White House Knew at 6:07 PM EST That Ansar Al-Sharia Was Behind the Benghazi Attack


And the guy that made that low quality but accurate video about islam is still in jail!

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Twana Blevins


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Bad chum might make even a sh

We need the retired military to formulate plans to take back America, hopefully thery are working on something.

Without expert leadership,  we will fail, they will win!

we the people,who are the real government.to wayne/nra/amac/john birch society/all militias/all freedom loving,god fearing american veternas/citizens.and donald thrump you stated ovomit/satan in revolution begin,no donald an evolution of we the people.wayne/donald please there,s no more time,my god wayne/donald time to gather/communicate/prepare/focus/plan/refine plan.wayne/donald the un building is a great place to protest,or the wh,let we the people by me know,we await your call.we no longer have a government.we have tyranny.god bless sheriff joe and cold case posse.dr oily taitz,chuck norris,frank serpico,and all legal american veternas/citizens.yea thou i walk in the valley of the shadow of death,i will fear no evil/ovomit.

Can someone tell me when this news broke?  When did the emails come to light or when was this

aired on Gretta's Show?

Thanks Twana. I did go in and have been reading for some time, (the report).  I am stunned why no one did a damn thing to these criminals. We have nothing but criminals in DC.

I know some you might not like what I am fixing to say, but that is what it looks like to me, My Opinion, good or bad....

At this Point Kenneth, I really don't expect the Retired, Veterans and whats left of the Active Military that still believe in their OATH's are going to do anything until a major event happens in the continental United States or if the economy is busted by the government, then maybe we will get some action. I was hoping the military would have had the BRASS ONES to take the SOB and the rest of Congress into custody for Treason before  the Coronation, but I was wrong. They are leaving up to "WE THE PEOPLE". Personally I have been ready for a long time and my OATH never expires.

Clois, to some extent, I tend to agree with you. Its not going to be us Retired, Vets, etc, that will fire the first shot, but the Obamanistas. It is a matter of having the vast majority of the population behind an uprising. Were such a thing happen, today, I fear that a large segment of the populace would not be behind such an action, since most of the population, other than had their incomes eroded by 40% over the past 4 years, and the current debacle over the 2nd Amendment, nothing has happened that might cause the uprising. We, the American people, while we seem very petulent and impatient on the surface, tend to tread slowly when it comes to taking care of ourselves. A classic example is the Dec.7, 1941. Until the Day of Infamy, most Americans were quite content to sit back and let the Europeans fight it out. even after having ships of ours sunk in convoys, going to the UK and other places, our government followed the popular tide and held itself and did not retaliate, at least on the surface. While it is long known that we were actually involved in WW2, from the beginning, with Lend Lease, and the AVG in China, publically, we didnt get into the frey, even after one of our gunboats was sunk on the Yangtse River in China, by the Japanese, in spite of the obvious markings that it was a US vessel.

As for some SOB having the Brass Balls to lead the charge, at the present time, there just isnt a George Washington, Patrick Henry, etc.  with the magnatism to take the lead. That being said, when a Charismatic Leader comes along that is capable of leading the charge, we will just hunker down at home and protect ourselve, individually, or in small groups. And until we do have a leader step forward, we shall all die separately, as we wont be united enough to fight in unison.

So much for transparency and truth, as well as 1st Amendment rights of freedom of speech, especially when you are telling the truth about Obamas family and friends

T'anks--- the disclaimer aside-- those who earn my respect  are those who allow me make up my own mind. There be enough Irish in me to be that way. T'anks for letting it stand. Fits with academic freedom.

SO, why then, aren't they being processed in the court system RIGHT NOW?   (Obama & Clinton) I don't think in my lifetime ANY of these criminals are going to EVER be charged!

Notice to all that read this...if you do not have the full body armor of God upon your person, you are screwed.

I am constantly amazed and confounded by the inability of supposedly intelligent people to see the truth when it is right before their eyes.  They also are unable to see the truth when it has been put right before their eyes in writing.  My point, in his book Mein Kampf Hitler told the world exactly what he intended to do.  No one believed him and we all know the results.  Scum bucket has told us that if the winds of adversity turned against muslims (or words to that effect) he would always side with the muslims.  When is the last time you heard someone anywhere in the news media cite that statement.  We have a whole host of actions that he has taken which prove the truth of that statement but no one holds him accountable.  This should also be used to point out Shillary's lack of integrity and character but again not a peep out of anyone in the media.



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