Constitutional Emergency

Please provide your thoughts......this is the place to share your personal observations on realistic efforts we can reasonably expect to pursue that will restore constitutional government, republic principles, and how we can do it?

I believe we have one more election, if that, to make a difference in installing representatives that are ready to give their lives for the US Constitution and serve in the US Congress.

Read what others have said and share your own........

Harry Riley

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Colonel and fellow patriots,

Voicing our discontent with the politicians and leaders in the Government
is merely a battle of words. In my opinion, we should "beat the drums"
over corrective measures and citizen involvement. Write "letters to the
editor" at every opportunity, spelling out the need for Constitutional observance,
and the need to vote in candidates that believe it as well. That's on the Local,
State and National level. Items such as National Health Care are beyond the
scope of enumerated powers. It doesn't make any difference as to what these
Bills contain: They are un-Constitutional - period! And don't fall for the old saw
of Interstate Commerce - it isn't! Everyone knows that the politicos are corrupt,
so, we must concentrate on remedying the situation, not castigating it. Ours
should be a program of enlightenment and goal-setting. We should limit our
discussions to what we will and will not accept. Then go in search of candidates
that will satisfy our intent, be they Democrats, Republicans, Independents, sheep
or goats! Constitutional Governance is the goal. Qualitative decision making has
to be forefront. The first nationwide opportunity for bringing in new and vibrant
blood, is 2010, whereupon, all the House may be corrected and one third of the
Senate. If you can't say "he/she is my choice," find another - and stick to it!
Tell a friend - take a friend, and go vote.

Luther Lunchbucket
Panama City

I would attack, neutralize and kill the enemy.

Currently we are using hit and run tactics, applying band-aids, rather than attacking, eliminating the leadership and their resource base.

New leadership is the victory.
What about those who don't participate? I have been fighting this fight since the late 60's, before Obama, PFA, tea parties, 912, e-mail. My goal has always been to educate people, friends, family, strangers. I sign petitions, e-mail, (letters before e-mail), and call polititions and the media. I have grandchildren whom I educate on American history, my own children would challenge teachers in school with facts. PFA is a great resource for information, (I refer many people here), history, current events and informing anyone who wants to know whats going on; tea partis, rallies etc. Working full time and active with the local tea party and 912 group and belong to other organizations, it seems as if I don't participate?! Harry, we are out here, very active and willing to die to protect this great land of ours! We'll stand shoulder to shoulder and we have your back. Thanks for all you do! P.S.Still fighting in NY23!!!
I understand, how you must think nothing is changing, but Rome wasn't built in a day. If I got to read and join the site and I am a Brit, across the pond, then you can bet that more people than you think are reading and taking in all that is being said.
My feeling is some people are afraid to speak out. If the brave ones do nothing then who will save America from the Reds.
Fight on with hope in your heart, and your eyes fixed on Christ. Truth will time more and more Americans will wake up.

Thank you for all you are doing for the free world........Courage, Honesty and Humility.
Certainly appreciate your efforts and follow your site each day. The effort and time required to provide so much information is tremendous and certainly hope you can continue. I tried it twice and finally gave up. Very few people give a rats a**.


The people care or there wouldn't be millions at rallies - it is Congress that does not care.
The march on Washington should have told you something,2.5 million people showed up,unorganized,with these Patriotic sites and word of mouth as their only true means of communication,not one criminal incedent was reported,peoples of all races and religions showed up,it is not about demo's or republican's,IT is about GOD,FAMILY,our Country,The United States Constitution,our Freedoms and way of life.I will admitt I get a little radical at times on some of these sites and it is with great restraint.....there are still many Americans who do not know of what is truely happening to our Great Country,simply watching a biased media and not investigateing for themselfs,I am still handing out the pocket sized version of the Declaration of Independance and The United States Constitution,yesterday I gave several out,one to a 77 year old man who said he had never read it ,but wanted to,It was'nt long until he brought back three veterans who wanted one also,tears came to my eyes as these men had not read it ,but had fought for it........IS THERE NO GREATER CAUSE OR CALL,THAN THAT OF OUR FREEDOMS,FAMILY AND OUR COUNTRY "GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.,COL. Riley,I agree with you what must be done,it is these sites that WE THE PEOPLE receive real news,it has been here on these sites that Freedom truely rings,simply because any,ANY INDIVIDUAL can PARTICIPATE,it is working...we will awaken them all it call to arms or what ever ,WE WILL WIN !!!...Thank you Col.Riley and every one else for these sites,you have givin us the way.!
PFA serves a purpose, even if it seems little is happening. We must stay the course and along with other groups like Oath Keepers we will continue to send a message of hope and unity.
i'm responding based on my understanding of the request.

(ASIDE) i have been very involved in PFA but recently underwent spinal fusion surgery and have not been able to devote my time to PFA as i have in the past. as i convalesce and grow stronger, i will be able to get back in the fight.

As a group, we helped do an amazing thing by bringing ourselves to D.C. in September. However, my gut still tells me our voice is not loud enough, mainly because we have not been able to overcome the media takeover.

there is already a move afoot to unite as many of the various patriot organizations as is possible. can't remember exactly what organization is spearheading this but i think the 'as a mom' group is part of that.

i am personally aware that some patriot organizations are in a mess. mostly because some leaders are leading for themselves and not our nation.

with PFA we have some awesome leaders and folks who continually research to keep us all informed.


one of the greatest things we do is demonstrate support for our troops. However, we also engage in redundant discussions regarding the problems, but are not developing solutions. (that said, i also realize that the discussions allow us to vent our frustrations) in our various patriotic groups we have become insulated from one another...example...i am a member of several sites, but in order to keep up with all the information coming in, it is necessary to stay online for an enormous amount of time. in fact, i was offline for about 5 days for my surgery, and when i got back online, i had almost 1,000 emails, most of them requiring a read and reply. For most of us, that is impossible. This leads directly into addressing the fact that on ALL sites there are MANY members, but only a FEW carry the water. Granted, some cannot contribute as much as others, so a social site for venting is needed, however those that can and will carry the load need another outlet.

i believe it is necessary to develop the political, media and manpower connection to enable our voices to coalesce and affect public opinion.

one way to do so is the MEDIA BOYCOTT. on a national scale we can be heard and acknowledged by letting advertisers know we will not buy their product if they continue to advertise on stations which promote UN-AMERICAN, CORRUPT values, ideas, and people. That's no sweat of my nose or yours. Simply shop somewhere else or buy a different brand. It may be a sacrifice in some instances as a different store or product may cost more, but i have found that i can find what i need without the GE label, etc. and my finances don't suffer.

PFA is needed. PFA is a website, a place where we Patriots can get information important to us Patriots relative to our government and it's evil deeds etc. It is the guiding hand of the Patriots For America. It guides, informs, recommends and spreads the word.....It is the backbone of the Patriots movement....
Jim C
Agree partly with Rider Freeman on this one. We call Congress, express our opposition to unconstitutional laws and Congress doesn't listen. The people have protested, tea partys, and still Congress refuses to listen to the people. Rider Freeman is wrong thinking it is the people who aren't listening - in fact - it is Congress that is not listening. We need a REAL concerted effort to fire EVERYONE in Congress with new candidates who sign pledges to repeal bad laws or resign. We need to shrink Congress (they'll say no representation - we don;t have any now). We need to put our money and work to get new freedom candidates in the next election and if this still fails - it may be time to fight and take back our country.
There are numerious small groups as evident in the Washington Tea Party. I believe the only way to be effective is for PFA to identify as many of these groups as possibe and propose a joint effort under PFA or a new name.
If we have a much larger group seeking the same basic return to the Constitutional Conservative/States Rights beliefs, we will receive much more attention. It will be much harder to belittle our efforts from the Liberals/Liberal Press/Current Administration and the so called Conservative Republicians in office that have helpe put us in this mess.
Lonnie Miller



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