me writing/calling local and national leaders - I hope I'm helping a bit - I hope we can increase the momentum for the 2010 elections, hope the repubs will get back to conservative roots (haven't lost hope on that one) and the 2010 march on DC is double in size - I thought I was the lone conservative in my workplace, neighborhood, etc. - I found out different thru this site, it was a defining moment in my life, never having done anything 'political' before - this president scares me like no other (and I've seen many), there seems to be no 'checks and balances' anymore, which is terrifying - please keep up the good work, we all need this site and others like it - I'll do what I can

Hey I have been very outspoken on this administartion from the start. I do believe what you are saying and i myself belong to several other constitutional groups and tea parties. I really believe a general assembly or a meeting of all the various groups leaders that have the same agenda as ours need to sit down and pull together under one or two common cuases. One the Constitution the other whatever everyone agrees on. But first the Constitution is the most important to agree on. Then after we have all groups they go back and start branching outward towards their members, staff and then those that are capable to run for office are the ones we support as a new party no matter what state they come from we support as long as the message is the constitution and what the agenda is to debate against a democrat or republican. George Washington said it over two hundred and thirty years ago a two party system will never work boy was he right. And if there is a meeting of the minds of various groups the name of our party needs to be bold and what we stand for and practice. No prop plays like we our all our past presidents do. But real americans running for office in everyday life. Hell if Lincoln did it why cant we. The enemy will divide us and conquer us if we do not pull together as a unit.
I just posted but look at our military now especially Casey who wavers on diversity and tip toe not to upset the Muslim community. Hell these people are here and are willing to damage our way of life CAIR is the most dangerous because they come off as self pity organization but behind the scenes they suppport various cell like Hamas and Hezollabah within our own country. So as I see it this diveristy and political correctness has caused so much trouble it is tearing the very fabric of all of us. It is turning men and woman into sheep for the slaughter. Casey even though i respect him just as a general but as to his remarks to Ft. Hood he needs to shut his mouth or stand up like a man with BALLS and GUTS. Otherwise he is a puppet.

I have fought for this country more than carters have liver pills and will continue to fight until my last breath is breath. I maybe a rogue in some peoples eyes becuase I tell it like it is without the political correctness bullcrap but I am not changeing, do not believe in the political correctness theory or this diversity bullcrap. If people dont like what i say tough 30 years military 10 years in private security, bounty, protection and asset protection services Ive seen enough blood and guts and bullshit. It is time for us to stand tall pull together grow balls and have guts to state what we are and what we stand for otherwise a whimper is just that a whimper. The voice of US needs to be loud and concise and clear to all members and the nation.
Don't think that just because I don't add comments that I am not participating. That is highly judgmental of you. If we all wrote comments in here the pages would be full of all the same ideas. Just keep leading us Col. We are here even if you don't see us.
PFA is making a difference. 3200 American Patriots have added their voices to the few who have tried despartely to the need to educate the masses before it's to late. Somehow we must get them to stop the unneeded blather on personal opinion and get serious on the need to unite, to elect only Conservate Patriots in 2010 & 2012, while getting rid of career politician's who go along with the elite's converting us to a Nation of fools following the money.
You have just started to awaken the sleeping giant. Don't lose faith or give up hope. The grassroot movement is growing and people are slowly getting involved. They need to be led and have a rally point. Stay strong.
Many TP members are also members of several groups such as this. We take information and apply it in our seperate organizations. We need to keep talking and working together.
Michael, I too was a Newt fan until he supported the rhino---but was disappointed in him in the swing sitting commercial with Pelosie--then again his running pal, Al Sharpton sums up who Newt is with, a moderate supporting the way "things are" His recent begging for cash was met wih a dial tone.
So, Riley, keep up the work you are doing---it takes time to turn this marxist machine around and people are busy with other conservative sites, their families, finding job opportunities and ..... and MOVING!
I think bloging is only a small part of the anwer. If it leads to action that brings glory to God and restores the 28 principles of good government for free men, then great.

I am not certain of your personal mission, nor stratagey. If the only tactic is to rally and blog, I think that will only carry you a short way. We must escalate. Be more in the face. There are many things we can do to be more offensive before we resort to the Second.
If at the end of this week, your personal congressman and county elected employees do not have a proper fear of you and yor family, what did you accomplish?

With this Health Insurance bill, they have taken any reason to limit out actions. They plan to kill us and tax us our of existance. You think they even notice a rally? Hopefully we do not have to shoot them or burn their homes, but that is what they plan to do to us, more or less.
If we were your troops, and you had full command, how would you protect us and destroy the enemies power? Then why are you not doing whatever that is?

Thomas Altman



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