PFA will not be used to browbeat Catholics nor reformers. I post this to show a problem with the whole church today or maybe I should say the world in our Church of Christ that we let in for the donation plate to be filled and in hopes of maybe they will hear God's word and be fed by the Holy Spirit. In other words we are all sinners and but by the grace of God we no longer are in darkness but in light covered  by the blood of Jesus and filled with the Spirit of God. 

I am posting this article by Shoebat to show why our country is in the condition it is in. We squabble over things that we should not. We do have modern day Pharisees and Sadducees' in the U.S. and around the world. To every Christian I ask you to go to God's word and see if you are and if you are then repent and adjust your actions according to Scripture

More Christians have been martyred in the 21 Century than any other time in history yet the church in the U.S. is mostly quiet about it. I wish I had my bible with me right now, I'd look up to see what church we have become according to Rev. As a Christian I am calling out to my brothers and sisters in Christ - We must do better than this. Our silence and ability to ignore this deadly problem will NOT stop it from happening however our silence and ignoring it will cause it to come here on our land. 

On a secular note, this is another example of how we are losing our liberty because we choose to ignore the important things and fight over things that is really the Holy Spirits work not ours. In other words we are busy bodies in our squabbles. We fight among ourselves instead of fight our enemies, therefore giving the enemy free reign to do whatever they want like beheading Christians, killing Christians and bathing in their blood....this world is becoming very demonic and part of Obamas civilian army is behind it. The islamic part of his civilian army. Be mindful of the tens of thousands of muslims that are being brought into our country. 

I hear a select few folks in our movement always talking and fretting about our troops turning on us. Instead of us turning on our own, we must know our enemy. I believe obama is an enemy of the U.S. He talked about his civilian army. That is the very ones who will turn on us. I believe most of our troops will be shoulder to shoulder with us in the battle for liberty.

I also don't want to hear anyone defend islam or any part of it unless you have read the quran, hadiths and auras. Then if you have you would not defend it. Folks who have not read them, and defend islam - defend what they do not know. It's obvious those folks have erected an obnoxious self-righteous pedestal and defend what they do not know. So basically I ask you to do your homework before jumping into a factual discussion. 

This is also a heads up for new members since we have so many. We do talk and discuss God and Jesus on PFA. We will not be told or intimidated by anyone to hush those discussions. If you are not a Christian, that is fine. We will not use the bible as a tool to brow beat you with. If you are not interested in these discussions then I suggest you just move on and don't partake in the discussion. Christians will not be silenced on PFA and they will not be brow beaten and God will not be put in the closet because someone may choose to be offended because of the mention of him or Scripture. 



Brother Rick is angry, he writes, “Please understand that I am very angry, I am very close to withdrawing my financial support from Rescue Christians.”

And why is he angry? He adds his complaint, “Ted has posted this expose of Martin Luther; How in the world did become a Catholic blog?”

So what does our love for Catholics or our critique of Luther have to do with pulling support for the Christian martyrs?

If my house catches fire, I do not dial 911 asking the operator “No Catholic fire fighters please, I am Evangelical.” I could care less who puts out the fire.

We rescue Catholics and Protestants of all feathers. We are not running a hospital in which one can call a Catholic Priest to pray for you, or if you are Evangelical, call only an Evangelical pastor, for God forbid if a Catholic prays for you.

Jesus did not command us to rescue only Baptists, Southern Baptists, Presbyterian, and non-Charismatic Messianic since we do not believe that speaking in tongues is for our times …
Now I will get Charismatics complaining that tongues is in the Bible.

The only tongue I speak here is the Blood of The Saints and of the Martyrs of Jesus Christ.
When Muslims kill Christians, they don’t have arranged colored lines that when the announcement for their beheading comes, the bearded fanatic announcer would say, “Baptists: black line, Presbyterian: blue line, Catholics: green line …”

They will all have nothing but lines of red blood running like a ravine and they will kick heads like soccer balls as you can see here:

watch video here.

Would it be proper to get complaints from Americans who prefer Football to Soccer?

While we continue to disagree, we need to agree to unite against such common enemy while we squabble over the differences between denominations, but what does that have to do with “withdrawing financial support from Rescue Christians”?

When Christ gave His example, He honored the Samaritan, not the Pharisee. Similarily, He could care less if you are Catholic or Protestant evangelical when it comes to aiding the persecuted brethren, He cares about what you have done in giving them cloths when they are naked, food when they are hungry and support when they are in prison. (Matthew 25)

And may I ask; is it a Christian custom to let your right hand know what your left hand is doing when you give or when you stop giving?

Let me say this; Martin Luther is dead, but Christ lives forevermore.

Should I emulate Christ, or Luther? Luther had so many faults; we can discuss them and move on. We even criticized the Pope in previous articles but no Catholic complained.

Why then can’t we critique reformers? Is my salvation dependant on my love or hate for Luther, or my love or Hate for Christ? However, Luther did write treatises titled On the Jews and Their Lies, which was heavily used by Hitler’s Alfred Rosenberg, the head ideologue of Nazism. Can we Christians deny this, especially if we claim to love the Jews?

But can we truly say that we can love Jews while we hate Catholics? For Rick’s sake, I will be writing a book on how to love Jews and Catholics. Our website is Christian; pro-Jews, pro-Evangelicals, pro-Catholics and is a rescuing operation for persecuted Christians. On top-of-it-all, we also have a secular mission to investigate what our enemies say in Arabic.

Can we have better things to squabble over besides the most popular complaint:

“I’ve seen many youtubes where Walid expresses belief in the Rapture as currently understood by evangelical Christians in America. Then I’ve seen other youtubes where he laughs that Americans only believe in the Rapture because they want to escape persecution.”

Indeed, I can’t see it a Christian thing to want to rapture solely because of persecution, but I do see it proper to wish for any Rapture in order to avoid the great tribulation. Must we start schisms within schisms over Rapture timings? This is only an American thing; I have never ever heard of any eastern Christian squabbling over the Rapture, it’s only in America thing.

It serves me nothing if people support or withdraw support, it simply hurts the souls who are martyred; I get zero cents from such donations.

In reality, we are serving Rick and not the other way around; we are helping Him to have something to discuss the day he meets Jesus.

But who is more worthy of attention; the Christians on their way to be martyred or the hemorrhoidal complaint I get from squabbling Americans who love to bicker, morn and complain if anyone offends their idol teacher, bestselling author or the Hawaiian cheap shirt dressed pastor selling cheap faith; all the while the un-bickering Christians are being slaughtered in the East?

Greasing wheels that squeak is a western thing; its not what Jesus does in Matthew 25:14-25. In these verses, He throws the squeaky wheel that did not have mileage into the dumpster where it is burned.

Let us then strive to save what the Muslim locusts have eaten in Egypt, Syria, Africa, Iraq, and elsewhere. Please Donate now and save Christian lives. Also, I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all those who have supported us.

With blessings,

Your brother who loves you still,

Walid Shoebat

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Very well stated! Amen!
We are as sheepdogs guarding the Lords flock. The modern day knights templar.

Amen, amen, amen.

I think it is time for Christians to stand hand in hand , no matter what faith you are , if you believe in Jesus Christ and Gods Word then we must unite ! Jesus last prayer was about unity !

AMEN I agree with you 100%

LEADER a scary word as evidenced by the plethora of "fork tongued pastors" who try to serve 2 masters.  And it goes without saying that 666 is hidden under 501c4, c3 status. As  American Patriots the Christians should stand up to their pastors and demand they "Tell It Like It Is" or we need to walk out of those churches and hold our prayer services in houses or in the streets and OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING provides the best opportunity to state unequivocally that Our Unalienable Rights, on which our founders based our rebellion against Britain come from GOD and Not from the agents of the Devil in the Obama Administration.  If We Don't put GOD first in Our Rebellion against this Pro Muslim Administration we will see our grandchildren exiled to the middle east and executed in Muslim-sharia show trials.   


Spot on Richard, the 501-C4/C3 is a Government controlled church espousing a politically correct doctrine.......  Pastors, wake up and lead your flocks or get out of the pulpit....EZEK 33;6 "In the face of tyranny, a silent pulpit is a complicit pulpit"....


From my personal experience, churches fear the gov't.

I think since this is a foreign topic to me it seems really strange but I am going to put some thought into this ....I am really torn here ! I see them paying taxes as giving the gov't more control and say so but I obviously have that backward ! 

sister, you are 100% ON TARGET.

I agree churches should pay taxes and start standing up and get back to the word of GOD and not let the government control them

What in the world does the churches paying taxes have to do with anything ????????????? Render unto Ceaser , Yes that would really fix everything ! The gov't should never have control over any aspect of our religious life ! I am sorry I just see no logic in this statement at all ! But I do agree they should stand up and stand together ! But no preacher should preach politics , he is there to teach the word of God !

Unfortunately, churches feel that the gov. will take away their nonprofit designation and their reduced tax status if they violate the federal law requiring them to not discuss politics "from the pulpit." If they lose their status, churches and Christian charities would have to pay property taxes on their buildings. This is no small thing, because imagine the taxes due on a cathedral downtown in a large city or a rural church set on several acres. If donators can't deduct their contributions, this is also big, because in addition to weekly donations a person might leave a church their estate. If the church no longer can be a deduction, the person may choose another non-religious charity. This is just one way of stifling vocal Christian churches.

Some say that churches should just drop the nonprofit status, so they can freely speak what might be considered political opinions. Others say they should just speak, and tell the IRS to stuff their unconstitutional law. Personally, I as a small ministry will never file for nonprofit, so I can be free.



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