Constitutional Emergency

White House Petition: International Arrest Warrant on George Soros

Please take a minute and sign this petition, then forward the link.  Thanks.

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We need to remove the source of all our protesters (paid) by George Soros. He is a traitor to our constitution and should be held as such. He has caused many troubles in this and other countries and should be tried for sedition.

This is no small and easy matter. As many people know George Soros aided the Hitler NAZI regime during WW-II by betraying his own Jewish people. He repeatedly turned people over to the NAZI's knowing that they would be killed. Later he said his time in doing these things were his greatest and most enjoyable years. After the war he was allowed to immigrate to America where he was allowed (under our system of American freedoms and liberty) to flourish and grow wealthy beyond most people's wildest dreams. Here he learned to manage and manipulate the Wall Street financial and banking markets. He is known throughout the world as the man who broke the bank of England.
No one in America will begrudge him for his ability to earn and amass vast amounts of money and great wealth. But along with gaining great wealth comes great responsibility, it is never how much wealth that one man accumulates but it is rather what that man does with his wealth. And George Soros has used his great wealth not to aid and help others, but to destroy entire countries and people's lives. Just as he did in Germany back in WW-II George Soros has turned his back on his fellow Jewish people and he has turned to being a traitor to the Nation that has allowed him to prosper and grow. America ha allowed this man to accumulate great wealth. And America has protected this man from the NAZI hunters of Israel, (MOSSAD) If it weren't for the fact that George Soros has been living here in America the MOSSAD would have taken him back to Israel to stand trial as a NAZI collaborator and a killer long ago.
Now this NAZI collaborator is using his great wealth to try to destroy the very country that has allowed him to accumulate his wealth and has also protected him for these so many years since 1945.
Enough is enough. Soros has also trained hundreds of others around him and also several members of his own family to continue his path and system of destruction once he is gone.

It is not characteristic of America to target a single person or his family. America and our system of freedom and liberty is far more willing to allow a person to do the things he may in peace and in private. But the things this man has done have now risen to the level of National Treason. George Soros is a domestic financial terrorist. When we say "Drain The Swamp" one of the names that ranks among the highest on the list of Communist sympathisers and financiers is that of George Soros.

And it is time he answered for those acts of treason.

Soros is the source of those 'Rent a Riot' events falsely referenced as 'activists' and 'protesters'. Currently demands are being targeted against President Trump, his lawful election, and now, Pre Trump's campaign promise to vet Mid-eastern region suspects. Soros gets his jollies fomenting discord, funding anarchists. Persons rioting do not work for free.




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