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For years I have been waking up screaming in my head.

Americans where are you, over and over.

How could we have let this happen. Will the giant awaken and set the ship right?

I can keep Praying, that it's not to late and that we will be forgiven for our neglect and turn

back with Pride in our Faith.

Our Military is no longer able to teach about radical Muslims for fear of offending a Muslim. This is all because of the vile,evil Muslim in the Whitehouse. I think it is time for the military to pull a coup

Give me one hundred seals and American will be saved.

if Obama does not arrange to shoot down their heilocopter

I penned these words in August of 2009.  Very few people agreed with me at that time.  This allowed further destruction of our nation.  And it will persist until we remove the destroyers from power. 

"The agenda being perpetrated by the Obama Administration does not project the USA as a democratic republic.  Instead it represents a standard radical socialist methodology of slander and hate focused on the very nerve centers that make this country so wonderful.  In fact, the current operations of the Administration resemble the same European style of socialism that has continually failed its citizens for years and which can result in tyranny.

While our nation is suffering from the worst recession in many years, the solutions presented by the Obama Administration have only led to more serious harm being inflicted upon the nation.  The partisan political rhetoric has utilized the standard radical socialist rules of engagement to attempt to win the support of the distressed citizens.  Their goal is more distressed citizens as clients. 

This is supported by further detrimental operations by the Obama Administration while it complains about not being supported in its efforts by other politicians.  It then expands its operations by rigging economic statistics to play favorites with those who support the Obama campaigns.

The basic premise understood by loyal citizens of the U.S. nation is that the government is supposed to protect them from such endeavors by radicals who wish to bring harm to them.  However, during this distress ion, people needing assistance are easily fooled by radical socialist’s efforts and completely swayed to support the radicals covert operations to overturn our great nation.  People become inflicted with conflicted normalcy through deceiving politicians who should be truthful protecting them but are not due to their radical and un-American socialist agenda.

The United States of America is facing great risk from the inflammatory and deceitful radical socialist rhetoric being focused on the citizenry who merely seek an honorable solution to their distress.  It is easy for people to accept deceptions simmered in hope because many are apt to shut their normally intelligent mind against the truth. 

The Obama Administration abyss is so deep and so covert that every freedom embraced by American citizens is at risk.  This position is not easy to covey to citizens who are currently unemployed or who have just had their homes repossessed.  However, we must consider the means by which the Obama Administration seeks to advance the economy for the nation. 

While they say it will be positive, everything done thus far has been just more disastrous unemployment and detrimental deficit spending that can never fix the problem.  Incidentally, even FDR capped enough to stop home foreclosures during the Great Depression.  

Based on the current absence of great leadership in our nation, this book was written using a risk analysis concept concerning the dire economic and socio-political positions of this wonderful nation that we know as the United States of America.  It is a nation given to us by God for his people and all peoples searching for the true God.  We are one nation under God. 

My determination is to keep the nation as a world’s leader.  I will present a template of how the nation’s temperament, character, and disposition is being swayed and prejudiced by the social and economic pressures surrounding a perilous recession with the potential for a greater depression to afflict the land. 

Our National calamity is compounded by a partisan Executive’s political agenda using deceitful salesmanship.  Because this Chief Executive’s agenda is unlike any forged before in the USA, it presents a very real and imminent danger to the citizens.  Added to the deceitful agenda is the grave depth of national debt, weak fractured economy, enormous overspending, and class-based fragmented understanding.  Therefore, the real facts must be presented concerning the severity of the risks confronting the nation.  Because of these risks, we are at a more dangerous position than the period when President Kennedy stated: 

Courage, not complacency, is our need today. Leadership not salesmanship. - John F. Kennedy 1964

Many of us were screaming right along with you even before 2009 about Barack Obama.......but you said it wisely and on target.......that's why we have no choice but OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING.

The VA Medical Center in grand Jct. sent me to the Mental Health clinic for eval. The social worker who drew my file was fixated on two things #1 what were my sexual fantasies. .she was too fugugly to be part of any sexual fantasy and too ignorant to understand I have a thing about "progressives"and their  fixation on sex.Getting no where with that quest--she moved on and asked about guns. Yup  I did buy some guns when the Unusually good Liar pushed America close to  a real armed  conflict/ uprising-- She wanted me to surrender my guns. Even told me there are a lot of folks don't think I should have guns because I am manic-depressive/Bi-polar--and have a seizure disorder. Now I really don't give a flip what  a lot of people think.The local police know about my guns-- so do the FBI guys that come over the mountain from Denver. Nobody outside my family have ever seen me with firearms. If they do I will be loaded for BEAR and lookin' for Hair   and they can respond appropriately. But so long as we have that niggling little detail called our Second Amendment--more to the point so long as there is a God given right  to self defense I will NOT surrender my guns to Nobody Especially to anyone who says "a lot of people don't think I should have guns." NO meds for my service connected disabilities and I'm doin' much better without them . I've had seizures since the early 70's and they come--and then they are gone.They embarrass my wife if I have one at the super market or where-ever--but  she too has gotten more used to them. The dam pills didn't do much for the seizures but did have side effects I didn't like. As for the bi-polar--nearly as long and I've been on that ride long enough I know what to expect. I have no police record for gun they can bite me.

Pretty much what my wife told the  social worker here--only she was with me.I do not talk to them anymore unless she is with me.



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