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When all hell breaks loose, can I be the cook for you all and this be the style of the kitchen? :)

When all hell breaks loose, can I be the cook for you all and this be the main kitchen?

Question for anyone who can answer this:

Is it possible and if so how can we convert gas and electric stoves into wood burning stoves and ovens?

How can we also run spring fed water to sinks?

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About the Stoves:
Probably not without using wood gas to fuel a generator.

About the water:
Use a windmill to pump water into elevated storage tanks and the height will allow you to use existing piping though at reduced pressure


Yeah, you would have to buy all the materials(Piping, Elbows and Glue) before the crash and put them somewhere where they don't get ripped off, but I would also buy a few small Solar pumps and a Storage Tank to put up by fast moving stream, preferably Clean water, Mount the solar pump, pull the water source into the tank, have a treating mechanism set up to treat the water (Chlorine bleach will do) or send directly to the house, it is not pretty, but it gets the job done.

See if you can find a very, very, old Boy Scout Manual from the early 1900' an old bookstore or at a library book sale.
Or, even on
That old handbook has darn near everything you would want to know about survival in it, including how to make an outdoor stove and use wood...
Also, Amazon did have copies of the old FoxFire series of survival books.

Twana,``` Wait  not  all  the  navigator's  are  on  board,  &  Old  time  fixer's..!!

From questions I had in my property searches on gravity systems for water from a local well driller.

"Unless you have a significant difference in altitude between a storage tank and the place of use, there will not be much water pressure.  To gain one psi in pressure, you need approximately two and a half feet of drop (2.43’)."

Meaning a water tower that would provide 50psi through gravity would have to be 121.5 feet high, or the source could be upslope, but would have to have 121.5 ft of drop. 

As for the stove, my searches turn up if you are thinking of preparation, I would look at something like this

or my personal favorite, Tulikivi....these soapstone products have radiant heat.....for those with sore joints you can sit with your back against the soapstone wall and warm those tired old bones.....


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis


yeah...I like the Tulikivi for NW living and heatig/ know there are some good antique stoves still out there too......

Another thing on wells.  We went camping this summer and the eco-nuts had installed a "solar pump" on the water sources....took 20 minutes to fill 12 gallons...... we'd be better off with one of these...  these are good hand pumps, also the organ grinders are good too...that is what we have here in the NW at the USFS camps.

On Hand Wells:


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis


Here is the article I was looking for on hand driving your own well...

This with the website for Bison Hand well're another "Little House on the Prarie"


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

different heights of metal pre-formed to fit the pot will change the temp when cooking on a wood stove, like an iron frying pan turned upside down will lower the heat when you put a pot on it, an old front lawn mower wheel (not the tires, lol) for temp height adjustment, just examples, use your imagination!       The sinks, without elec. it must be gravity unless it's a small Old Faithful, just saying!!! With elec. they make submersible sump pumps like for basements and such, make a device to hold it X amount of distance from the bottom and all should be good, the pump will tell you how much lift it can produce and how much pressure per amount of lift, you get what you pay for in pumps, I have an elec 12 volt 12 amp submersible boat bilge pump that runs on a battery, or a battery charger, it pumps 2000 gallons per hour, with a 1-1/8 diameter outlet, that's ALOT, I also use these in my boats, I'm gonna let you sportsmen in on a great deal, Panther Airboats in Cocoa, Fl. sells these pumps, for about $60.00, I've used these pumps for years, they are dependable, their # is 321-633-4026---1-800-228-7977--- for Sam, tell him Dewey sent ya... part # is 35-36301, the book says $59.50, it's an older book, it may be a little more now, I just looked at my invoice dated, 1- 22-12, it say's $59.50, a great deal if it went up 20$, which I'm sure it didn't!!! Happy Fishing and I hope ya don't need to use it !!!   Battery's with a solar charger, get an extra charger or use both, buy several new boat batteries, they are Deep Cycling, means they can be charged over and over without damage to the battery...


If you are talking about burning wood in a gas or electric stove, I'm sure you know the metal is not thick enough

I have a wood burning Buck Stove Co. , We use it all winter long to help on the electric bill. Our last bad winter storm left us with out electric for 14 days. We cooked on it to. 



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