By Coach Dave Daubenmire
September 25, 2014

I am going to turn the tables on you today. I typically use my commentary to explain to the reader what I think is happening. Today, I would like to hear from you.

What is going on? Something is VERY wrong in America.

There cannot be a safer place to be in America than the White House. The Secret Service is legendary for its ability to protect the president.

Look. No matter how much we dislike the President, we all want to see he and his family protected. It should concern us when the Secret Service appears to have “dropped their guard.” If the President isn't safe, how can anyone be safe? This past weekend, two men jumped over the fence at the White House.

I have no proof, but I have to believe that they have the latest security gadgets...stuff so mind blowing that the average American wouldn't even believe it if you showed them.

I assume they have snipers on the roof. Cameras everywhere. Motion sensors and heat sensors. Foot patrols and guard dogs. Where were the SWAT teams? Supposedly the Secret Service has a “ring of security” 4 layers deep to prevent something like this from happening. Jumping the fence has been attempted 32 times in our history and no one has ever made it inside. It happened twice this week.

They have protocols that are so stringent that a Christian can't get anywhere near the place. In fact, I’m not even sure that Republican members of Congress can get a pass inside...especially if he has any relationship to the Tea party.

I have engaged in street ministry outside the White House fences, and the cops there are tyrants.

Yet twice in the past week, two dudes were able to climb over the fence and make their way into the White House? Reports say the doors weren't even locked. One of them made it to the stairwell that leads to the residence of the First Family. And no one noticed. Not one alarm went off. Not one shot was fired. Not one burly agent tackled them on the lawn. Not one barking dog was released.

What if he had been carrying a viral of Ebola? What if he had a bomb strapped on his body? What if he had been a member of ISIS?

One of the dudes, Omar Gonzalez, had come to the attention of the Secret Service twice this summer. If you are interested in the details read this. I am not interested in the details, but I sure wonder what the hell is going on. Can you tell me?

A year ago a young single mother in a car was shot dead by Secret Service agents when she was driving her car erratically in the area of the White House. She had a one-year old baby in the backseat. She was unarmed. Reports say as many as 7 officers opened fire on her. She was hit 5 times...in the back.

She was killed over 2 MILES from the White House.

The media has given scant coverage to all three incidents. Last week, two different men jump the fence and ran INTO the White House and not a dog even barks...

Sharpton and Jackson have not barked about Miriam Carey either. They are too busy worrying about some black teenager in Missouri to fight for justice for single, black, unarmed, murdered-mother Miriam Carey.

This should trouble all of us regardless of your politics.

My dear friend Pastor James David Manning is asking the same question. Watch this short video.

Something is very wrong in America. Folks, something is very wrong.

Did someone give another “stand down” order? Why would the Secret Service allow their reputation to be soiled?

Has anyone been fired? Was anyone fired over the IRS probe? Was anyone fired over Benghazi? Why are so many military leaders being “retired?” Have the positions of power been overtaken? Are the agents fearful for their jobs...or even their lives?

Can someone please help me out here?

Check us out today: www.newswithviews.tv

WARNING. NewsWithViews.tv may be change the way you think.

© 2014 Dave Daubenmire - All Rights Reserved

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Dave Daubenmire is a veteran 35 year high school football coach who was spurred to action when attacked and sued by the ACLU in the late 1990’s for praying with his high school football team. After a two year battle for his 1st amendment rights, the ACLU relented and offered coach an out of court settlement.

Challenging the "church of the Status Quo", Pass The Salt Ministries is calling Christians to wake up and engage the culture. By taking the fight to the enemy, Coach Daubenmire has become a recognizable voice in the media as he is an unashamed, articulate, apologist for the Christian worldview. A popular, high-energy speaker, Coach Daubenmire's motivational lectures, laced with powerful and relevant Scripture, is challenging Americans all across the country.

Web: www.CoachDaveLive.com

E-Mail: coach@ptsalt.com

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Is one of them going to step down? Or be taken out....that wouldn't surprise me, in fact, nothing surprises me anymore. People aren't paying attention. They're too busy playing with their phones, don't have a clue or just plain don't care or understand.  And we ALL are going to pay. 

MMR:  See this about Sharptongue being an advisor..................http://www.wnd.com/2014/09/sharpton-to-headline-hamas-front-fundrai...

This is unbelievable, just unbelievable. I'm at a loss for words....

What's going on???? In a nutshell>>>>> "This Nation has FORGOTTEN GOD"!!!!! We as a people NEED a National Day of Prayer!!!!.....This Nation is on the brink of collapse AND invasion!!!!! Accelerated by that FRAUD in the White House!!!!! It's only a matter of time now before the FALL!!! The Low-informed Liberals will NEVER own up to the BIGGEST MISTAKE they have ever made!!!!>>>>Putting a MUSLIM in the Oval Office, Who HATES AMERICA and ALL THAT SHE STANDS FOR!!!!!......Be VERY AFRAID!!! When OUR GREAT GOD Removes His "hand of protection" from this country, WE are SO done!!!... It won't last forever but; What Parent is it that does not chastise a wayward child????? "There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth"!!!!! ~Angry Black Veteran~ :-(

I bet you're angry about his "Latte Salute" too!!!

Tommie,  This  is  what  I  respect  of  a  black  VETERAN,  Our  leader  is  so  disrespectful  to  our  military,  every  action  I  see  of  him,  `I  spit  on  the  ground."  Like  I  used  to  do  over  a  dead  No. Vietnamese,  after  carrying  our  wounded  men  of  any color  to  safety &  don't  look  Back..!!  I  did  what  I  did  for  26  years  and  damn  proud  of  It..  Salute   Ronnie  

Allen West is really admirable!!!  A true statesman: when he speaks, he doesn't present a black man or a white man, he presents a Patriot!!!

Ronnie, my oldest brother was in Rach Gia in the Mekong Delta in 1967-1970, Army!

SALUTE!!!!  :)

"Obama and His Handlers," what handlers, what's their names, what do they look like, where do they live, who are they? We should be asking them "what's going on?" These handlers could be from another planet for all we know. Not since I found my foil chapeau has anything surprised me...Semper Fi Nam 66-67

For starters go to talk with Valarie Jarret and her handlers in Muslim Brotherhood, and then roll on over to old Soro's place! Semper-Fi..!!!

No 1 finds this STRANGE in light of all the lame stream fear mongering about ISIS & its ability 2 attack America? I don't trust anything that come from the media. There's no coincidence with the 3 events breaching white house security. lets not forget the OVER REACTION last year when a Black woman was shot 2 death in her car with her little child in the back seat just 4 getting 2 close 2 the barricades out side the white house & how the police were applauded 4 being murders???!!?? Why weren't these 3 breaches shot? Not that I want 2 c any 1 be killed--I just find the whole thing very suspect. :  (



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