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Salute !!

May God bless this family.  What a shame they lost a son in a war we never fought to win.

Thank you.

Respect!! God bless this family, from the heart, thank you.

Now that's the America I grow up in!  Men like Dr. Kissoff and his Son's, not the mealy mouth scrum bags we have now running our Nation.  My Father was and Officer in WWII in the Navy and the Japans really give them Hell over in the Pacific Theater, but those men where REAL MEN and did not tuck tail and run like the P*ssies in D.C.  And yes I know the Gov is watching this blog, may be they will learn something about how real Men Act from this video.  We do have handful of honorable Men and Women that did service our Country in D.C.and I salute them, the rest can go to Hell, and if you believe the Bible, and I do, that's where they are heading!  God Bless American Again, and God Bless Dr. Kissoff and his family.

Amen! A nation of sissy males, not men. My  Dad was in WWII in Czechoslovakia, France & Germany where/when Hitler was defeated. They were MEN & we were raised by them to be men. Today the govt fights over who can use a restroom, will not call islam terrorists & queers

Just curious, Dr. Williams. I hold an earned doctorate from Johns Hopkins and teach neurosciences at a medical school. Is your doctorate earned or honorary? If earned, in what field was it conferred and by which University?

Thank you,

Randy Smith

Why was it important to say where you earned your degrees.  Des that make yyou somekind of hero where you  graduated.Mayybe Dr  Willliams doesn't where he graduated and what degrees are a that important   but what you  do with them is important

I have a BS from UHK. Anyone else have that?

This is a discussion for private or off-line.............

Okay, yes, got it.

I am getting emails from readers telling me not to answer this question because Gov (and you are a Lt. Col.) uses this info against you.  Why do you want this information? I don't really like answering personal question about myself on these sites.  I will say this much, they are both earned and not in the medical field as yours is.



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