"just have to let you know this interview was produced in Iran and the guy being interviewed is associated with Lyndon LaRouche. Therefore- I don't quite buy the validity of this because
Lyndon LaRouche is a nutcase.I hope it is true, but.....
Denise Pullen Rodgers



A US analyst says some officials in the White House and the administration are considering legal action to remove Barack Obama from presidency. "Right now, there is discussion in Washington and within the government of using the 25th amendment to the US Constitution to remove Obama from office," Edward Spannaus from Executive Intelligence Review said in an interview with Press TV on Friday.

The amendment allows for removing the president if he/she has incapacity either physically or mentally.

"In this case, Obama is mentally incapable of fulfilling the office of president," Spannaus went on to say.

Referring to Obama's plummeting popularity, mostly due to the recent economic collapse in the US, Spannaus said, "There is no way that his presidency could be salvaged at this point and it does not really make any difference who wins the congressional elections."

"He was not qualified to be the president in the first place. He was put in there precisely because he would act as a puppet and they knew he would be a puppet for Wall Street, for the London financiers and for the British," Spannaus added.

A recent survey from Gallup has revealed that more than half of American voters would not support the incumbent US president's re-election.

A recent survey from Gallup has revealed that more than half of American voters would not support the re-election of President Barack Obama.


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Don't be so sure this wouldn't/or isnt/ going to happen. A couple of things that are very interesting about this. We know the Clinton's are major Democrat party power, and live and die with polls. If Obama is seen to be eroding the power of the Democrat Party in a slide that would take decades to recover from, they will turn on him in a heart beat, and they will do it on his eligibility issue that they have known all along.
The Democrat Party then would be seen as policing their own party, in order to save the Country, because Obama just went rogue on them. It would be considered the easiest way to recover from the economic sledgehammer the U.S. is suffering right now. Wall Street is propped up and barely standing on at 11,000 to make it as the economy is doing well, but it isn't translating to main street, thus the people are like "what the heck is going on", unemployment hasn't recovered, and businesses are frightened with Obama's policies of social transformation, so they are hanging on to capital rather then investing it.
Obama is working his way into being the lowest common denominator, which will be removed.

It is also a pretty well known fact the U.S. Media has been in Obama's pocket, so we wouldn't necessarily see a story like this coming from traditional media outlets at this time two weeks before midterms. They may just wait to see how big of a revolution takes place in Congressional elections. The damage could be unrecoverable, and provides a bigger incentive for something like this to be leaked out as a tester.

It sure is interesting.
Cody Judy
Write-in U.S. Senate UT
Third wish went for taxes,since 3 wishes would be worth more than $250,000.
They don't need the 25th Amendment. Just Article 2, Section One of the Constitution. Being a pathological narcissist is dangerous but not impeachable. Pretending to be a natural born citizen....is.
Cody, Great post, I agree with your thoughts.
Several actions are being taken to do just that...
Real, qualified efforts, not just this BS.
As the elites lose power, the house of cards comes down.
IF (when) the dollar tanks, then there will be no way for anyone to pay the bills.
So all this is accademic.
Several people and places have reclaimed position and authority.
Now we wait...
Elections? Please...all show and no substance.
Obama? Needs to go back home...I'll even put a little in to help the poor soul get there, Yessir I will!
Last I heard, Obama had lost the last of his protections, several, various levels...
Lotsa people be hollerin for the end of alla this...
Whatchya gonna do when it do happen?
Is anyone ready?
How does it feel, to be on your own, no direction home...
Don't have to live like a refugee!
Wanna bet?
Have a nice day, and sweet dreams tonight...
A muslim interviewer? What are we becoming? They really want to start rioting, don't they?

What is wrong with war with Iran. As far as I am concerned, the only bad thing about it would be rules of engagement that put our boys at risk. Kill them all and let allah sort them out. At this point in time I am willing to bet we would have many allies among the populace.

Back off and let Israel go.
I don't think there's any real truth to this story, sounds like a coulda, woulda, shoulda wish by some Hillary supporters. Considering that her window of opportunity is closing, I could believe many DemocRATS are ready to bail out on a candidate they don't think can win re-election, hoping to get Hillary in by hook or crook. Believe me, Hillary in the White House is just as BAD AS OBUMBLER, she's just as radical and left wing in thought process and ideology. We need more Tea Party Republican conservatives and a Conservative Republican in the White House.
Not only Obama should be removed, but his Muslim homeland security advisor and all his czars.
They are all implants to turn America into Islamic beliefs and control our lives.
Emily Cinicola, thats just right. wish it was true. i sure do hope so.



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