Constitutional Emergency

Many of us know our heritage history and some of us don't. I wish I knew more of Choctaw Indian history is being revised into White men are bad bandwagon. I don't know my Irish history....

How many of us have this history that we can share. If we post it here, who knows how far and wide it will be spread for maybe even youth to know some of their history.

Please consider sharing yours here. I look forward to reading them all and sharing them.


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I've been working on my family history for a couple of years.  My paternal side is fairly complete back to the early 1700's in Germany.  My maternal side only to early 1900's Sweden.  I've got one branch of ancestors who were supporters of the South during the "War of Northern Aggression".  Names for Stonewall Jackson and Robert E Lee were give to some of the children.  All in all, an interesting and worthwhile endeavor.


On my father's side I'm Irish from SW Penn. I think they came over before the potato famine run out by the English. He was killed quite young but was active duty AF when he died. On my Mother's side the paternal family came over in the1750s to Penn then followed the Wilderness Trail to Ga. The family moved onto Miss and wound up in Lake Charles La. My maternal line arrived in Tx with Henri Castro in the 1830s. They were Alsation and German by ethnicity. I'm proud to boast of a Great Great Grandpa who was a Tx Ranger, his brother and a cousin also served the state as Rangers. My Great Grandfather was born too early for the Civil Was and was too old for WW1. My family has fought in every major conflict that occurred in this country. My step father is of Jewish descent that fled eastern europe before the pogroms began. I served in Desert Storm, my step dad served in Korea and Viet Nam. My brother served in the army but was too young for Nam and my grandfather was also in the army but was between WW1 and WW2. I was raised to value a man's word (and woman's), honesty and honor. I go to family reunions and listen to my mother's people pray for secession. It's a very upsetting time for us all.

Interesting about Canada and records

My family on my dads side came from Ireland and England.  My moms was Irish Welsh and German I am the 5th descendant of Blessed Mother Seton canonized saint I was named after her 4 generations down just my first name is different.  she started the sisters of charity.  My dads mother Glenna could do the Irish jig at 85 and could out drink most men she was a real pisser as my dad said to my husband good luck, she is full of piss and vinegar  and glad of it  My whole family is also military.  My husband 42 yrs AF Ret.  My dad who passed last March saved the Leaning tower of Pizza His name is on the wall over there he was cut in half by a german sniper after holding the town  I have all of his medals in a shadow box and letters by presidents He never talked about it till right before his death I miss him terribly i was his rat patrol girl

I'm descended from a very long line of military men, and a few women. Traced all the way back to the mid 1400's so far. My father was a top NASA Engineer after leaving the navy as a fighter pilot in WWII. His brother was one of the first Navy pilots killed in the Pacific. His father migrated to the USA from Great Briton in 1909, and was an LA cop after being a Marine MP liaison in WWII, and a Marine Captain in WWI. My mother was stay at home, but her sister was a Navy LT Com nurse in WWII, and their brother was Army Special Operations in Panama during WWII. My grandfather's older brother in Great Briton was dean of a university but I don't remember which one he told me. He had 5 sons, all of whom joined the British military in 1939, 2 of which went on to become knighted. One was a Naval Admiral, Chief of Intelligence during WWII, the other an Army General who conferred with Eisenhower on establishing the plans for the Normandy invasion. Their two younger brothers were both killed in a German submarine attack on HMS Ark Royal. The oldest brother was a British Army Major in WWI after becoming an Architect. He designed and oversaw the building of a bridge to replace one the Germans blew up to enable the allied invasion of Berlin. After WWI he took up law and became a top Barrister of Parliament, went on to become a British Lord, Baron of Whitchurch, and lectured law in numerous countries and territories around the world. He became famous world wide for his numerous battles contradicting Parliament and establishing new precedence law for rights and freedoms of the British people. Their father was captain of a Brigantine during the 1860's-1870's, then a heavy cruiser from 1878 to 1891, retired to become owner of a chain of supply stores. His father and grandfather were both British Army military, but haven't found out much more about them, except that the grandfather was in one of the British regiments that fought at Boston against American troops and was killed there. So far I've connected 2 brothers to him that had 3 sons that migrated to America, one to New York, the other two to Georgia. They ended up fighting each other in the Civil War. One, Reginald, fighting with the Yanks was killed, and Marlon was captured by the Yanks while Jeffry went on to become a Lieutenant in the Confederacy, but was later killed in Kentucky.

My mother's heritage has some quirky twists and turns, such as her mother's (a professional artist) mother's father, an Irishman, married a German immigrant lady. He was an early member of the IRA. In the late 1880's they migrated to America and had 7 children. I'm still researching that lineage, but so far have traced it from the 4 brothers , one an Architect in California, another was a cop in Michigan, the other two both Navy, but haven't turned up much more about them yet. The 3 sisters were all married but that's all I've been able to confirm on them so far.

As for my wife, she's descended from Chiricahua Apache and Pueblo Navajo. Her mother got her Doctorate at 78, and was working in administration for early childhood development centers in California, drove herself home after work at 83 one day and died. Her father rode the rails as a teen, finally settled down in California and got a good paying job with Bethlehem Steel as a welder in the union at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard. Retired in 1972, and lived without debt until his death at 91. He was a hell of a man, thoroughly Apache, through and through! My wife's brother was lead guitarist for Johnny Cochran until they were to go on a European tour, and he quit the band at the insistence of his wife. She smashed his guitars to make sure.

My two grandsons are both currently serving, a US Marine Sargent in Afghanistan, and a US Navy E5 SeaBee in Spain on aerial support for airstrip construction and maintenance of front line bases in the Mid East. My son was killed in Iraq 4 years ago. My Navy grandson's father, and all 4 of his father's brothers are all NYPD South Manhattan officers, all survived the twin towers attack and worked on the rescue and crowd control.

I've still got some 115 names that I've been able to link so far, but with well over 2 thousand 'hints' on I'm moving through them at a pretty slow pace now.

wow you are blessed

If you haven't done it yet, create your family tree on You may get surprised by what happens after that! In doing so, I discovered I had a son with my first wife that I knew nothing about. Unfortunately he was killed in Iraq just weeks before I discovered it. Just last year I was contacted by a brother I knew nothing about who worked with my father in NASA. And thanks to another Ancestry member working on her tree, I found out about my roots in Great Briton and was able to make many connections, then my 91 year old aunt filled me in on many of the German and Irish roots.

The one thing that amazed me the most, was the similarities of the males going back through the centuries. Most all were higher ranking military officers, Architects, Engineers, law enforcement, lawyers/jurists, and small business owners. Some made history in their times, and one in particular, my Great Uncle, Lord Alfred Denning, Baron of Whitchurch, member of the House of Parliament and House of Lords in Great Briton, brought freedom and equality to England, its territories, and much of the free world as it exists today through his never ending contradictive efforts to change the ruling classes. Numerous books and biographies have been published about him. I've read a couple, and in doing so discovered that much of our American law in the 20th century had its beginnings in the many rulings he made in Parliament. Most of the books can be found on-line, just 'google' his name. He was widely known as a fierce freedom fighter, overturning many of Great Briton's oppressive laws dating back to the days of the Inquisition and beyond, removing the laws of 'serfdom' and bringing women's rights and voting to the forefront.

Discovering my roots answered the many questions I've had throughout my life about where I got all of the knowledge and determination that I never was taught. I never finished high school, and neither did ANY of my fore-bearers, yet we all seemed to have an inborn innate ability to know what we had to in our paths of life. After leaving the navy, I was hired by the California Division of Highways (now Cal Trans) as a Highway Engineer, and did the Antelope Valley Freeway (hwy 14), then worked with an uncle in his Architect firm for a few weeks while I taught at Los Angeles Trade Tech as a major collision and suspension instructor. From there started my own Architectural firm, and took over as General Manager of a small auto/truck towing, body shop, mechanic shop, in the heart of Anaheim, and built it into the best towing company in Southern California. Then started another business for logistics and legal assistance to towing companies state wide. During that time, I had a ranch in Yorba Linda where I ran a herd of wild mustangs, became involved in equestrian parades, eventually founding a new paraders organization that opened up participation for all ages in championship judging and was the driving force that got our champions into the Rose Parade for judging. At the same time I became a deputy sheriff and assisted in many search and rescue operations. After moving to Arizona in '92 I started my Architect business up again, and soon was designing and overseeing construction of entire subdivisions of custom homes, restaurants, commercial buildings, additions, remodels, and innovative designs, while purchasing, building and operating a full service mechanic shop.

I always wondered how it was that I could do all of those things without ever having any schooling for any of them. I got my answer when I discovered my roots! Seems it's in my blood, naturally. Now my questions are....where and how did my ancestors get that ability from? I have found that some of the women in the tree were teachers, and one even became Dean of a college. My Great Uncle Lord Denning did attend college, but never graduated. So far, he seems to be the only one that went that far in education, yet he never finished high school. I think, like me, he just got fed up with never being challenged, and just went his own way!

My mother did extensive geneaology, and I know my father's side came from County Mayo Ireland (the Barnicles), and mother's from Platania Italy (the Rizzo's) and some Appalachian native american. Funny how far back people can go, isn't it?

Twana Blevins, thank you for sharing that you have Choctaw and Irish ancestry, and inviting others to share related experiences, too. 

Ancestry has become a path of greater family and American understanding for me.  The short story, as you've exemplified, is that through my maternal grandfather, his grandmother was half-Cherokee.  Her mother was Cherokee, and married a classic frontiersman in Kentucky; his family originated in Virginia, who were descendants immigrating from England well before the American Revolution.  Further, she as a Cherokee, also had a direct family ancestry from the sister of Pocahontas.  It was an oral family history for at least three generations, with my grandfather passing down the family tree information personally to my mother's family.  Only recently at, an unrelated member confirmed to me what I had also traced without documentation:  our Cherokee great great grandmother did descend through the same family I found, who is also traced back through confirmed documentation, to the sister of Pocahontas. With the confirmation of that particular family name connection between the Cherokee connection to the Virginian Pocahontas relationship, it is now possible to justify full documentation for my children and grandchildren, and my siblings' also.

The Native American tradition in America means much to me, including especially the spiritual beliefs and practices.  These harken back to evidence found through cuneiforms (ancient Sumerian clay tablets that have now been successfully transliterated and recorded in publications).  I am a student of history, and have for decades done personal independent research on our origins, as a nation, as humans of the earth under God.

I, too, would be very interested in hearing from others about connections with our Native American heritage.  So much has been lost, it seems; however, in the process whole new horizons have become possible, as well. The true natural new era that was prognosticated over 2,000 years ago, will occur.  It was written in a 17th C. English tome, around 2036.  That is counting from the death of Christ, due partly to the change over from the Justinian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar after the time of Christ on earth.  We are in the "end times" of the world as we have known it on earth, with the new era of peace and understanding yet to be, because by then it simply will be possible.  Never before now, was it "possible", and the time is coming when American patriots will be among those who will help with God's inspiration, to usher in the true New Era of Humanity on Earth.  God Bless America and Keep Us Whole and Free!

Gosh, it was interesting read several others who must have been writing when I, too, was writing!  So great, I'd wished there was a "Like" button to let everyone know I read their stories.  Thanks!  I hope others will share, also.

Linda ... why did you specifically say "Choctaw"? I know I have some Indian blood in me and I have always thought it could be either Seneca or Iroquois ... lots of people say that I look so much an Indian even tho I know it is just a very small part of me ... My family have been here mostly from Greensburg up to Kittanning, Pa area since 1720

No, Roy--Mine is Cherokee, etc.  I remember someone else saying theirs is Choctaw.  Very interesting, your heritage, too, which goes back to original colonial region.  Check out the original posting to reply there--each posting has a specific reply link below it.  Cheers!



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