Constitutional Emergency


Our latest interview with the White House Insider reveals a Democratic Party civil war, with growing opposition to the Obama White House.

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I'm shocked that they are shocked !!!!! ...............His behavior going back to his "so-called" college days has not been normal ----- aside from his behavior showing narcissistic 'tendencies' , he has been on drugs and, in my opinion, is showing signs of use since entering the White House..........His behavior is not normal and all we can assume is either his mind is deteriorating or he is back to using drugs again ..............In either case, something must be done, and soon !!!
I'm with you Peggy. Why is this shocking to anyone? We have been trying to warn people about this insane moron for over two years now. He has NEVER been entirely sane, what with his emotional problems, drug problems, narcissistic personality disorder, anger at America, white people, and whoever else he can conjure up to blame for his misery and warped little mind. He has never struck me as anything but a sad little guy with a crippled soul, a fuzzy brain and a need to do as little as possible to get by in life while sucking at the public trough.

There has never been anything to indicate that he was NOT using drugs; he may be using them MORE now, but his behavior has always indicated heavy drug use of one sort or another, or many at once.
You'd be AMAZED at what you can "bury" under a nicotine addiction, when it's a way of self-medicating and it does qualify as such OFTEN! That's one drug we know he's using.But the narcissism to the degree Obama exhibits compounded by schizoid affect and other symptoms, particularly as they're apparently entirely UNTREATED except by self-prescribed "medications" such as nicotine, which is NOT treatment, are sufficient to produce symptoms associated with illegal or inappropriate legal drug use. Toss in the abject hatred and what you've got is akin to a full powder room with a lit fuse stuck in the middle of it. It's not a question of IF, but WHEN, it will explode! And when it does, it WILL be very messy.
I'am shocked that this man is still doing business.
Nothing new to anyone that has done their homework.
Good info, been subscribed to that link since the first leak a while back. I hope Newsflavor keeps going on this.
I've been watching and studying since 2008. I'm amazed that this has taken so long. Can't wait ti' after the election.
The lunatics in the Demorat Party are shocked, SHOCKED to discover there's LUNACY going on in the White House!

Isn't that funny....
Nothing in this interview surprises me at all.
Jo Dermody
Anyone surprised at this idiots behavior has as warped brain as he (Obama) has. After the election we need to press on members of congress to out this scum bag under arrest for treason , In that supposedly congress is the only ones who have the power to do so, as any/all others he seems to have an immunity from. with Obama the head of the Muslim America group he can not have much of an allegiance to this country and deserves not to hold the office of POTUS, and for a long time I have contended he is holding it illegally according to the constitution, I have began to question if he is even a US citizen.
I know the stuff you said here, and not any hint of naturalization since his return to the US. Marrying Michelle doesn't count. Back in the '60s people with their mindset just skyjacked planes and went to Cuba or Russia. Now they're hijacking the whole nation, and none of us wants' to go along anymore than the other passengers and crews did back then. But there is a bit more going on with Obama. About 5 or 6 months ago I read an analysis by a couple of psychologists, and on by a psychiatrist; the former 2 didn't present anything I hadn't picked up for myself out of his behaviors from what I know about psych. The psychiatrist nailed down some things I wasn't quite able to pin down. Peggy was talking about "derangement", or drug use. I'd say the former is more likely the culprit, although many with like disorders DO use drugs in an effort to self-medicate from the symptoms of the illnesses, so both may well be going on. But Obama's affect, his expressions and bearing, as well as behaviors, are often quite inappropriate to what the circumstances are, something typical with the various forms of schizophrenia, because the person simply can't connect to the reality around him or her. And an untreated schizophrenic, even in milder forms of it, or shcizoid illness, under stress does devolve or degenerate usually fairly rapidly. They simply can't handle stress well at all. That said, I'm NOT offering excuses or sympathy for Obama., simply an explanation for what may in fact be happening within the White House that's being hidden from us as the media has hidden ALL the negative aspects especially of this usurper in our White House. He's definitely not qualified in the remotest sense of the term to be holding that office, not Constitutionally, not psychologically, and certainly not patriotically.
oh shocked!............nice time to say something, after all they did vote for everything & anything....maybe when their packing all their junk when they leave Washington, some one might start talking, PRAY.



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