Many of us know our heritage history and some of us don't. I wish I knew more of Choctaw Indian history is being revised into White men are bad bandwagon. I don't know my Irish history....

How many of us have this history that we can share. If we post it here, who knows how far and wide it will be spread for maybe even youth to know some of their history.

Please consider sharing yours here. I look forward to reading them all and sharing them.


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This will be interesting.

Which side of the family tree do we begin with ??? Is this the chicken or the egg as to which came first.

I'm still researching my late husbands "tree" and have ran into a dead wall as of 1790 (I think) My sister has

done Our side with Aunts uncles,cousins,etc.

My father's side is the older of the two. An Irish ancestor on my paternal grandmother's side came in to Jamestown in 1627. The family name was Reynolds. My paternal grandfather's side came to North Carolina from Wales, seven brothers named Jones, in 1773. My maternal grandmother's mother's side fled the French Revolution in the 1790's and settled in New Orleans. My Great, great, great great grandmother Beauregard died shortly after, probably in one of the yellow fever epidemics. My Great, great,great great grandfather Beauregard re-married a much younger Creole woman who gave him two sons, One became famous....General Pierre Gustav Toutant Beauregard, who had his troops fire the first shot of the Civil War on Ft. Sumter. The latest immigrants were from my maternal grandfather, whose parents immigrated from Denmark in the late 1890's.

I am French, German, English, Scottish, Irish, Dutch Welsh and a smidgin of Cherokee Indian.......our family is just all American mutt, lol.  How long do we have to do this? I have to dig mine out of storage and I'm more than willing to.  momof5shortstuff

A pleasure  meeting  you, Michelle;; Just  drop the Dutch Welsh  for  me,  add  3 smidgin's  of  Cherokee  Indian,  red  hair  shows  my  family  background  in  Pics,  then  comes  some  Indian  war-hoops, my  Indian  name   given  to  me  at  4  near  the  reservation in  Wyoming~~Rapid--dog, over   the   years ``I earned  the  name  Mutt  too..!! IT  takes  American  quality  to  remain  a  mutt..!!  The  dog--tags  are  from  my  26  yrs  in  the  Navy. The  way  ancestory  provides, some  document  births  never  recorded.,  or  brought  from  Germany.. It's  written  in  an  Ole  Bible..!!   Godd  luck  and  God  Bless.!!

Ron, I have a cousin named Ronald King! He lives in California, retired USAF.  Small world, you both having the same name. :)

Mine had begun with one "Dutchman" who settled on a farm in Greensburg, Pa back in 1720, during the days of the 13 Colonies. He was pretty active in civil matters and was honored by having two streets named after him among other things. History have shown that my family have been in wars ever since defending our Constitution and freedom. I am continuing the family tradition, I guess. If you are wondering why I said "I guess." It is because I am doing this not only for my family, but mostly for the love of my country.

seeing how others have lots of details ... I basically grew up in my family's history, of my dad and his dad's side. (That grandpa was a leader in local Klan.) It was pretty much of my world (not the Klan part ... never knew of it until after he died it was a shock when I saw him in pictures with robes when we got his albums ... he was so meek and quiet like pa Kettle! Yes, grandma was big and bossy like ma Kettle lol) I also have discovered that my grandfather's line came from a seafaring family and we have relatives in Africa and lots of other places.

Since then, I found that my grandma came down from French royalty. Then we discovered that they, of both sides were of Israelite tribes. (Recall my Klan grandpa?)

My mother's side are all German Lutheran immigrants ... directly linked to Martin Luther.

I do find searching for ones relatives from the past is very interesting and fun.

I do not care to pay a company to do this.  I also find some of the ancestery web sites

to be difficult to figure out.  However, that said if you have the money and the patience

their is tons of info on line at the various web sites.

I am very lucky since I spent 74 years not knowing much about my four grandparents let

alone thier parents, etc.

Then last year I did get an email from a man in England, who had touched base with

my niece in CA.  He had found information on my mother's mother and her family.

They were all so poor in Ireland they ended up in the poor house more than once.

I also found those grandparents had fought the Brits as to the Brits taking their land.

My grandfather was cited as a patriotic Irishman.  I found out where I must have

gotten my fighting spirit from.

My mother's mother and her sibs then moved on to England and the US.  So I thought

I was really lucky.  Of course I had three grandparents to go.

I heard two days ago from my second cousin in England, again, and he found my other three

grandparents.  He also is going back further to the greats.  It is so amazing to look at a family tree

and say to yourself, my gosh, these are the people who I come from.  I am getting

pictures of gave sites and all kinds of information because a cousin I never met in my

life happened to find my niece and she and he opened  a whole new world to

me.  Good luck to anyone who can find out who your relatives are and where they came from.

I can now rest in peace, before I die, as to the answers I have looked for since I became

and adult.  Jo D.

Duly noted, Twana.  I'll give that some thought, as there are the real living color stories, as well.  American Patriots.

1600s arrived in Pennsylvania, married into the Hershey family, When the senior Hershey died.  Bought the Mill from the family, renamed it the Menges Mills.  Just out from York Pennsylvania.  It is a Museum, and has a general Store still run by decendents.  I am the scribe in my line.  The family name is carried in all of the engagements by this country.

A Supply ship, the USS Menges served in the second World War, ws heavily damaged repaired and returned to service.


Are you in any way related to a gentleman named Paul Menges who was an Army warrant officer?



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