White House Long Term plan for troops deployment - Major Lack of Supplies for Our Troops!

If you have any family members deployed in Afghanistan right now, please contact me in Private Message her on PFA. There is something we can do to help our kids and family members. They are young and need our help and guidance!



The White house is expected to release it's long term vision for our troops deployed in Afghanistan beyond 2014. First I want to add my personal opinion here. I truly believe that our troops are in grave danger the longer they are deployed, facing the fiscal cliff, Iran's expansion and larger deployments of ships and in general the growing hatred towards the US combined with all the fighting breaking out I fear the worst for our country's finest. Back to the discussion.

Beyond 2014 scaling back to 10,000 troops to support the afghan army and into 2015 leaving an expeditionary force comprised of roughly 1000 US troops to continue hunting terrorist groups. Our troops lately have been asking charitable groups here in the US to sent them Night Vision Binoculars as they have NONE, they have been requesting Grenade holder pouches as they have NONE and are wearing them loosely on their vests. WTF is going on????

At 10,000 troops I feel we are leaving our kids VERY Vulnerable to say the least with all the Green on Green killings, at 1000 US troops there is no easy way to put it they will be slaughtered. Recently I became aware at the furthest FOB's in very remote area's troops are NOT being equipped and supplied so much so that these troops have reached out to US civilian relief programs asking for Grenade pouches as they have none to hang their grenades safely, they have requested Night Vision Binoculars as they have nothing more than their helmet attached Night Vision so they cannot see very far or out to the FOB's security perimeter. Some troops have said the sounds at night just beyond their Night Visions capability it sounds like Wolves circling for the kill. Ammunition is not being restocked on a regular basis, fuel for vehicles is at best hard to come by and food drops as well as water are becoming further and further apart. To me these indicators in and of themselves are Treasonous and Criminal, our kids are being left behind the wire and this fucking enrages me what happened to "We Leave No One Behind"? So as I have indicated I have grave concerns as we draw down and roll further and further off the fiscal cliff. Anyone that has constructive idea's on how to help our soldiers I'm all ears. In addition I have written my Congressman today askin him to look into this.

Dear Mr Wittman;

Recently I have been shown and have come across some very disturbing news that I feel you should be made aware of immediately as time can save lives.
Soldiers have been reaching out to charitable organizations here in the US asking that no more personal care packages be sent but rather equipment that they desperately need. One group in particular has done allot the group is called http://troopsneedyou.com
Recently 3 very important items have been requested and shipped as many as possible and they are; Night Vision Hunting cameras allowing the soldiers at the FOB's to identify where rockets are being fired from at night. The next item is Night Vision Binoculars as one soldier wrote " We cannot see beyond the distance of our helmet mounted night vision and this allows the enemy to get in real close" I cannot actually believe we are even having this discussion the last item was Grenade Holder Pouches??? Soldier wrote "I have 2 grenades that swing from my vest banging together making lots of noise we need pouches or holders for them". What in God's name are we doing for our kids at War sir? The above site has videos and requests for this equipment, why are our kids going to charitable organizations to get their tools of war??? This is Criminal and poses a real threat to the safety of our troops. I would ask that you please follow up on this and write me back on this very important issue sir as I'm deeply concerned for our troops and their safety.

Brad Phlipot

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I'll hear nothing more from libs,the whole thing is getting to be an obvious ploy

by bammie boy to leave many more than 4 to die.


Sounds like a good marxist plan.  Our gay muslime is doing a great job of destroying our once great nation.

I did a one up, I sent it to higher ups in Afghanistan, The Army, and my congressmen, plus my mailing list of vets.

We have been supporting these kids for 10 years and it is time to tighten the screws a bit more. This is totally not acceptable.

Ron Leonard I am a disabled vet from Nam, it would be awesome to be apart of your group of vets. Blessings

Obama is hanging our troops out to dry...

simple as that.

Putting them in harms way without the proper equipment and supplies is a slow and agonizing death for our armed forces.  This man's criminal intent is plain...


Thanks for this information. It is disturbing.

 I have just sent e-mail to my elected officials requesting that some for of action be taken in this area. My grandson said one of his pals is still their (army) they stated to him via Skype this need is real. So I ask you to contact your elected officials. Requesting some help for our soldiers.Blessings.

He knows that the support of the soldier non commissioned and a lot of the commissioned are not for him and to have them here on home soil when things happen will thwart his plan. This is my assessment only, then he will try to bring in UN troops for his martial law along with a few of his own agencies for total control.

Sad fact this Nation will collapse economically without GODS divine intervention. How soon I could not even begin to speculate but at present the writing is on the wall and in EXTRA LARGE PRINT .

I have been sending packages to the troops and have as many others who talk to the troops first hand had a hard time getting care packages thru to them. Talking to the troops a young man who is on his third deployment the ROE is so scary that they dare not discuss in the general public for fear of repercussions form oversight. This is not the government our Founders set up it is the one they threw out!!!!!!!!!!



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