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When all hell breaks loose, can I be the cook for you all and this be the style of the kitchen? :)

When all hell breaks loose, can I be the cook for you all and this be the main kitchen?

Question for anyone who can answer this:

Is it possible and if so how can we convert gas and electric stoves into wood burning stoves and ovens?

How can we also run spring fed water to sinks?

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With regards to water you have to hire a Well digging company,they first determine you have water running close by then they dig till they reach the water and then it is pumped to the surface via 6in pipe.You can get those people that walk around with tree branches to help find water,i,m sorry but i can not remember what they are called.Good Luck!!

They are water witches or dowsers, although I don't know if the word 'witch' would be taken kindly? If no electricity is available for pumping the water, find a freeze-proof manual pump:

These are my first choice in wood burning stoves: (actually the one without the gas burners)

This is my second choice if I ended up with a small, snug home:

I used to have a wood burning stove but the firebox failed and I couldn't find a replacement or somebody to repair it. I ended up giving it to one of my kids for a decorative item.

Short story: When I had first bought a microwave oven (after much foot dragging), we had it broken in on Thanksgiving '84 by nuking the turkey in the microwave (just to see if it could handle that) and cooking everything else in and on the wood burning stove, pies and all !! That ol' cook stove was our sole source of heat during the winter, living in an old converted military cavalry storage building. :)

A forked stick is used when looking for water or better known as Dowsing.

I have used the sticks to find my waterline buried under ground. It works.

That is a good looking kitchen. I don't know how to convert to wood burning except buy a wood burning stove and install it.

Windmills are simple to build and attach to a 12 volt alternator. This, in turn, can power a 12 volt water pump from either a spring, well, creek, or anywater catchment, to the elevated water holding supply for gavity feed water to the home. 

And water heater can be stripped and fitted with a copper coil internally, and a small fire lit below it to run into the home from the same gravity water source.

The whole house can be converted easily to 12 volt, and charged baterries simply switched with drained batteries. any wood heater, even the Tin type, can be lined, inside or out with fire bricks, for burning anything combustible. This is good for heat and cooking.

Heavy drapes, rugs, and wall rugs, also help to contain heat.

All perishable foods, meat and vegetables are best canned, or smoke cured, unless one lives in an area with frozen winters, then it is only necessary to have an old freezer in which to contain them.

Smoke houses are easily built with one inch planks and resemble out houses. The insides are screen racks, varying from eight to twelve inches apart. The smoke is best provided through a fire placed at the end of an old water heater, with both the top and bottom removed. this cures meat and fish to a quality that can be kept on the shelf inside the home for long extended periods of time without fear of bacteria or virus, or mold. 

Strength comes from what you eat, so do things like when draining boild potatos, use the water for your gravy base. Learn from you fore fathers and mothers. You will survive.

Fascinating!! I had not heard of these before. Thanks for the link.

Even more info here!

Yes! I saw that link in the videos! ...and, yeah, I watched each one of them on the first link you gave, so I will be going on to the next.  :)   All this time I've been suffering with clay soil to try to coax a garden out of it and now I think I've found my real reason to be in this spot! But I'll do a lot of experimenting first with mini-builds before tangling with a real life size one. Thanks again!

By the way, this looks like an old barn, that has been converted. You can cook for all of us, when this mess ever gets resolved.



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