In Phase 2 there is mention of removing politicians including Mitch McConnell, sounds great.

Then in Phase 3 it is mentioned that we need more leaders like Rand Paul among others, that too sounds great, except Rand Paul just came out in support of McConnell over new Tea Party Favorite, Matt Bevin. So I say who can we trust when the trusted ones change their spots.

Is it all just a game they are all playing? It seems like the WWF, where the participants take turns attacking each other etc...  "You support this now and I will support that, then next month we will switch" . There just seems to be no end to the flip flopping. I think it is all just a show designed to keep us all confused and divided. What ever the outcome, the new rules must include term limits for all. No more of these career politicians, all it creates is more and more corruption.

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What the Colonel is saying here is that we need people of very high integrity and honesty. People who have the highest level of regard and respect for our Constitution and true American values. How many people that can fit that description who are now in elected positions in Washington? Glenn Beck claims there are 26, I can only think of 5.

Who can we trust? George Washington is dead, So is Thomas Jefferson, and General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Being a politician these days is not really very good for one's reputation.



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